Platform approach to Mobile Governance - SMW, Sep'13


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1. Why a platform approach to Mobile Governance vis-a-vis piecemeal service enablement approach?
2. What are the steps towards achieving it?
3. How will such a platform approach benefit in delivering citizen services 'just right'?
Three Demos establishing these ideas.
Social Media Week, Mumbai - September 25, 2013

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  • Maharashtra70 million subscribers12.64m mobile internet (Out of 143m nation-wide)Country-wideteledensity - 61.1Vs 38.9%Maharashtra @ 70million connections, population of 121million and a Mobile teledensity of about 62.4%, overall teledensity of 88.6% as of Mar 2013, TRAI4.24 million with highest number of internet subscribers143.2 million wireless connections in India accessed the Internet – 12.64 million from Maharashtra
  • Republic of Korea (Informational and Educational services)The Republic of Korea provides a disaster information messaging service, via a cell broadcast system (CBS), to mobile phone subscribers located within base stations who receive disaster information messages on impending natural disasters such as typhoons, heavy rain or snow.
  • Common infra – resources from operators, technology resources re-usedRole hierarchy - [Benefits for rural government staff]
  • Platform approach to Mobile Governance - SMW, Sep'13

    1. 1. Mantralaya Presentation Ramesh Raman, Senior Marketing Manager, @rameshdotr
    2. 2. Our Vision IMImobile was founded with the singular vision of becoming a global specialist provider of mobile data platform and services. 2
    3. 3. Our client portfolio Operators Enterprises 3 Media
    4. 4. Mobile Governance Mobile as an enabler 4
    5. 5. What are governments doing world over ? United Kingdom South Korea Dubai Kerala (India) South Africa 5
    6. 6. Mobile Governance Mobile Governance (m-Governance) is about enabling Government services over mobile, accessible across feasible mobile channels › Government to Citizen » Information & Education Services, Interactive Services » Transactional Services › Government to Government » Mobile Field Inspections, Control & Supervision » Emergency Management › Citizen to Government » Governments can listen to citizen concerns & address them » Meaningful conversations 6
    7. 7. So, We are already doing it, No? › In pockets, government departments may already be using Mobile services like SMS Push, IVR services, WAP sites etc › Is that mobile-Governance ? 7
    8. 8. A more holistic picture ?? Social Media Apps Voice SMS 8
    9. 9. A Platform approach › A common platform approach » Service enablement across channels – One Citizen – Multi-channel access to services –across services, across departments » Eliminate a Silo-approach – Currently citizen data in silos, inter operability across vendors » Easily create and manage services, Reports – Easily create services for citizens or employees » Common infrastructure – Cross-leverage resources , cost goes down » Role Hierarchy – Local staff create and monitor services, Head approves it 9
    10. 10. OPENHOUSE is designed for large enterprises and Governments to create innovative multi-channel mobile engagement solutions. OPENHOUSE is a secure, cloud-based platform that makes it simple to setup customer engagement services and integrate with your IT platform 1. Ready-to-use applications Customer engagement across mobile and social channels 2. APIs Standards compliant APIs exposing telecom network capabilities 3. Extensible Easy on-boarding of new APIs and applications 10
    11. 11. Live Demos 1 Social Self Care Government to Citizen Service Social media based Self-care for Citizens Social Self Care
    12. 12. 1: Social Self Care – Why? › Citizens connected on Social Media › Encourage citizens to connect with Government on social media, to provide valuable information 12
    13. 13. 1: Social Self Care – Using Twitter Connect Mobile number with Twitter account Direct Message command and get response, e.g. #balance, #data Connect to citizen care #callme 13
    14. 14. Live Demos 2 Field Audit Applications Government to Government Service Location-enabled applications for Anganwadi Anganwadi Audit
    15. 15. 2: Location based audits – Why? › Most departments have field teams that work in rural areas › Audits are conducted to ensure levels of service › Increase accuracy and reliability of captured information › from field Provide relevant information to Field audit teams 15
    16. 16. 2: Location based audits – Anganwadi audit › Anganwadi audits @ Anganwadi kendras › Application link and credentials over SMS › Anganwadi audits – Images & geotagged data upload › Automated rules at back-office to generate actionable reports from audits 16
    17. 17. Live Demos 3 Social Engagement with Citizens Citizen to Government Service Twitter and Facebook listen & respond using DaVinci Social Social Listening
    18. 18. 3: Social Engagement with citizens Citizen to Government – DaVinci Social 18
    19. 19. 3: Social Engagement with Citizens using DaVinci Social Listen  Respond  Share  Measure › A single platform to listen to citizens, interact with them › Encourage citizens to report in information useful to public › Moderate and Respond back to citizens’ queries & concerns › Listen to what citizens are saying about governance 19
    20. 20. Challenges and Barriers towards Mobile Governance › Requires a concerted effort from all departments › Initial pain in integration, real impact comes in the intermediate term » Requires a mobile technology platform that provides well defined touch points › Scalability » A platform that is easily scalable to handle millions of requests, allows quick creation and delivery of services » A partner who has experience working with large scale systems, such as Telco experience 20
    21. 21. Contact For any other information please contact: @rameshdotr @imimobile London Hyderabad (HQ) Dubai Atlanta IMImobile Europe Ltd. 33 Glasshouse Street W1B 5DG London United Kingdom IMImobile Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 770, Road No 44 Jubilee Hills Hyderabad India IMImobile PVAS Ltd. P.O. Box 293598 Office # 624, Building 5EA Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E. IMImobile Suite 700 3348 Peachtree Rd. NE. Atlanta, GA. USA 30326 Phone: +44 20 300 86232 Phone: +91 40 23 555 945 Phone: +971 46091 690 Phone: +1 470 216 1984 21