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washing powder brands in india


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washing powder brands in india

  2. 2. Surf Excel • First detergent powder in India. • Launched in 1959. • First national brand to advertise on T.V. • Logo-
  3. 3. • Surf Excel Packaging- Instead of saying “Ours is the best detergent”, they said, “Let children play and get dirt on their clothes, we’ll take care of their stains”. • Taglines: • 1970’s – Lalitaji “Surf ki kharidari mein hi samajdari hai!”
  4. 4. • 1990’s – Daag Dhoondthe reh jaaoge! • 1999 – Surf Excel Hai Na! • 2003 – “Do bucket paani roozana hai bachana”. • 2005 till date – Daag Acche Hai!
  5. 5. Nirma • Founded in 1969 by Karsanbhai Patel. • Logo: • The Nirma Girl
  6. 6. • The name of the company is derived from Nirupama, the company owner’s daughter who died in a car accident whose image has been iconic with the brand. Slogan: Washing powder Nirma….washing powder Nirma…….
  7. 7. Rin Detergent Powder • Rin was launched in India as a bar in 1969. • Rin detergent powder was launched in 1994.
  8. 8. • Logo: • Rin powder doubles the whiteness because it is completely soluble in water. • Taglines: • Dugni safedi, dugna chamak. • Chamakte rehna.
  9. 9. Sunlight • The first brand of Unilever in India introduced in the summer of 1888. • Sunlight Detergent Powder is present in the two states of Kerala and West Bengal where it is the market leader.
  10. 10. • Logo: • Sunlight has innovative color guard technology that keeps your clothes colors as new as ever, even after 40 washes. It also prevents color loss from the clothes. • Tagline: • “ Spread the Brightness”.
  11. 11. Wheel • Wheel was launched in 1984. • This product was created specifically to counter Nirma.
  12. 12. • Logo: • The greenish yellow and sliced lime symbolizes the cleaning benefit of the brand. • Tagline: • Nimboo ki shakti aur haaro pholo ki khushboo; mehangi wali dhulai budget me samai.