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Ravi foods

  1. 1. BRAND AWARENESS INTRODUCTION F or developing a new promotion strategy based on corporateobjectives which includes identifying the corporate growth role fornew products scanning the external environment, analyzing theindustry, assessing the firm’s new product experience, internalcapabilities and corporate culture the organization has to depend onmarket research. Thus, it becomes a necessity for a business to run.The outcome of which is a set of strategic roles that help identify themarkets for which new products will be developed . I present thereport, which will enable the organization to achieve the corporateobjectives i.e., primarily to establish the brand in the market and toplay a dominant role as a Market Leader. The research is conducted tostudy the present market situation and thus this study has gainedsignificance. I carried out this study in order to get an over all view ofthe market, different branches and scope of Dukes products. I believethat this study will give great deal of information to the organization. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  2. 2. BRAND AWARENESSI hope that the objectives would be accomplished by the detailedsurvey taken up in different segments of Hyderabad with the schoolstudents. I put my best efforts to make this objective successful.I am very pleased to hear a good word of mouth from the industry about thesuccessful brands of Dukes. It has a very good brand image and had built a goodreputation in the market. I strongly believe that with the help of the most modern andwell-equipped R&D lab, manufacturing facilities with internationalstandards, vision of the top management about the future, sincere, hardworking and skilled manpower make this organization best in theindustry. Today there are over 3000 employees, various C&F agencieswith the main Head office is Hyderabad. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  3. 3. BRAND AWARENESSNEED FOR THE STUDY: Brand image is an era and reputation that the product gains through its brandname. Building brand image helps the organization in achieving targeted sales and tosustain in the market for a long time. It helps the organization in increasing theawareness level of consumers and also makes the product competitive in the market. Every organization needs to improve level of brand awareness and identifycustomer preferences for various products so that they can implement measures forenhancing brand awareness and for attracting prospects. Hence, a study has beenundertaken on brand awareness. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  4. 4. BRAND AWARENESSSCOPE OF THE STUDY The study contains important data about brand awareness and the performance of DUKES brand. It will be useful to the company. This study will help further advance study on RAVI FOODS Pvt. Ltd. The Study is focused on twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  5. 5. BRAND AWARENESSOBJECTIVES  To study and analyze the customers awareness level of DUKES.  To identify and analyze factors that influences the customer preference.  To measure the impact of promotional tools on Brand awareness.  To find the attitude of the children towards the DUKES.  To identify the various sources through which brand awareness can be created.  To find the preferences of school children. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  6. 6. BRAND AWARENESSMETHODOLOGY OF THE STUDYRESEARCH DESIGN: Research design is the plan, structure and strategy of investigationconceived so as to obtain answers to research questions. Descriptive research design was chosen for the present study.Data sources: The study is mainly based on the data collection from primary as wellas secondary sources.Primary data: 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  7. 7. BRAND AWARENESS Primary data are data collected for specific purpose. Primarydata is collected directly from the students through administeringquestionnaire.Secondary data: Secondary data are data that were collected for another purpose andalready exist some where. Secondary data was collected from company records and catalogs.Research approach: Survey method is adopted to collect the needed information from therespondents.Research instrument: Here for this study the researcher used well designed and structuredquestionnaire as a research instrument it include both open & closed ended questions.The questionnaire is personally administered to the respondents.SAMPLING DESIGN:Definition of population: The population for the study includes students who prefer Dukes brands.Sampling procedure: 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  8. 