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Ruth-Ann McKellin\'s "Pitch Book"


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This is a presentation I made in February 2012 to the Job Search Circle-West to describe what I do and how I do it. A "Pitch Book" can be left with the hiring manager after an interview.

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Ruth-Ann McKellin\'s "Pitch Book"

  1. 1. Ruth-Ann McKellin February 13, 2012Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 1
  2. 2. Who I Am…I am a business process expert recognized for my passionfor efficiency and effectiveness. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 2
  3. 3. What I Do…I partner with internal and external stakeholders tocreate the business process transformation necessaryto increase profit, reduce cost, and improve quality. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 3
  4. 4. How I Accomplish This…I accomplish this by• providing breakthrough Business Process improvementswithin strategic projects• incorporating Performance Measures to support theongoing processes• implementing Change Management to prepare theworkforce for change and to make the new environment“stick.” Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 4
  5. 5. Successful Quality ImprovementRequires All Three Elements Process Improvement Organizational Performance Change Measurement
  6. 6. Responsibilities and My Approach Responsibilities  My Approach ◦ Identify opportunities to ◦ I work with stakeholders improve existing processes to identify and prioritize and/or create new opportunities to reach processes to progress quality, efficiency, and toward established goals. effectiveness goals. ◦ Serve as a liaison between ◦ I compose teams of all stakeholders to stakeholders, who are implement desired changes involved in developing, – by fostering implementing, and communications, sustaining changes. These coordinating efforts and representatives are facilitating progress. informed and integrated. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 6
  7. 7. 1) My Interpersonal Style Inquisitive mindset ◦ I am naturally curious, always asking “How?” and “Why?” Servant-Leader management style ◦ I remove blocks so my team can excel. Excellent verbal and written communication skills ◦ I have these skills in both German and English Ability to interact with all levels within the organization ◦ I communicate and work effectively with staff level to Board members. Expert facilitation skills. Excellent customer service, negotiating, and team building skills. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 7
  8. 8. 2) My Working Style Strong analytical, organizational, and planning skills High attention to detail Excellent problem-solving skills ◦ I apply data analysis and creative insights to develop solutions to complex issues. Ability to work efficiently and set priorities under time constraints Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 8
  9. 9. 3) My Technical Expertise Project management skills ◦ I have extensive experience in project management and am also formalizing this experience by getting the PMP certification (in process). Knowledge of industry recognized business process improvement methodologies ◦ I keep current with Lean Six Sigma, TQM, BPI, Kaizen, etc. and am a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Strong business process modeling and analysis skills; ability to analyze and document complex business processes ◦ I have expertise in business process modeling and use quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis. I am Chair of Business Process Improvement for the local American Society of Quality (ASQ) chapter. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 9
  10. 10. 3) My Technical Expertise Solid knowledge of business process fundamentals, assessment and redesign methodology, Business Process Management concepts and practices ◦ I have used standard BPR and BPM methodologies for many years. Knowledge of organizational and/or business change management principles and methods. ◦ I teach Organizational Behavior and Change Management at the MBA level and have applied the principles and methods in all my projects. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 10
  11. 11. References“Ruth-Ann McKellin is truly one of the smartest people I know! She possesses thepatience and process expertise to quickly ramp up to SME-level knowledge of thevarious parts of an organization, exactingly hone in on root issues, and thus constructoptimal solutions for successful resolution. Her approach is both warm andprofessional, and at the same time, direct and without sugar coating. If you valueintegrity, tenacity and the wit of someone who “gets it”, Ruth-Ann McKellin is someoneyou want on your team.” April 15, 2009Christine Resko, Senior Corporate Recruiter - IT, DeVry Inc“Ruth-Ann is an outstanding leader and business management consultant with both astrategic perspective and the ability to execute well at the required level of detail. Withher excellent process skills, technical vision and business acumen, she has earned therespect of all those around her. Ruth-Ann is one of the most impressive, forward-thinking, and visionary people I have had the pleasure to work alongside.Ruth-Ann is very knowledgeable, extremely competent, and provides new insights on"old data". She has an in-depth knowledge of the tools and methodologies available toher. Ruth-Ann is the type of leader that would tell you how it was and not skatearound issues. She is a great asset to any organization and I would work with her again,given the opportunity.” November 2, 2007Marci Rakestraw Business Advisor (Relationship Manager), DeVry Inc. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 11
  12. 12. References, continued“Ruth-Ann is one of the most logical and rational people that I have had thepleasure to work with. Her abilities to think in an intellectual capacityprovided great benefit to the organization. She is very professional and heroutput of work was exceptional. I could always count on her to providestrategic thought for the business. Her interactions with her customers weresuperb in that she was able to provide solutions for the challenges they facedon a daily basis. I really enjoyed working with Ruth-Ann and would do soagain if the opportunity arose. She is definitely someone you would want tohave on your team.” November 1, 2007Christopher Meyer, Manager-IT PMO, DeVry Inc.“Ruth-Ann and I are both members of the Chicago Area Lean Six SigmaLeadership Network. Ruth-Ann is continuously adding new insights to ourmeeting discussions and is very articulate expressing her ideas. Her positiveattitude and her striving for improvement motivate everyone in the meetingto match her efforts. I strongly feel that she would be of value to anycompany or group that has her as a member.” January 26, 2012Tom Newton, Manufacturing Project Engineer, Trainer, Writer, Rauland-Borg Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 6/11/2012 12