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North South Images Newsletter July 2014


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This is July 2014 edition of North South Images newsletter. This has photographs from the Shetland Islands and the Lofoten Islands. There is more information about North South Images on

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North South Images Newsletter July 2014

  1. 1. North South Images Newsletter July 2014
  3. 3. In This Newsletter • Shetland Islands • Lofoten Islands • Oxford Artweeks Springtime on Scat Ness, Shetland
  4. 4. SHETLAND SPRING 2014 The Shetland visit in the spring focused on the west side of mainland, on the island of Yell and on research into the Hanseatic traders in Shetland.
  5. 5. Shetland spring comes a little later than further south – but can bring blue skies to accompany the daffodils. Scalloway Castle – Scalloway was once the Capital of Shetland.
  6. 6. The cliffs at Eshaness, sometimes battered by Atlantic waves
  7. 7. Meal Beach, West Burra
  8. 8. Fishing boats in the mist on Yell
  9. 9. Calm seas from Sumburgh Head at the south end of Shetland
  10. 10. Hanseatic trading post on Whalsay
  11. 11. LOFOTEN SPRING 2014 Rorbuer in Svolvaer
  12. 12. Southern Lofoten I spent time based in Svolvaer, the biggest town in the islands, before going south to the fishing village of Å i Lofoten at the end of the Lotofen chain of islands. The weather was much less Arctic than I’d been expecting. The Lofoten Wall from Glapen
  13. 13. Clearing clouds over Svolvaer
  14. 14. Reine Village, Lofoten
  15. 15. Still evening at Å i Lofoten
  16. 16. Morning light at Å i Lofoten
  17. 17. A reminder that you are inside the Arctic Circle: Spring in Lofoten isn’t all Blue Skies.
  18. 18. SHETLAND SUMMER 2014 Visiting the Tammie Norries The target for this visit to Shetland was to spend time around the puffin (known locally as a tammie norrie) colonies, particularly at Sumburgh Head.
  19. 19. Some of the puffins were confused by the attention
  20. 20. Others were happy to pose for the camera
  21. 21. It was also good to see the Black Guillemots (known as tysties locally) around the cliffs too.
  22. 22. The perils of summer on Shetland, sometimes you have the share the beach. St Ninian’s tombolo.
  23. 23. OXFORD ARTWEEKS 2014 • During May I took part in Oxford Artweeks • Thank you to the many people who came to look at the pictures I had on show. • I’ll also be taking part in Christmas Artweeks in November.
  24. 24. OXFORD ARTWEEKS 2014 • There’s more information about Artweeks at
  25. 25. There is now an expanded selection of prints, cards, calendars and mugs available on the website. Do come and visit, and if you are interested in hearing more about people, places and wildlife in the far north or the far south do get in touch I’m very happy to talk to groups.
  26. 26. Contact For more information about North South Images contact E: T: W: All the images in the newsletter are (c) Ross Mackenzie, please get in touch if you’re interested in using them.