8. BRAND AWARENESS For selecting the defined size of sample from the target populationconvenience, a non probability sampling technique is adopted.Sample size: A sample of 250 students was selected from the targeted populationfor the present study.STATISTICAL TOOLS USED: For the purpose of analysis, weighted average method and percentage methodare used for calculations and the result was interpreted. This test was used tominimize the error of the data collected. Graphs were used to represent the data forthe better and accurate interpretation of the results.Statistical tools used:Simple tools are used for analysis purpose. They are as follows: 1. Percentage analysis 2. Weighted Average methodPERCENTAGE ANALYSIS Percentage refers to a special kind of ratio in making comparisonbetween two or more data and to describe relationships between the data’s. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  9. 9. BRAND AWARENESSPercentage can also be used to compare the relative terms, the distribution oftwo or more series of data.WEIGHTED AVERAGE ANALYSIS There are cases where the relative importance of the different items is not thesame. When, this so, the researcher can use the weighted arithmetic mean. The‘Weight’ stands for the relative importance of the different items. The formula forcomputing weighted arithmetic mean is: Xw = ∑WX / ∑WWhere -- Xw represents the weighted arithmetic mean -- X represents the variable values, i.e., X1, X2, …..Xn.-- W represents the weights attached to variable values, i.e.,W1, W2… Wn, respectively. An important problem that arises while using weighted mean is regardingselection of weights. Weights may be either actual or arbitrary. i.e., estimated. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  10. 10. BRAND AWARENESSNeedless to say, if actual weights are available, nothing like this. However, in theabsence of weights, arbitrary or imaginary weights may be used. The use of arbitrary weights may lead to some error, but it is better that noweights at all. In practice, it is found that if weights are logically assigned keepingthe phenomena in view, the error involved will be so small that it can be easily overlooked.METHODOLOGYPrimary and secondary data were collected with the help ofquestionnaire and report of the company respectively.  Primary data was collected by Questionnaire method.  Secondary data was collected from the Manuals, Brochures and website of the company. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  11. 11. BRAND AWARENESSLIMITATIONS:1. This study was based on Hyderabad and Secunderabad Twin Cities only.2. Some of respondents did not completely answered to thequestions as they were busy with their work.3. The Respondents are selected on simple random samplingmethod.4. Time is also one of the constraints . 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  12. 12. BRAND AWARENESS INDUSTRY PROFILE Biscuits are categorized as impulse buying product in the market. Biscuits arebeing consumed by all sectors of the society across the urban and rural markets inalmost all parts of the country. In India, biscuits are being manufactured both in organized and unorganizedsectors. India is the world’s second largest biscuit manufacturing country – more thanRs.3000 crore biscuit industries. China is the global market leader in biscuit industryand makes 1.2 million tonnes of biscuits per annum. But what makes India adelicious proposition is that, despite these huge volumes, the percapita consumptionof biscuits in India is about 1.2 kg, compared to more than 12 kg in developedcountries. In just last few years, the biscuit business has expanded dramatically with theentry of several multinational players. Measured by the number of companies, thereshould be a significant decline in industry concentration perhaps more than half,however just as it was before the entry of the multinational players. Parle andBritannia still hold over Indians branded biscuits business segment. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  13. 