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  1. 1. • Was involved in introducing psychodynamic orientation in the clinical and teaching at that time in the institute and also was responsible for introducing some reforms in the functioning of wardsSatish Malik 1971
  2. 2. • Went on strike, relay hunger strike to fight against the residency program which was already there in AIIMS and PGI Chandigarh SVijayakumar batch of 1973
  3. 3. • Joint conference of psychiatry, neurology,neurosurgery tookplace in 1979; school mental health programme was initiated in 1982GOWRI DEVI MANDADI 1979
  4. 4. • Joined in 1972 for MD at the All India Institute of Mental Health.Despite the turbulence and tribulations the integration of mental hospital and Institute happened and NIMHANS came into being during our final year making us belong to the the first batch of MD from NIMHANS in 1975. I remember NIMHANS above all for the making of the teacher in me, which I have recollected on the first alumni sovenir. Coming to NIMHANS campus has always been an experience of reliving some treasured momentsKUMAR KRISHNA.A 1972
  5. 5. • Best time of life and learning and got married to co-professional (Sujatha Sharma, Clinical Psychologist)Avdesh Sharma 1980
  6. 6. • as one of the third batch of students. I do not know how many of my batch mates are around but Dr GNN Reddy today looks younger than he was in 1957, and Jayaram is as sprightly as ever. Every thing was new – new environment – Wilson gardens for residence and some (walking) distance away AIIMH as it was know then. Impressive Building, new Team, a change in schedule of work, a canteen serving hot coffee (in Glass tumblers) and vadai – solemn teachers and an awe Inspiring Director. The team work was new, - a psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist and a social worker. Working together was really good. Clinical work and case presentation in the morning, Lectures and out patient services in the evening, weekly clinical meeting and journal clubs was the routine...M Sarada Menon 1957 DPM
  7. 7. • The Mecca of Mental Health for me, it gave me all the knowledge I ever wanted, the attitude, approach & sensibility, the processing skills. Unforgettable wonderful memories of all the teachers, the batch & the hostel.Raman Khosla,1985
  8. 8. • Enjoyed working with Drs Mahal, Kapur, SMC, KNS, HSN, VVR, Mani, Verma,Reddy, Swamy. Strong phenomenology Robust case conferences Good mentoring by Geeta Shetty, Janakiramaiah, Kalyansundar. Was part of the beginings of community psychiatry and new family wards Great social events - RLK sang "yeh Raate Yeh Mausam" Hostel life was eventfulAnand Pandurangi-batch of 1975
  9. 9. • I am eagerly looking forward to the meet. No doubt it would be special for me. Perhaps I am hoping to meet many of my friends after more than fifty years.It was with great forethought and sincere efforts Dr MV Govindaswamy started the All India Institute of Mental Health. This was a forerunner institute for entire Asia. It had attracted students from China, Malaysia, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Thailand, Ceylon(Sri Lanka) in addition to students from all over India. There were WHO consultants.Venkataramiah DPM (1959)and worked as part time clinical tutor in psychiatry 1965-1974 at AIIMH and as Asst Prof in Psychiatry and RMO NIMHANS 1974-1980
  10. 10. • Great fun, bonhomie, learning, camaraderie, friends who have lasted a lifetime PSVN Sharma, 1979 Batch.
  11. 11. • Great time. Lots of Kannada dramas & skits Revival of Resident Doctors Association NMHP beginning....NM Patil 1984
  12. 12. • Enacted a drama (by P.G. students) FIRST in h/o NIMHANS in 1972 Started VEG section in NIMHANS Gents Hostel in 1971 1st batch of P.G. Studenta to start community mental health visit to Sakalwara which inspired me in my future build up of community psychiatry.KR Sridhar 1971
  13. 13. •Exposure to Indian PSYCHOLOGY kindled an interest in one to pursue VEDANTA. I understand that the most stimulating Wednesday Clinical Conference- all encompassing, no holds barred ALL RANKS multi disciplinary which was a great teaching tool was since discontinued. What a pity. It indeed was a UNIFYING force in more senses than one! I enjoyed it and benefited from it immensely. It was also a training in public speaking and scientific presentation in front of a critical audience. In my firm opinion, it should be RE-COMMENDED for the benefit of ALL the TRAINEES of all the departments. It will provide inter-disciplinary cohesion and healthy interaction.Gopalakrishnan N 1969