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Discover The Diamond In You

  1. 1. Arindam Ch dh i’ Ai d Chaudhuri’s “ Discover the Diamond in You“ Discover by R ki b Ramki
  2. 2. About the Author Arindam Chaudhuri is the Hony Dean at the Hony. Centre of Economic Research and Advanced Studies at IIPM. He is also the founder of the Planman Groupp which has business interests in consulting, Media and Entertainment and the Editor in Chief of The Sunday Indian - the only news magazine in the world that comes out in 14 languages. The author of Planning India, as well as the bestselling books Count your Chickens before g y they Hatch and The Great Indian Dream, he teaches Leadership and National Economic Planning at IIPM.
  3. 3. Prelude  Most part of our time we keep running in our life to get something, but down the line drop our efforts due to challenges we face or unable to bear the frustrations. The heat and pain gets on to us forcing us to get out of the track and the battle field of competition. The ultimate winner in life are not people who are dreamt long, but the ones who were able to hold onto that dream long enough and make it happen . Finally the winners are people who had it in them to walk that one extra mile to achieve their goals We have heard of the “2120” concept At 2110 F water is still said to be boiling goals. 212 concept… F, water, however at 212 0 F it converts into steam and has enough power to run even big ships. Just that one degree increase has given water that potential and powerWinners are the ones who moved from 211 to 212. This is the secret that “Arindam Chaudhuri” writes in his book “Discover the Diamond in You”. Discover You  This book is for every one who aspires to break out of the shell of self-satisfaction and chooses to taken on a continual self-improvement. It is a book of self-discovery, self- belief and optimism. It is for those who are brave enough to 'be' the change they 'want to see'. see' Using the diamond as a metaphor for human beings the author draws a parallel beings, between the 4 Cs that the excellence of a diamond is judged on and the corresponding 9 qualities in human beings. Happy Reading
  4. 4. Four C of grading th H F Cs f di the Human Di Diamond d Carat Passion & Positive Energy Human Peopl Skills Perseve onality Perform Colour Cu Diamond Di d le Perso ut mance erance Clarity Perspective, Principles Patriotism i i
  5. 5. Human Diamond Four Cs -Nine P Success Trilliant Diamond- Nine P P P P P P e e e e P P r r a a o E r s r P S r i t s n f s s s o e o e k p n r i e v o i c i s t r r e n p l e i o m a c i i g a r l l l t p t a e s l i o v y n i i n e s e c t v n e c y e s m e Carat Cut Color Clarity Human Diamond
  6. 6. Human Di H Diamond-Carat dC t Passion & Positive Energy How many carats is the diamond within you ?
  7. 7. First Fi t P of the discovery – P f th di Passion i There is nothing more powerful than a human soul on fire
  8. 8. Bill Bowerman  A high school biology teacher  Loved playing football p y g  Left everything to go on to become a football & sports coach in a university  Passionate about helping athletes to improve their performance while running  Pursued his Passion relentlessly & become a coach of national & international stature  His name in the Hall of Fame gallery as one of the greatest track & field coaches  Trained some of the finest athletes who become record holders & Olympic Champions  Pushed himself to experiment and aggressively pursue inventive approaches
  9. 9. Bill Bowerman & Phil Knight- The force behind the Nike Knight  Realized that running shoes are an athlete’s best friend  If only an ounce could b removed f l ld be d from ththe shoe’s weight , then, in a one-mile race, almost 200 pounds of aggregate effort could be reduced  There were no takers among any of the shoe manufacturers & that did not deter him at all  W t on to invent a waffle sole which was f Went t i t ffl l hi h far lighter and had a better grip.  Became a shoe manufacturer himself  Over time, along with Phil Knight – a middle distance runner, he overcame many trials & tribulations.  Went on to establish one of the biggest & most successful brands in marketing history -Nike
  10. 10. This ain’t a diamond ain t
  11. 11. Jogging  Next he wanted the world to share his passion  Ignited Jogging phenomenon in USA  The term also became the title of his book- Jogging selling a million + copies  Defined the sport of running for healthy life One Passion he had : Running Take away “There is a high carat diamond within you There waiting to sparkle” “Ignite passion & Chase it passionately” “Do what you believe in “ Do “To be passionate about what you are doing” The other Ps are either by-products of passion or play only a supportive role i success l l ti l in
  12. 12. Second P of the discovery – P iti E S d f th di Positive Energy Success occurs twice in life: Once in your mind & once in reality
  13. 13. Warren Macdonald  Warren Macdonald has always had a taste for adventure  Hi hi b k I l d Cli bi Hinchinbrook Island-Climbing t th summit, to the it he got trapped beneath a one-ton boulder in a freak rock fall  Hi companion, G t van K l His i Geert Keulen, a D t h Dutch traveler his only hope for survival.  As Warren lay crushed, Geert raced down the mountain t get h l t i to t help  Warren’s test of will lasted two days before a helicopter arrived, and he was rescued.  The accident resulted the loss of both legs, amputated at mid thigh  The doctor announced that he would not be able to walk ever again, but never said anything about cycling , Kayaking or climbing
  14. 14. Warren Macdonald  Ten months late Warren climbed Tasmania’s Cradle mountain- using a modified wheelchair & seat of his pants  A year later, in an epic 28 day journey through some of the most inhospitable terrain in Australia, Australia he climbed Federation Peak Peak.  In February 2003, he became the first double above-knee amputee to reach the summit of Africa s Africa’s tallest peakpeak, Mount Kilimanjari (19,222ft)  More recently, in a spectacular effort requiring more than 2800 pull-ups over 4 days made an days, ascent of America’s tallest cliff face- El Capitan  He is the only known above knee amputee to make an ascent of Canada’s landmark frozen Canada s waterfall, the 600 ft “ Weeping Wall“ in Alberta.