13. BRAND AWARENESS “The organized sector may soon overtake the unorganized sector in volumes”.The recent studies on biscuit industry tells us the organized sector produces 5 lakhstonnes per annum, while the unorganized sector accounts for another 7 lakhs tonnes.In last few years PROTECH has conducted studies on biscuit industry, and as per thestudies the organized sector is growing at 14% annually, where as the unorganizedsector’s growth has slowed down at 8%.form Britannia, Parle, Dukes, Nutrine, Roseetc., are the major players in biscuit industry in Hyderabad. Britannia is the marketleader with high market share followed by Parle and Dukes. Dukes with its wide range of products and with strict quality control, it iscontinuously improving in India for last few years. Competition form unorganizedsectors is totally uncontrollable. There is a fierce competition in this industry. Major players in the biscuit industry have established their brands with adefinite market share. On average, the industry spends 5 to 10 percent onadvertisements in the media, sponsoring sports and games participation in exhibitionsas part of their volume/brand building exercise. The biscuit industry is providing employment to thousands of people directlyand lakhs indirectly and contributing their share to the government in the form oftaxes. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  14. 14. BRAND AWARENESS COMPANY PROFILE RAVI FOODS PVT. LTD., was started in a modest way in the year 1995 in Hyderabad. Today it is multi product conglomerate with a turnover in excess of Rs.35 crores. RAVI FOODS PVT. LTD., is literally cracking with energy as it is manufacturing a wide variety of biscuits, wafers and confectionary under the brand name “DUKES”. It is an ISO 9001, Hyderabad based company. Currently, it manufactures 5,100 tonnes of biscuits, 900 tonnes of confectionary, 300 tonnes of cream filled wafer and tonnes of choco based products every year. The company is equipped with the latest and sophisticated imported machinery that minimize the human handling, thus ensuring quality maintenance of the products, at every state of production and packaging. One of its kind and most modern cream filled wafers manufacturing plant has been imported from Germany and installed for high quality production.LOCATIONAL ADVANTAGE: The factory is located on the national highway-7 on the Bangalore route in Hyderabad. The transportation of raw material and finished goods is very convenient through different modes. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  15. 15. BRAND AWARENESSVISION OF RAVI FOODS: It is our endeavor to bring you rich, nutritious and quality products by enhancing and upgrading the technology constantly. We firmly believe that doing our job earnestly is the best service we can render our nation.GROWTH AND PERFORMANCE: Any great journey starts with a small step. This has been the case with Ravifoods. It is started off in a modest way ten years ago; gradually it has grown tointernational stature. Expansion is sign of growth, the company set up other concernunits at various locations to cater to the ever growing demand at a competitive price. The company is equipped with the latest and sophisticated Importedmachinery that minimize the human handling, thus ensuring quality maintenance ofthe products, at every state of production and packaging. Further more, the R&D lab;warehousing and storing facility meet the international standards. One of its kind and most modern cream filled wafers manufacturing plant hasbeen imported from Germany and installed here for high quality production. Withthis the company image is growing day by day in Biscuits and confectionaryindustry. ‘DUKES’ becomes mark of quality to the customers. Ravi foods understand the importance of maintaining the ecological balance.So, Ravi foods function with in the reasonable limits of anti pollution norms.PRODUCTION TEAM: A team of highly experienced and technically qualified professionals run theplant. The production team led by skilled and experienced Bakery technologists whohad worked with renowned food processing houses of international repute. They areresponsible for the highly motivated and quality conscious team of production andR&D unit. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  16. 16. BRAND AWARENESSMARKETING TEAM: The distribution and marketing network is equally strong and complements theproduction team. The credit for the popularity and availability of DUKES even ininterior towns goes to the enterprising marketing team of the company. More than 50 varieties of Biscuits, wafers and confectionary make theDUKES product mix and marketing strength. Being an ISO-9001 certified company,DUKES has always stood to meet the customers changing needs with a specialemphasis on quality choice and cost benefitsDISTRIBUTION: Ravi foods pvt. Ltd., has a nation wide market with its three level distributionnetwork. The distribution channel of Ravi foods private limited is Manufacturer Sales depots Distributor Retailer Customers In Hyderabad 26 distributors are there. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  17. 17. BRAND AWARENESSORGANIZATION STRUCTURE: The marketing team of DUKES is strong and complements to the productionteam. The credit for the popularity of DUKES even in interior cities goes to theenterprising marketing team of the company.The marketing department structure is Board of director Zonal sales manager Area sales manager Senior officers Sales representatives Field officers 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  18. 18. BRAND AWARENESS PRODUCT LINE OF DUKES: DUKES confectionary Wafers Chocolates Biscuits Soft boiled Hard boiled (candy)Masti chocolate Big bite Merry milk (toffees) Mera lacto Masti orange Meltz Marie break Merry milk Jadoo Masti Sweet Nice Coffee gold Coconutties strawberry hearts Saltx Chaco bar Cool mints Masti Chaco Crack crispy Coffee maza mix Cream Masti Orange candyMasti pineapple Butter munch Masti vanilla Cream magic Cream Bourbon Kaju munch Glucose 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  19. 19. BRAND AWARENESSBRAND: A name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these,intended to identify the goods or services of one seller and to differentiate them fromthose of competitors. Consumer view a brand as an important of a product, and branding canadd value to a product. Branding has become so strong that today hardly anythinggoes unbranded. Branding helps buyers in many ways. Brand names consumers identifyproducts that might benefit them. Brands also tell the buyer something about productquality. Buyers who always buy the same brand know that they will get the samefeature, benefits, and quality each time they buy. Brandings also gives the sellerseveral advantages. The brand name becomes the basis on which a whole story can be built abouta product special quality. The sellers’ brand name and trade mark provide legalprotection for unique product features that otherwise might might be copied bycompetitors and branding helps the seller to segment market.BRAND EQUITY: Brands are more than just names and symbols. Brands represent consumersperceptions and feelings about a product and its performance everything that theproduct or service means to consumers. As one branding expert suggests, “Ultimately, brands resides in the minds ofconsumers”. Thus, the real value of a strong brand is its power to capture consumerpreference and loyalty. Brand equity is the positive differential effect that knowing the Brand namehas on consumer response to the product or service. A measure of brands equity isthe extent to which consumers are willing to pay more for the brand. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  20. 20. BRAND AWARENESSBRAND POSITIONING: Marketers need to position their brands clearly in target customers’ minds.They can position brands at any of three levels. At the lowest level, they can positionthe brand on product attributes. A brand can be better positioned by associating its name with a desirablebenefit. When positioning a brand, the marketer should establish a mission for thebrand and a vision of what the brand must be and do. A brand is the company’s promise to deliver a specific set of features,benefits, services, and experiences consistently to the buyers.BRAND SELECTION: A good name can add greatly to a products success. How ever, finding thebest brand name is a difficult task. It begins with a careful review of the product andits benefits, the target market, and proposed marketing strategies.CO-BRANDING: Co-branding products for many years, there has been a recent resurgence inco-branded items. Co-branding occurs when two established brand names of differentcompany’s are used on the same product. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  21. 21. BRAND AWARENESS THEORITICAL CONCEPT OF BRAND AWARENESS : Students has a decision maker comes to the market place to solve his consumption problems and to achieve the satisfaction of his needs. The buying process is composed of a number of stages and is influenced by an individual’s Psychological Frame Work composed of his personality, motivation, perception and attitude. BRAND AWARENESS STAGE: Decision-Marking Output Input Stimuli Process Behavior Psychological Frame Personality Firm’s Need Evaluation Marketing Intention Efforts Recognitio Post-Purchase Product Motivation Interest Evaluation behavior Awareness SocialEnvironme Interest nt Breakdown Attitudes Repeat Discount 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  22. 