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vodQA-Chennai-20Jul2013: Mobile App Performance testing using JMeter


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Published in: Technology
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vodQA-Chennai-20Jul2013: Mobile App Performance testing using JMeter

  2. 2. What we want to achieve ….. To capture the traffic of the mobile application (hybrid/web) and create the scripts in JMeter for further Performance/Load/Stress Tests.
  3. 3. And what are our problems …. • No availability of recording tools for native/hybrid mobile application • Some tools might require to root the device e.g. wireshark, tcpdump etc. • For applications with SSL, there are issues with SSL certificate handshake for proxy recording • JMeter has recording capability only from desktop and proxy recorder can’t be extended as default for mobile platform • JMeter doesn’t have any option to execute the tests with different network bandwidths which may be important factor for mobile testing
  4. 4. Mobile Performance Test Strategy Overview
  5. 5. Address Recording & Scripting • Configure the ad-hoc network on the laptop or desktop with wireless adapter. • Install fiddler on the machine where ad-hoc network is configured. • Configure fiddler as proxy i.e. to allow remote computers/devices to connect to it. • On the device search for the ad-hoc network configured and connect to it. • On the device, in network settings configure the proxy (i.e. proxy for ad-hoc network) i.e. IP address of the machine with ad-hoc network and port as configured in the fiddler to accept remote connections. • Access the application on the device, all the traffic would be recorded in fiddler which is to be utilized to create script in JMeter.
  6. 6. Demonstration Live demo with either Android or iPhone/ Video Capture (7-8 mins)
  7. 7. Network Emulation
  8. 8. Bandwidth Throttling with Fiddler • Make best use of the proxy server & proxy settings of JMeter • Configure fiddler to accept remote connections • Configure Fiddler as proxy to JMeter • Implement the Bandwidth throttling with Fiddler for different network speeds or introduce delays connection-simulator/
  9. 9. Extending Recording Approach • The traffic captured is as good as recording done in any other tool from performance testing perspective • The traffic captured can be extended to VSTS as web test • Same traffic can be utilized to create scripts most of the load testing tools provided they have basic protocol support
  10. 10. Queries
  11. 11. Thank you. 