  15. 15. This ain’t a diamond ain t
  16. 16. Positive Energy -takeaway takeaway  Linked very closely to Passion  The higher the positive energy , the more chances of achieving success  All your passion can go waster, if it is not y p g , backed up by a tremendous amount of positive energy.  Positive energy has two sources gy  External Motivation  Internal Motivation- Real challenge – look inside your own reserves and bring out you positivity  It is a medical fact that when medicines fail, even cancer can be cured with the help of positive energy – Eg: Lance Armstrong
  17. 17. Human Di H Diamond-Cut dC t Performance & Perseverance How well cut is the diamond within you ?
  18. 18. Third Thi d P of the discovery – P f f th di Performance Sustained sincerity: The two most important words that make an achiever
  19. 19. Roger Bannister  On May 6, 1954, the Roger Bannister did what no man could possibly do previously  Bannister became the first man to break the 4 minute mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds in England on a windy day  Prior to that day, it was commonly accepted that no man could b k th 4 minute mile b i ld break the i t il barrier. It was believed that the 4 minute mile was physically impossible. And it was commonly accepted. It was a fact.  The reality was-The four minute mile was a psychological barrier more than anything else!  Bannister wasn’t alone in his new paradigm. Once it became mentally feasible, others would join him  Within 56 days, John Landy broke Bannister’s record in 3 minutes & 57.9 seconds in Finland.  By 1957 16 other runners had also broken the 4 1957, minute mile
  20. 20. Anita Roddick-Queen of Green Roddick Queen  Anitha Roddick founded The Body shop in UK  Work for the less privileged  Visited remote tribal communities around the world, searching for ingredients , research for beauty products  Global Gl b l retail chain with more than 2000 stores il h i ih h selling ethically body creams & cosmetics  Passion for environment & human rights  She did whatever it required to connect with the tribals – travelling by elephants in India  Five values  Against animal testing  Support community trade  Activate self esteem  Defend human rights  Protect our planet
  21. 21. Christopher Reeve-Truly a Superman Reeve Truly  Christopher is most well known for his role as Superman (1978)  A role which h played with b th charisma and grace l hi h he l d ith both h i d  His acting career spans a much larger ground.  Paralyzed after a horse riding accident  In May 1995, Reeve was paralyzed in an accident during the cross country portion of a three day equestrian competition  1996-Academy awards function he came in a wheel chair  The Th entire h ll echo with th d ti hall h ith thunderous applause f hi l for his indomitable spirit  He was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He lobbied on behalf of people with spinal cord injuries, and for human embryonic stem cell research after this accident.  He founded the Christopher Reeve Foundation and co- founded the Reeve-Irvine Research Center
  22. 22. This ain’t a diamond ain t
  23. 23. Performance -takeaway takeaway  Performance is a four stage plan  Vividly imagine  Ardently desire  Genuinely believe in your dreams  Act upon them wholeheartedly  The funny part is  We are good imagining  Passionately desiring  Truly believing in our dreams  But forget to “Act”  If keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep you ve done, you ll getting what you’ve always got  You need to be change agent & do something more than what you’ve always been doing
  24. 24. Fourth F th P of the discovery – P f th di Perseverance The result of your journey is not the reward. The journey is the reward
  25. 25. Some facts  Soichiro was turned down by Toyota Motors in a job interview for an engineer position during World war II .  Did not l t lose h hope  He started Honda Motors & rest is history  Marilyn Monroe was rejected by 20th Century fox as they thought she was unattractive  Little did Fox realize that even years after her death she would remain the quintessential Hollywood diva everyone loves to q y y love  Beethoven music teacher told him that as a composer he is hopeless h l  His music lives on even now They all showed the world one thing if you believe in yourself then irrespective of what thing- yourself, the world says, you must have the Perseverance to just keep doing what you think you can
  26. 26. Some more facts Thomas Edison on light bulb “I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I p g y have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.” KFC-Col. Sanders pitched his secret recipe to 1,000+ restaurants Finally, he got a taker He didn’t fail 1 000 times – or at all didn t 1,000 He succeeded Only way he could have failed would have been to quit