22. BRAND AWARENESS The student is exposed to the existence of a product that may satisfy a need.This awareness may be an account of the search carried out by the studenthimself or because of a firm’s communications through advertising or salesmanshipor through social environments. Awareness may be neutral or active. When no need is currently recognized bystudent the awareness is neutral because there is no immediate interest in it and whenthe student is already aware of a product and subsequently recognizes a need, thenthe product awareness is active, and immediately is converted into interest. Student interest is indicated in the Consumer’s willingness to seek furtherinformation about the product. Output is the end result of the inputs of student behavior. It emerges afterthese inputs duly processed by the student. Output is composed of purchase andpost-purchase behavior.CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR:- In earlier times, marketers could understand consumers through the dailyexperience of selling to them. But the growth in the size of companies and marketshas removed many marketing managers from direct contact with customersincreasingly. Managers have had to rely on students’ research for answers to thefollowing key questions about.Who constitutes the markets - Occupants?What does the market buy - ObjectsWhy does the market buy - Objectives?Who participating in the buying - Organizations 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  23. 23. BRAND AWARENESS How does the market buy - Operations? When does the market buy - Occasions Where does the market buy - Outlets? Marketing and environmental stimuli enter the buyer’s consciousness. The buyer’s characteristics and decision process lead to certain purchase decisions. The marketer’s task is to understand what happens in the buyer’s consciousness between the arrival of outside stimuli and buyer’s purchase decision.Marketin Other Buyer’s Buyer’s Buyer’sg Stimuli Stimuli Characterist Decision Process Decision icsProduct Economical Purchase Choice TechnologicPrice Cultural Problem Recognition Brand Choice alPlace Social Information Search Dealer Choice PoliticalPromotion Personal Evaluation Decision Purchase Amount Cultural Psychological Post Purchase Purchase Timing Behavior A consumer’s behavior is also influenced by such social factors as reference groups, family and social roles and status. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  24. 24. BRAND AWARENESS A buyers decision are also influenced by personal characteristics, notably thebuyer’s age and life–cycle stage, occupation, economic, circumstances, lifestyle andpersonality and self-concept.Introduction stage: The introduction stage starts when the new product is launched. It takestime to roll out the product in several markets and to fill the dealer pipe lines,so sales growth is apt to be slow. In this stage, profits are negative or low because of the low sales and heavydistribution and promotion expenses. Much money is needed to attractdistributors and fill the pipelines. Promotional expenditures are at their highestration to sales because of the need for a high level promotional effort to (1) Inform potential consumers of the new and unknown product. (2) Induce trail of the product. (3) Secure distribution in retail outlets. There are only a few competitors, and they produce basic versions of theproduct. Since the market is not ready for product refinements. The firmsfocus their selling on those buyers who are ready to buy, usually higher –income groups. Prices tend to be on the high side because (1) Costs are high due to relatively low output rates. (2) Technological problems in production may have not yet been fully mastered. (3) High margins are required to support the heavy promotional expenditures which are necessary to achieve growth. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  25. 25. BRAND AWARENESSMARKETING STRATEGIES IN THE INTRODUCTION STAGE : In launching a new product, marketing management can set a high or a low level. For each marketing variable, such as price, promotion, distribution, and product quality. Considering only price and promotion, management can pursue one of the four strategies. PROMOTION High Low High 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  26. 