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Interpretive Sign designs


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Interpretive Sign designs

  1. 1. Interpretive Sign designs By Roqayah
  2. 2. The changes made in previous signFirst of all, I have changed the image that would describe what thecigarette consists of. I think this image is complement of the messageand it would enhance the massage that I want to send to the reviewer.The second change that I made is the tittle, which would be “cigarettesmoking affects how long you live”. This tittle is more powerful thanthe tittle that I wrote in the first sign, which is “It is the first steptoward the damage,” because the new tittle is more catchy and itwould hook the reader attention from the first glance and encouragethem to go further. I have modified, also, the text by dividing it to twoparts and I added question for the reader in order to get the readeraffected by the massage. Moreover, I have changed the text’s font andthe color as well as the background to reflect the topic that I chose.
  3. 3. The changes made in previous sign• in this sign I applied monochromatic combination in its color that composted black color with its corresponding tint and shade . I found that these colors would fit and reflect the natural of the topic.
  4. 4. The changes made in previous signNew style:In this sign I have changed some of the elements from theoriginal one in order to make the sign more powerful andreflect the feeling message that I want my readers feelwhich is the seriousness towered the problem of smoking.The main change that I made is the image that showssomeone going to be die from smoking. I think this imagewould enhances and strengthens the message. Also, I havealtered the font and colors.