  27. 27. Richard Branson -Virgin Atlantic Virgin  Virgin Atlantic was a new airline with lots of promises & threat to competitors  British airways was a big , old payer in this business  Virgin entry made it feel the heat and it took recourse to in every possible dirty trick to kill virgin  BA went into the database of VA , hired people to scout f t for VA’ passengers t persuade th VA’s to d them t to transfer to BA  VA had only 7 aircrafts & this was a big blow  Richard Branson fought back & filed a case against BA & won the case
  28. 28. Kiran Majumdar- Biocon Majumdar  She started the company in her garage in Bangalore & named it Biocon  Business of making enzymes for industrial use  In 1970- nobody understood enzymes and did not want to bet on business where a woman as its head  Bank refused to fund her money without a male guarantor  She kept faith & struck on till she found a bank that was willing to take chance her.  Biocon went public & by the end of the first day of trading, the company had achieved a market value of $1.1 billion.
  29. 29. This ain’t a diamond ain t
  30. 30. Perseverance -takeaway takeaway  The only people who never fail are those who never try  Winners dare to fail  Success teaches us very little- it is failure that makes you think and work harder  Be prepared to failure, but have the perseverance to try t t again and again. i d i  “ A man may fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else”- by J.Paul J Paul Getty  Stop complaining and take adversity in your stride
  31. 31. Human Di H Diamond-Colour dC l Personality & People What is Colour of the diamond within you ?
  32. 32. Fifth P of the discovery – P f th di Personality lit There has never been a great Leader without a great Personality
  33. 33. Some facts  When STAR TV’s fortunes were dwindling, they roped in AB.  He t H stormed i t our d d into drawing rooms with hi i ith him immaculate personality-a perfect example of the power of LAW personality  Talent apart – his personality – made things happen  Dr.Prannoy Roy broke into our drawing rooms  One man whom every one love to watch  There are very few who can match better polished looks, amazing body language, actions & articulate
  34. 34. This ain’t a diamond ain t
  35. 35. Personality -takeaway takeaway  The color of the human diamond is determined by an individuals' personality & faith  A Charismatic & pleasing personality is one major aspect of success  Leader should lead from the front & also loves his team , understands each team member & most important gives each one a task where the individual can excel  Leader should be able to create an aura of dynamism around him & bring cheer & positive y g p energy that sets the tone for the organization & future.  Law of personality – Looks , Actions & Words
  36. 36. Sixth Si th P of the discovery – P f th di People l The job of the leader is not to create followers. It is to create more leaders followers fearlessly
  37. 37. Jack Welch- GE Welch  He was a railroad conductor’s son  As a child he suffered from stuttering problem  His might that made GE one of the top ranking companies in the World  When asked about the secret of his success “ Great people , not great strategies are what t t t t i h t made it all work” Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act
  38. 38. Michael Jordan- Basketball Jordan  Supreme t l t S talent  Failed to win the NBA championship till he got a team that complemented him  This is one sport where success depends on the power to work in a TEAM- it is Basketball  Five players working together is a perfect setting for getting what ultimate teamwork – g g g experience  Business or sports – the rules of success remain more or less the same Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships Basketball is a sport that involves the subtle interweaving of players at full speed to the point where they are thinking and moving as one.”- Phil Jackson
  39. 39. Narayana Murthy-Infosys Murthy Infosys  Infosys- an excellent example of Team work  Great team- Nandan Nilekani, Kris Gopalakrishnan with Mr Narayana Murthy Mr.Narayana  Hard work & commitment- Build one of India’s greatest companies from scratch  Many knew India had a vast pool of english speaking, analytically strong, technically talented personnel with great work ethics ( a perfect ingredients for global success)  This one man & his team was who were able to harness this energy, this pool of talent& nurture it into a big business house  Mr.Murthy Mr Murthy understood the benefits of the teamwork very early
  40. 40. This ain’t a diamond ain t
  41. 41. People -takeaway takeaway  If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together – An African saying  We should have the knack of building a great team  It is easy get good players, but getting them to play together is the hard part
  42. 42. Human Di H Diamond-Clarity d Cl it Perspective Principles & Patriotism What is Clarity of the diamond within you ?