26. BRAND AWARENESS PRIC Slow E Rapid Skimming Skimming Strategy Strategy Rapid Slow Low Penetration Penetration Strategy Strategy A rapid – skimming strategy consists of launching the new product at a high price and a high promotion level. The firm charges a high price in order to recover as much gross profit per unit as possible A slow – skimming strategy consists of launching the new product at a high price and low promotion. The high price helps recover as much gross profit per unit as possible, and the low level of promotion keep marketing expenses down. A rapid – penetration strategy consists of launching the product at a low price and spending heavily on promotion. This strategy promises to bring about the fastest market penetration and the largest market share. A slow – penetration strategy consists of launching the new product at a low price and a low level of promotion. The low price will encourage rapid product acceptance. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  27. 27. BRAND AWARENESS1: Are you aware of brand “DUKES”. S.NO. PERTICULARS NO.RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE 1 YES 229 92% 2 NO 21 8% 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  28. 28. BRAND AWARENESS Total 250 100.00% AWARE OF BRAND DUKES 8% YES NO 92%INTERPRETATION: From the above table 92% of school students are aware of brandDUKES and 8% of school students don’t know about the DUKES brand.2: What are product lines of “DUKES” you are aware of. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  29. 29. BRAND AWARENESS NO.OF S.NO PARTICULARS PERCENTAGE RESPONDENTS 1 BISCUITS 109 48% 2 CHOCOLETS 40 17% 3 WAFERS 47 21% 4 CONFECTIONARY 8 3% 5 BISC&CHOCKLAT 25 11% TOTAL 229 100.00 PRODUCT LINE 11% 3% BISCUITS CHOCOLETS 21% 48% WAFERS CONFECTIONARY BISC&CHOCKLAT 17%INTERPRETATION: From the above table 48%of students aware of biscuits and17% of students aware of chocolates and 21% of students aware of wafers and 3% ofstudents aware of confectionary and 11% of students aware of biscuits & chocolatesof the Dukes Brand.3: which product of “DUKES” you consume most. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  30. 30. BRAND AWARENESSS.NO PARTICULARS NO.RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE1 BIGBITE 66 292 MUNCH 89 393 WAFFY 19 84 MARIE BREAK 8 45 CREAM MAGIC 21 96 SALTKISS 26 117 TOTAL 229 100 VARIOUS PRODUCTS& THEIR CONSUMPTION 11% 29% BIGBITE 9% MUNCH 3% WAFFY 8% MARIE BREAK CREAM MAGIC SALTKISS 40%INTERPRETATION: From the above table 29% of students areConsumingBIGBITE and 40% of students are consuming MUNCH and 8% of students areconsuming WAFFY and 3% of students are consuming MARIE BREAK and 9% ofstudents are consuming CREAM MAGIC and 11% of students are consuming SALTKISS.4: what is the other product of “DUKES” you are aware of? 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  31. 31. BRAND AWARENESSPRODUCTS NO.OF.RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGEBurbon 28 12Nice 32 14Glucose 17 8Marry milk 40 17Nothing 112 49Total 229 100 OTHER PRODUCTS OF DUKES 0% 0% PRODUCTS 12% Burbon 0% Nice 14% 50% Glucose 0% 7% Marry milk 0% 17% Nothing 0%INTERPRETATION: From the above table 12% of children aware of BURBON,14% of aware NICE, 7% of aware GLUCOSE, 17% of marry milk and 50% ofchildren don’t know other products of DUKES.5: How do you know about brand “DUKES” 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  32. 32. BRAND AWARENESSS.NO. PARTICULARS NO.OF PERCENTAGE RESPONDENTS1 ADVERTISEMENT 62 372 FRIENDS 52 313 SHOPE KEEPERS 45 274 OTHERS 2 15 MORE THAN ONE 6 46 TOTAL 168 100 VARIOUS INFORMATION SOURCES 4% ADVERTISEMEN 1% T FRIENDS 27% 37% SHOPE KEEPERES OTHERS 31% MORE THAN ONEINTERPRETATION: From the above table, 37% students came to know aboutthe DUKES through Advertisement and 31% of students came to know by friendsand 27% of student known by shopkeepers.6: How do you rate “DUKES” in comparison to other brands 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  33. 33. BRAND AWARENESSPERTICULERS DUKES BRITANIA ITC PARLE OTHERSPRICE 110 75 26 15 3QUALITY 58 94 64 9 4AVAILABILITY 45 115 60 4 5 DUKES 45 PRICE 110 QUALITY AVAILABILITY 58INTERPRETATION: From the above data, It can be said that BRITANIA stoodfirst, DUKES ranks second, ITC ranks third, PARLE ranks fourth and others occupylast rank in terms of Price, Quality and Availability.7: Do you prefer any other brands compared to “DUKES” 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  34. 34. BRAND AWARENESSS.NO PARTICULARS NO.OF.RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE1 YES 154 672 NO 27 123 NONE OF THESE 48 214 TOTAL 229 100 BRAND PREFERENCE 21 % YES 12 NO % NONE OF 67 THESE %INTERPRETATION: From the above table 67% of students prefer other brandand 12% of students don’t prefer other brand and 21% of students don’t prefer anybrand other than Dukes.8: Please rank the brands in terms of your choice. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  35. 35. BRAND AWARENESS NO OF PARTICULARS PERCENTAGE RANKS.NO RESPONDENTS 1 BRIRANNIA 146 64 1 2 DUKES 47 21 2 3 PARLE 17 8 3 I.T.C 4 16 7 4 1st RANK PERCENTAGES 7% 0% 0% 0% PARTICULARS 8% 0% BRIRANNIA 0% DUKES 21% PARLE 64% 0% I.T.CINTERPRETATION: From the above data analysis, Most of the respondentspreferred Britannia with first rank, Dukes with second rank, Parle with third rank andITC with fourth rank.9: What attributes you look at when you confectionary. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  36. 36. BRAND AWARENESSS.NO PARTICULARS NO OF PERCENTAGE RESPONDENTS1 QUALITY 42 182 FRESHNESS 43 193 TASTE 28 124 PRICE 34 155 PACKAGING 15 86 AVAILABILITY 26 117 MORE THAN 41 18 ONE8 TOTAL 229 100 you look at when you buy bis&confectionary 0% 0% PARTICULARS QUALITY 18% 18% FRESHNESS 0% TASTE 11% PRICE 19% PACKAGING 7% AVAILABILITY 15% 12% MORE THAN ONEINTERPRETATION: The respondents in case of confectionary, preferringthe attributes with rank wise Quality, Freshness, Taste, Price, packing andavailability respectively.10: Any features you don’t like about “DUKES”. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  37. 37. BRAND AWARENESS S.No PARTICULARS NO.RESPONDENCE PERCENTAGE 1 PRICE 55 24 2 QUALITY 50 22 3 PACKAGING 16 7 4 TASTE 23 10 5 NON 23 10 AVAILABILITY 6 NOTHING 58 25 7 ALL 4 2 8 TOTAL 229 100 DONT LIKE ABOUT DUKES FEATURES PARTICULARS 2%0% 24% 25% PRICE QUALITY PACKAGING TASTE 10% 22% NON AVAILABILITY NOTHING 10% 7% ALLINTERPRETATION: From the above table most of the children don’t like price.Qualities also don’t like. Less children don’t like packing also.11: What is your opinion on brand “DUKES”. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  38. 38. BRAND AWARENESS S. No PERTICULERS NO.OF PERCENTAGE RESPONDENTS 1 GOOD 152 66 2 AVERAGE 51 22 3 BAD 11 5 4 NOTHING 15 7 opinion on dukes 7% 5% GOOD 22% AVERAGE BAD 66% NOTHINGINTERPRETATION: From the above table 66% of school children respond good22% of children respond average 5% of children respond bad and 7% of children notrespond.12: Which media do you think is the best suitable. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  39. 39. BRAND AWARENESSS.no. PARTICULARS NO.RESPONDENCE PERCENTAGE T.V 200 8812 BROCHERS 8 43 RADIO 14 74 TOTAL 229 100 BEST SUITABLE MEDIA 6% 4% T.V BROCHERS RADIO 90%INTERPRETATION: Among all the media, T.V media stood first, Radio insecond place and Brochures in third place regarding suitability.13: Who do you think will be the best communicate the message. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  40. 40. BRAND AWARENESSS.NO PARTICULARS NO.OF PERCENTAGE RESPONDENCE1 CELEBRITY 41 182 CARTOON 114 503 SLICE OF LIFE 20 94 FANTASY 54 23 TOTAL 229 100 BEST COMMUNIKATE THE MESSAGE 0% 0% PARTICULARS 18% CELEBRITY 24% 0% CARTOON 0% 9% SLICE OF LIFE 0% FANTASY 49%INTERPRETATION: From the above analysis Cartoon is the best way ofcommunicating of the message whereas celebrity, Fantasy and Slice of life standsnext respectively.14: Which program tool will be the best? 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  41. 41. BRAND AWARENESSS.NO PARTICULARS NO.OF PERCENTAGE RESPONDENCE1 PRICE OFF 59 262 DISPLAYS 26 113 SAMPLE 87 384 CONTEST 35 155 COUPENS 22 10 BEST PROGRAM TOOL 0% PARTICULARS 10% 0% PRICE OFF 0% 26% DISPLAYS 15% 0% 0% SAMPLE 11% CONTEST 0% 38% COUPENSINTERPRETATION: From the above table, program tools the price off, displays,sample, contest, and coupons, ranks first, second, third, fourth and fifth respectively. FINDINGS  Most of the respondents (92%) are aware of the brand “DUKES”. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  42. 42. BRAND AWARENESS  Among the different product lines of the DUKES most of the people are aware of biscuits, wafers, and chocolates. Which ranks in the series first, second, and third respectively, where as confectionary of the DUKES did not gain much awareness of the children.  Most of the children are consuming MUNCH, and the next place is BIGBITE.  DUKES gain most of the brand awareness through the advertisement.  Compared to the other brand DUKES is rated for high price.  DUKES stands third place in quality after BRITANIA and ITC respectively.  The availability of the DUKES in the shops, bakers easy less compared to the popular brands BRITANIA and ITC.  Most of the respondents are preferring Dukes subject to its availability.  DUKES is ranked second place in terms of choice. Where as BRITANIA stands first.  Most of the people proffering the confectionary by seeing the main attributes of freshness and quality.  