The Unified view of a customer


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Know your customer, Manage Expectations Better

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The Unified view of a customer

  1. 1. Know your Customer; Manage Expectations Better Ramesh Raman, Senior Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Our vision IMImobile was founded with the singular vision of becoming a global specialist provider of mobile data platform and services. #smwfuturesocial 2
  3. 3. What we do Mobile as a CRM channel Acquire, service, engage and retain customers across mobile and social channels. #smwfuturesocial Mobile for improved operational productivity Mobile as a revenue channel Mobilize business applications and improve employee productivity through mobile solutions. Generate revenue by transacting with their customers through the mobile channel. 3
  4. 4. Agenda › Unified view of a customer › Demo 1 – Social Self-serve › Demo 2 – Social IVR › Demo 3 – Social Engagement #smwfuturesocial 4
  5. 5. The home appliance maker’s problem › India’s leading Home appliance maker – Dealers and Distributers selling it throughout the country - No Touch point with the end customers › Knows macro patterns – Seasonal cycle, Geographic demand etc but doesn’t know the end customer › Cannot run direct marketing promotions or loyalty campaigns, upsell to take value to customer or even conduct customer research #smwfuturesocial 5
  6. 6. The curious case of O2 in the UK › O2 is a mobile and Wi-Fi broadband service provider. Wi-Fi broadband plans can be purchased using a separate card purchase without an associated mobile number. › O2 realized that there were several customers who were using both mobile and broadband, but with separate accounts. › O2 wanted to know who these customers were and wanted a means where customers would self-identify themselves #smwfuturesocial 6
  7. 7. What’s common between the two? › First case - The lack of a customer touch point › Second case - Multiple touch points with data collected from them in silos and hence unusable together › A customer is viewed via touch points he creates with your brand. Customer touch-points are the corner-stone of any CRM #smwfuturesocial 7
  8. 8. The Shift to a Single Customer View 40% of businesses still have more than 80% of their customer data stored in separate systems across their organisation. › Quality of data In the multi-channel era it is a constant challenge for brands to maintain and improve the quality of the data they receive from multiple channels and feeds. › Single Customer View IMImobile offer a range of solutions that help operators to pursue a customer centric strategy in order to enhance customer experience, reduce churn and stimulate usage. › Experience Having worked with leading operators such as O2, Vodafone and Meteor, we have the solutions and experience to maximise the value of customer data. #smwfuturesocial 8
  9. 9. Demo 1 – Social Serve – Why? › Your customers spend time on Social Media on their tablets and on their desktops and laptops at work. Give them a way to reach you from there › But, how do you find a way to link existing customer data with new, social information? › How about these scenarios on Twitter ? » @Brand #BALANCE » @Brand #BILL » @Brand #CALLME » @Brand #OFFERS #smwfuturesocial 9
  10. 10. O2 (Telefonica), UK – Digital Service Channels This commitment will allow O2 to scale and enhance its digital service channels, such as web chat, MyO2 and Guru TV (O2’s YouTube help channel which has 20 million views to date). In what is believed to be a world-first, O2 today announces a new service with IMImobile to offer customers the opportunity to check their account details by Tweeting, which will be available in the coming months. #smwfuturesocial 10
  11. 11. Demo 1 – Tweet Serve – How? › How does it work? » Customer follows brand on Twitter » Brand follows customer back with a code » Customer SMS’es the code to a Long code » Start engaging with the brand over Direct Messaging #smwfuturesocial 11
  12. 12. Demo 1 – Tweet Serve – Benefits › Benefits » Engage with customers across Twitter , Facebook » Identify messages to action upon based on customer influence, sentiment etc. » Handle customer complaints and turn happy customers into your advocates » Cost effectively integrate inbound customer messages into other systems » Gather information that could identify them on social networks for targeted promotions #smwfuturesocial 12
  13. 13. Demo 2 – Social IVR – Why? › Your customer has frequent interactions with your brand over the traditional channels such as Voice calls and SMS › Integrate traditional channels such as IVR with Social Media channels for a holistic view of the customer › Use your daily customer interactions as an opportunity to » Turn your customers into your social ambassadors » To create positive sentiment on your brand’s social media walls #smwfuturesocial 13
  14. 14. Demo 2 – Social IVR – How? › How does it work? » Customer authorizes the Brand to post on Facebook » Create an IVR with Social media integration » At the end of Customer’s interaction, take feedback over IVR » Post the feedback to the customer’s Facebook wall » Post the feedback to the brand’s twitter wall #smwfuturesocial 14
  15. 15. #smwfuturesocial 15
  16. 16. Demo 2 – Social IVR – Benefits › Benefits » Handle customer complaints and turn happy customers into your advocates » Create Brand Ambassadors on Social Media, make your brand go viral » Identify feedback to action upon based on repeated sentiments » Create positive sentiment on your brands’ walls. » Gather information that could identify them on social networks for targeted promotions #smwfuturesocial 16
  17. 17. Demo 3 – Social Monitor & Engage – Why? Listen, Respond, Analyse LISTEN CONTEXTUALISE REPLY PUBLISH ANALYSE Listen and respond to mobile and social conversation. Contextualise individual messages based on explicit & implicit properties. Reply to messages or refer content for specialist handling or approval. Publish messages to external sources such as your website or apps. Report on the conversation and track what’s relevant to you. Social Channels #smwfuturesocial Mobile Channels 17
  18. 18. The BBC London 2012 Olympics Social Coverage #smwfuturesocial 18
  19. 19. Demo 3 – Social Monitor & Engage – How? #smwfuturesocial 19
  20. 20. Demo 3 – Social Monitor & Engage – Benefits › Handle the explosion of Social Media from one place › Monitor customer reference to your brand across channels › Pick relevant feeds for further engagement with customers › Sentiment analysis reveals public trends and opinions about your brand #smwfuturesocial 20
  21. 21. Summing it up Tweet Serve Social IVR Social Serve Social Ambassadors Social Monitor & Engage Social Influence DaVinci Social #smwfuturesocial Social IVR 21
  22. 22. Contact A Report on how India’s top 4 brands are engaging on Social Media To get a copy of the report » » Tweet @imimobile #smwreport Email us at For more information » » Follow us @imimobile London Hyderabad (HQ) Dubai Atlanta IMImobile Europe Ltd. 33 Glasshouse Street W1B 5DG London United Kingdom IMImobile Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 770, Road No 44 Jubilee Hills Hyderabad India IMImobile VAS Ltd. FZE P.O. Box 293593 Office # 624, Building 5EA Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E. IMImobile Suite 700 3348 Peachtree Rd. NE. Atlanta, GA. USA 30326 Phone: +44 20 300 86232 Phone: +91 40 23 555 945 Phone: +971 46091 690 Phone: +1 470 216 1984 #smwfuturesocial 22