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Coach FQ3 2013 Review


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Select findings from our Q3 2013 Coach (COH) review

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Coach FQ3 2013 Review

  1. 1. Is Coach Becoming morePromotional?Deep-dive into Coach’s recent email andsocial media marketing
  2. 2. A look back at the most recent quarter: How didCoach use marketing emails and social media throughMarch 30th, 2013?• COH sent out 23% more general marketing emails in FQ3 2013 than FQ3 2012(1)– In FQ3 2012, 100% of the emails were announcing New Arrivals or Trends– In FQ3 2013, 12.5% of the emails advertised Sales– We believe this may positively contribute to COH’s online sale growth (combined with thelaunch of their factory flash sale site)• On Facebook, we observed two “25% off purchase” sales, lasting 13 days total– In Q3 2012, COH offered one 25% code lasting 8 days total– Facebook is estimated to have contributed <3% of overall web traffic in last 3 months(2)• COH did not advertise sales and discounts on its homepage during the quarter– We observed minor design and text changes on the homepage, but no widespreaddiscounting• Overall, COH offered more sales in FQ3 2013 than FQ3 2012; however, sales were primarily onshoes and via Facebook (which is not a large traffic driver)– We did not observe widespread discounting on women’s handbags or men’s accessories– Therefore, we anticipated no sig impact to gross margin in the US2Notes:(1) Source: Hipiti’s SaleTally proprietary database; data collected from COH landing pages, marketing emails and twitter feeds(2) Source: SimiliarWeb
  3. 3. 05101520253035FQ3 2012 FQ3 2013Count of COH General Marketing EmailsWe observed a +23% increase in COH generalmarketing emails in FQ3 2013 versus FQ3 20123Note:(1) Source: Hipiti’s SaleTally proprietary database; general marketing emails sourced from several email accounts+23%
  4. 4. We observed 8 sale days in FQ3 2012; in FQ3 2013,we observed 21 sale days (covered 23% of the daysin the quarter)4Note:(1) Source: Hipiti’s SaleTally proprietary database; data collected from retailer landing pages, marketing emails and twitter feeds80812921051015202525% off Purchase via FB Up to 50% off Shoes TotalCount of Sale Days, by Sale TypeFQ3 2012FQ3 2013
  5. 5. Majority of COH web traffic came from direct & search; COH didnot vary its homepage meaningfully during FQ3 2013 & wedidn’t observe any sales advertised on their homepage(1)(2)5Notes:(1) Source: Hipiti’s SaleTally proprietary database; data collected from retailer landing pages, emails, facebook, twitter feeds(2) Source: SimiliarWeb0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Direct Search Referrals Social Mail Display AdsTraffic to landing page;no sales observed onstandard landing page86% of social traffic isfrom fb, where weobserved 25% off codesin Feb & Mar; 50%greater sale days thanlast year, but notmeaningful traffic driver8% of traffic comes fromdirect emails; weobserved increaseddiscounting of shoes viaemail
  6. 6. 6This presentation, and the oral presentation that supplements it, havebeen developed by and are proprietary to Katkar Flink Corporation, dbaas Hipiti (the “Company”) and were prepared exclusively for the benefitand internal use of the recipient. Neither the printed presentation nor theoral presentation that supplements it, nor any of their contents, may bereproduced, distributed or used for any other purpose without the priorwritten consent of Katkar Flink Corporation.The analyses contained herein rely upon information obtained from publicsources, the accuracy of which has not been verified, and cannot beassured, by Katkar Flink Corporation.This material is protected under applicable copyright laws and does notcarry any rights of publication.For more information, contact us at