Most of the respondents desired change in the price of the DUKES.  And most of the respondents desired to improve in the quality compared to the BRITANIA and ITC.  TV is the most power full media which is suitable in communicating the brand image of the DUKES.  To communicating the message cartoon is the best way as it attracts children.  Regarding the sales promotion, sample is the best tool in promoting the brand DUKES. SUGGESTIONS 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  43. 43. BRAND AWARENESS  There is a need to make the children aware of DUKES confectionary product line.  Price is the one the most important factor. which influence the sales. as the most of the children felt the price of the DUKES is high. There is a need to once again make revive of the price.  DUKES as to improve the quality and as to show a difference with the other brands.  Availability of the DUKES in retail stores, bakers, school canteens have to be increased.  The packing must be more attractive to draw the attention of the customer.  Most of customers are the children, the cartoon is the best way to communicate message.  Samples and price off are the best promotional tool which must be utilize by the DUKES to grab the market. CONCLUSION 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  44. 44. BRAND AWARENESS Ravi foods pvt.Ltd. is the Hyderabad based company with the turnover of35crores though it’s a new company started in 1995. It has created a sensation in themarket in the segment of Biscuits, Chocolates, Wafers and Confectionary with thebrand name DUKES. As it is budding company compare to Britannia, ITC, and Joints. It is strivinghard in gaining the customers through its brand name. The brand DUKES have agood image in the minds of customers and there is a need to penetrate into the ruralmarket segment and make it available in as many as retail outlets. It got ISO 9001 certificate for its quality and got 66th place in the world. BIBLIOGRAPHY 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  45. 45. BRAND AWARENESS 1. PHILIP KOTLER MARKETING RESEARCH Millennium Edition Prentice-hall of India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi. 2. G.C.BERI MARKETING RESEARCH-VIII Edition Tata Mc_GrawHill publishing company Ltd, New Delhi. 3. C.R.KOTHARI RESEARCH METHODOLOGY II Edition Wishwa prakasham publishers. 4. LEON G.SCHIFFMAN CONSUMER BEHAVIOR LESLIE LAZAR KANUK VI Edition Prentice Hall of India PvtLtd, New Delhi. Web sites: www.google.com www.dukesindia.com QUESTIONNAIRE 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  46. 46. BRAND AWARENESS Topic: Brand awareness of “Dukes” [Ravi Foods Pvt.Ltd] and impactof promotional tools on Brand awareness.Name :Address :1) Are you aware of brand “Dukes”? Yes [ ] No [ ]2) What are the product lines of “Dukes” you are aware of? Biscuits [ ] Wafers [ ] Chocolate [ ] None of these [ ]3) Which product of “Dukes” you consume the most? Big Bite [ ] Munch [ ] Waffy [ ] Marie Break [ ] Cream Magic [ ] Salt Kiss [ ]4) What are the other products of “Dukes” you are aware of? A)_________ B) ________ C)________ D) _________5) How do you know about Brand “Dukes”? Advertisement [ ] Friends [ ] Shop Keepers [ ] others [ ]6) How do you rate “Dukes” in comparison to other brands? 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  47. 47. BRAND AWARENESS High Price ---------------------------- Low Price High Quality ---------------------------- Low Quality Availability --------------------------- Availability (Easy) (Difficult)7) Do you prefer any other brand compared to “Dukes”? If yes Why If No Why8) Please rank the Brands in terms of your choice (in order of preference)? Dukes [ ] Britannia [ ] I.T.C [ ] Parle [ ]9) What attributes you look at when you buy Biscuits and Confectionary? Price [ ] Quality [ ] Freshness [ ] Packaging [ ] Taste [ ] Availability [ ]10) Any features which you don’t like about “Dukes”? Price [ ] Quality [ ] Packaging [ ] 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  48. 48. BRAND AWARENESS Taste [ ] Non Availability [ ] Nothing [ ]11) What is your opinion on Brand “Dukes”? ___________________________________ ___________________________________12) Which media do you think is the best suitable for brand promotion? T.V. [ ] Radio [ ] Brochures [ ] If any other specify-----13) Who do you think will be the best to communicate the message? Celebrity [ ] Cartoon [ ] Slice of Life [ ] Fantasy [ ]14) Which promotional tool will be the best? Price offer [ ] Displays [ ] Sample [ ] Contests [ ] 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM