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Tips movie


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Tips movie

  1. 1. Tips Enjoy a Movie at Cinema
  2. 2. And to enjoy the movie I have some tips for watching movies at the cinema The First, Know the schedule or time of the movie you want to watch. By Or
  3. 3. Second, Don’t trust the trailers. If you’ve seen a great trailer and think ‘that looks great’ then you may be seeing all the best parts of the movie condensed into 2 minutes.
  4. 4. Buy your ticket at early as posible. especialy if the movie is Harry Potter or other great movies. Especially if you movieholic, you must to have a Blitzcard and M-Tix Card Third, Buy Tickets…
  5. 5. You dont want to missed in the middle of the movie and when you come back might have missed the best part F ourth, Rest Room & Buying of Foods … Pee before watching the movie Buy foods before the movie starts
  6. 6. Five, Empty Your Mind … You watch a movie, so do not think anything that may distract you. You may think your boss is fussy, an unfinished work or thesis that only through the introduction. Forget it and enjoy the movie.
  7. 7. Six, Silent Phones… if somebody texted you or called you, your consentration in the movie gets lost. and its not only you, others might get distracted on the noise of your ringing cellphone.
  8. 8. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Movie you are watching. Finally
  9. 9. Author Devi Yolandasari 10608027