  43. 43. Seventh P of the discovery – P S th f th di Perspective ti Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships. ~Charles Simic
  44. 44. Ray Kroc  Salesman who sold multi- mixers to make milkshakes for a decade & half  His largest customer was a California based restaurant that used mass production- cum- p assembly line for making Hamburgers & sandwiches  He convinced the brothers who owned the company t sell th restaurant t hi to ll the t t to him  He was 52 & suffering from diabetes & arthritis  It required Ray Kroc’s vision to make McDonald s McDonald’s the we know it today
  45. 45. Sylvester Stallone  He got inspired by a bout between Muhammad Ali & Chuck Wepner & wrote a screen play for Rocky  Many producers liked the script and ready to pay him lot of money for it , but refused to cast him – as much as UD $ 265,000, at a time his bank balance we only $ 100  Stallone refused to lose his perspective till he p p go what he wanted  Rocky was a runaway success & Stallone was nominated for 10 Academy awards
  46. 46. Some Facts  Ted Turner’s vision & his ability to see the big picture that make him to think out of the box to give birth to CNN  Cable news changes the way the world watched the news  Jeff Bezoz perceived and executed Amazon. Com for buying books on line  His latest invention- Ki dl ( th e-reader) Hi l t t i ti Kindle the d )  Meg Whitman saw the strong potential for technology that th t could “Ch ld “Change lilives” & provide l ” id level playing fi ld l l i field where a new entrepreneur could compete with a large corporation in selling goods – E- bay  E E- bay grew from 30 employees to 15 000 with US $ 8 15,000 B in revenue
  47. 47. This ain’t a diamond ain t
  48. 48. Perspective -takeaway takeaway  Perspective helps us become a spotless clear diamond  If you know where you are travelling to and what you want in your life, everything else becomes clearer  It requires personal as well as a broader vision  The reality in our lives is that often , because we lack perspective, we choose that path which give p p p g us short-term returns – harmful in the long-run  A clear perspective gives you the power & courage to face even the greatest challenges with optimism ith ti i  A clear perspective shows you the direction to follow when life brings you to a crossroad
  49. 49. Ninth Ni th P of the discovery – P i i l f th di Principles Let there never be any doubt about what you stand for
  50. 50. J.R.D.Tata India s J.R.D.Tata-India’s most respected businessman  It’s wrong notion that to succeed you need to It s be unethical  J.R.D , India’s most respected businessman for decades, showed the world how one could succeed in business, while maintaining very high ethical standards.  Never did he bribe politicians or use black market to increase revenues or profits  Contrast to this are Satyam, Enron or recently t e e a d ado sca the Bernard Madoff scam – all top man are a a ae behind bars  This only shows that in the long run, it pays to be ethical
  51. 51. This ain’t a diamond ain t
  52. 52. Principles Principles- Take away  Individuals & corporations need to live by a set of values-Just not stating , but values Just by practicing  A brand becomes famous and loved only when the leader behind it shows Integrity-Personal & Professional  Japanese proverb “The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour “
  53. 53. Eighth Ei hth P of th di f the discovery – P t i ti Patriotism Inglorious is that success, which comes without patriotism
  54. 54. Akio Morita- Man behind Sony Morita  Started in 1946- Morita & Iduka founded Tokyo Tshchin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha – the forerunner to Sony Corporation with 20 employees & initial capital of Yen 190,000. 190 000  In 1949, the company developed magnetic recording tape and in 1950, sold the first tape recorder in Japan.  In 1950- Morita rejected a huge order of hundred thousands units for the transistor radios , at a time when the company was struggling for find any takers for the products, because the buyers said he could not brand the radio  For Morita , his country came first  Five years later while walking on NY fifth avenue, he realized that many nations except Japan had their flags on display on top of the stores  He made it his mission to fly the first Japanese flag there  1962- became a hallmark year as it was the first time since World war II that his country’s flag was unfurled formarlly on A American soil i il  And rest is history
  55. 55. China – As a country  The Chinese today have turned their backs on all western things  The number 1 selling car in China is Chery  The number 1 selling cola in rural China is the Chinese company Wa Ha Ha’s future cola
  56. 56. This ain’t a diamond ain t
  57. 57. Patriotism Patriotism- Take away  The final P of this discovery of the diamond in i you  It is the final symbol of clarity of the human diamond  Without Patriotism- will always show up dark spots, when viewed under a magnifying lens !  It is the love for the country and for human beings anywhere in the world that makes a human diamond perfect  Patriotism makes your success live forever  Life becomes worth living when patriotism is what drives your passion
  58. 58. In trying times, never stop trying ! y g , p y g After all, the word “ Diamond” originates from the Greek word g ‘adamas’, meaning unconquerable