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EconForecast Newsletter Dec 6, 2010


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Newsletter of Economic Forecasts & Opinions, a syndicated financial blog authored by Dian L. Chu

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EconForecast Newsletter Dec 6, 2010

  1. 1. Hi,Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I practiced staycation and found some time to developa few apps to better serve site members:Mobile Reader: Website: widgets compatible with Facebook, NewsVibe, iGoogle, Blogger and Typepad (click on+Get This to add):Blog posts - Animated: posts - Headline only: Posts: three widgets are also available in Facebook Application Directory, and Google Gallery.Elsewhere in the markets:· Fed Chairman hinted on CBS 60 Minutes that further quantitative expansion, andunemployment will take 4-5 years to go down to 5-6% range· Commodity stocks got an immediate Bernanke bounce· Branson Says Oil May Hit $200 a Barrel Without New Clean-Energy Policies· And Europe is still a big mess with IMF urging EU to boost £425bn bail-out fund to stemcrisis Side:U.S. Government can’t print money properly, literally caffeinated China - Starbucks looks to triple stores in China latest posts:Big Banks Are Stifling Economic Growth & Taxing ConsumersCalifornia Consumes More Oil Than China: Fact or Market Manipulation?Netflix: Will This Movie Ever End?If you currently do not receive our new article alert, you may sign up here (free)Last but not least, remeber to check out our social page: care and will talk to you soon.DianEconomic Forecasts & Opinions