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EconForecast Newsletter Dec. 29, 2010


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EconForecast Newsletter Dec. 29, 2010

  1. 1. Hi Everyone,This is a quick note to wish everyone a happy holiday season and thank for joining our smallbut growing community.In other news, my friends and I put together a collection of our top picks of investment andtrading books at EconForecasts Jungle Guide as a way to help investors at all levelsnavigate the financial jungle in the New Year.Along the process, two daily newspapers - EconForecast Market Daily and EconForecast Oil& Gas Daily were also created to share relevant market info. from across Twitter. So, makesure to bookmark the hyperlinks or check out Charting News blog page or Facebook pagewhere youd find both publications and many more other news sources.Im also in the process of releasing a series of Outlook 2011 to give predictions aboutthe coming year. Here is what Ive done so far: Crude Oil & Gasoline: Escalator up, Elevator Down Is The Smart Money Right About China? Five Stocks Due For a PullbackFind out what Barrons has to say about my view, and which prediction Reuters has quotedme on. In case you missed it, here is what The Motley Fool thinks about my analysis onrare earth metals.On the lighter side, interesting to see my interview with Houston Chronicle in October findits way to Epoche Time Chinese! Season’s Greetings & Happy New YearDian L. ChuEconomic Forecasts & Opinions