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Retail store system(bsit16)prototyping


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Retail Store System Prototyping

Published in: Retail
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Retail store system(bsit16)prototyping

  1. 1. Retail Store System System Architecture and Use Case Diagram
  2. 2. Retail A place of business for retailing goo
  3. 3. Retail store system is essentially an integrated set of computerized applications that the retailer uses to operate their business.
  4. 4. Use Case Diagram Sign-up View Home Page Visitor Customer Sign-in Search for the product Make Payment C.O.D PayPal Sign-out AdministratorManage ProductsUpdate Delete Manage Users Update Delete Product Replenishment IMS Order Product Returns and Cancellations Confirm Order Update His/her Information View Order Status Track Order Customer Services CSS View Product
  5. 5. System Architecture The client will request from the server in order for the client to get the particular web page or data that they want, Then the servers will respond to the request and give the needed data to the client.
  6. 6. Retailer System Inventory Management System Customer Support System Database C L I E N T S E-Commerce System Architecture (Supplier) WEB SERVER
  7. 7. Sample Web Page
  8. 8. Sample Module of Retailer system
  9. 9. Proposed By: Rameses Francia Ramir Mijares