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Hireko Golf Sales and Marketing Webinar


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VP Marketing Rob Altomonte gives a sales and marketing presentation on how to make money selling Hireko Golf Clubs. View the audio portion on

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Hireko Golf Sales and Marketing Webinar

  1. 1. PROFESSIONAL GOLF CLUBS AT DOWN TO EARTH PRICES Sales & Marketing Webinar with Rob Altomonte, VP Marketing, Hireko Golf & Guest Panelist Gary Johnson, Condor Golf Tony Salas, Clubs-N-Cues Rick Terzia, TNT Custom Golf Thursday September 17, 2009 2-3PM Eastern Standard Time Audio settings are set on listen only. Please post questions in the upper right hand corner Chat box. Question & Answer period will be at end of webinar. 800 367-8912
  2. 2. How To Make Money Selling Hireko Golf Clubs Goals Of Sales & Marketing Webinar I. Hireko Extra Income Program II. Chairmen Club III. Sales & Marketing Overview Truth vs Perception Value Propositions Hireko Category Leader Market Segments Lead Generation III. 3 Case Studies Gary Johnson - Condor Golf Rick Terzia - Clubs-N-Cues Tony Salas - TNT Golf 2
  3. 3. Audience Survey Who’s here? • Clubmaker • Retailer • Distributor • Hireko Extra Income Member • Golfing Enthusiast 3
  4. 4. HIREKO EXTRA INCOME PROGRAM Play Golf. Sell Clubs. Earn Money. What is the Hireko Extra Income Program? The program allows you to make 20% commission selling Hireko custom golf clubs to your families, friends or co-workers in your spare time. How does the program work? 1. Fill out the online application. 2. You will be given unique coupon code ID. 3. Sell off our our free 152 page catalog or website. 4. Enter coupon code ID online when sale is made so we can track your sales. 5. Earn 20% commission in your spare time! And best of all, the program requires no up front investment! 4
  5. 5. HIREKO CHAIRMEN CLUB What is the Hireko Chairmen Club Program? The Chairmen Club was created to reward our best customers!... YOU MAY ALREADY QUALIFY! How Do I Qualify? • You automatically qualify if you have a current Federal Tax ID# or Resell number. • If not, you must have annual Hireko purchases of $1500+. How does the program work? 1. Fax your Federal ID or Resell # to 888-367-8912 2. Once approved our website will automatically show you the new lower Chairmen Club pricing. 3. Order online, by phone, fax or email at 5
  6. 6. HIREKO CHAIRMEN CLUB What Are The Advantages Of The Hireko Chairmen Club? • Additional Price Discounts Off The Already Low MSRP Price. • The Lowest M.A.P. ( Minimum Advertise Price) Allowed By OEM Shafts & Grips Manufacturers. • We’ll Build Custom Clubs For You As Low As $3.95 Per Club! • First To Be Notified Of New Products & Developments. • Receive Exclusive Email Specials. 6
  7. 7. HIREKO CHAIRMEN CLUB Chairmen Club Assembly Program To busy to build clubs? Let us do it for you! Chairmen Club Assembly Costs We will: • Assembled Wood $4.80 • Assembled Iron $3.95 • Install grips • Assembled Putter (With Straight Shaft) $3.95 • Clean clubs • Assembled Putter (With Curve Shaft) $5.60 • Install protective bags on every club • Custom build any club to your exact specifications How Does The Assembly Program Work? All You Have To Do Is 3 Easy Steps: 1. Custom Fit Your Customer With The Appropriate Clubhead, Shaft & Grip. 2. Call 1-800-367-8912 and say you are Chairmen’s Club Member and would like to make an Assembly Program order. 3. Sit back and wait for your custom made clubs to arrive at your door step! 7
  8. 8. Marketing THE CENTRAL Function in a Business! “Marketing is not a battle of products, it is a battle of is the manipulation of those perceptions.” - Al Ries, Jack Trout And perception is molded through: Promotion Without it, no one knows you’re there Positioning Without it you don’t know where you are Product Without it you don’t know what to sell Price You don’t know what to charge 8
  9. 9. The Best Product Doesn’t Win We must change the prospects perception of Hireko products. THE TRUTH • Perform equal if not better performance than OEM’s • Hireko Clubs are custom made, not mass produced • Possess incredible value, cost half the price of OEM’s • Over 1,500 independent online customer reviews • 5 star reviews by Golf Digest, Golf Tips, Golf Illustrated & • Clubheads are all original designs • Robust & Superior Technical Service, Education • Personalized customer service 9
  10. 10. THE PERCEPTION (by those unfamiliar with our products) • A follower, not a leader • Clubs can’t be that good since no tour presence • Not a big name brand therefore inferior quality • Prices too low, they must be cutting corners Our marketing goal is to convince prospects of Hireko’sunique & innovative designs, high quality, value, custom fitting and technical service. 10
  11. 11. Before we can convince the prospect you must first have a clear VALUE PROPOSITION What is the Value Proposition? The benefit your customer receives upon purchasing your product or service. Defines who you are in one brief sentence. Needs to be strong, convincing & ver- ifiable. Hireko Professional Golf Clubs at Down To Earth Prices Condor Golf Home of the affordable custom fit golf club Clubs-N-Cues Quality craftsmanship is par for the course Mary Kay Cosmetics To give unlimited opportunity to women Merck To preserve and improve human life 11
  12. 12. Make a point of having a written Value Proposition immediately! It will define the rest of your marketing plan. and remember: “IT IS BETTER TO BE FIRST THAN IT IS TO BE BETTER” “IF YOU CAN’T BE FIRST IN A CATEGORY, SET UP A NEW CATEGORY YOU CAN BE FIRST IN!” - Al Ries & Jack Trout People don’t remember whose second. We must get into the prospect’s mind first! Dell First in direct to consumer computer sales Apple First to mass market a portable MP3 Player Coca-Cola First to mass market soft drinks 12
  14. 14. Hireko was rated BEST VALUE in Golf Digest 2009 Hot List Issue! Hireko is the online golf club component and custom club VALUE leader. What better category to be #1 in during these recessionary times? What does the Hireko Brand Represent? And what does your brand represent? Are you #1 in any category in your area? 1. Value 2. High Quality - Cutting Edge Design & Proven Performance 3. Broad Selection 4. Superior Technical Expertise 5. Custom fitting 14
  15. 15. EVIDENCE • Prospects don’t want marketing fluff anymore. They want proof that your brand will perform as advertised. • When speaking to customers, always talk about value, quality and VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE Evidence That Hireko Is The Golf Component & Custom Club Value Leader: • Golf Digest - XK Irons Rated “Best Value” in 2009 Hot List • Golf Tips - Caiman Driver rated “Best Driver Under $100” • - “If you’re looking for a set of clubs that will perform better than your 401(K) (and will likely hold their value better too), Hireko is worth a look.” • 1,500 user reviews - most 4 and 5 stars • 25th Anniversary - HISTORY & DEPENDABILITY! 15
  16. 16. When Communicating With Prospects (be it in person, online or print): • Make a Compelling Case - Present yourself as the solution! • Dump the puffery that anyone can claim • Always present EVIDENCE that Hireko is the #1 Custom Golf Club Value Leader! “It all comes down to how much you want to invest in your game and whether your clubs need brand awareness or if you are primarly concerned that the club work the best for you at the best possible price.” - Technical Director Jeff Summitt 16
  17. 17. This just written by Golf Digest Equipment Editors Mike Stachura: “But your sentiment about new equip- ment lust certainly gives me pause. Do golfers even have that sense any more? That rabid enthusiasm and powerful (though groundless) hope in the game-saving salvation of a new ball or driver or set of irons has been seriously called into question by the industry’s sales trend. By one esti- mate, nearly 50 percent of the drivers purchased today go for less than $200. The highest consumer interest these days is in drivers at this price point and in irons at the sub-$500 price point. Look at how much traction for instance Callaway has gained with its X-18R iron set for about $400. Which all says to me, of course, that golfers are still juiced about getting new game-saving products, provided they pay half price.” 17
  18. 18. Target Marketing One Promotion Message Does Not Fit All Audiences • Trying to hit all at once will hit no one • Focus on one target at a time • Kept target, message clear Who Shall I Target? Potential Golf Markets to Target In Your Area • Seniors • Juniors • Ladies • Mid-High Handicappers • Low Handicappers Hireko has a brand line specifically matched for each segment! • Seniors Acer • Juniors Acer and Daisy Junior Line • Ladies iBella • Mid - High Handicappers Acer, Power Play • Low Handicappers Dynacraft 17
  19. 19. HOW DO I GO AFTER A SEGMENT? LEAD GENERATION What are the different tactic to generate quality leads? • Public Relations • Flyers & Brochures • Events/Trade Shows/ • Cold calling • Networking Sponsoring • Article writing • Press Releases • Website • Contests • Social Media • Blog • Coupons • Search Marketing • Direct Mailing • Speaking • Email Marketing • Newsletters • Data Services • Direct Mail • Signs • Classes/Events teaching • Referrals • Listings in phone books • Word of Mouth and online • Paid Ads REMEMBER: MEASURE EVERYTHING! 19
  20. 20. What Are Some of the More Succesful Tactics? Public Relations Getting local newspapers/magazines to cover your products/services Event Sponsoring - Very Successful & Inexpensive! • Kiwanis, Rotary clubs, Chamber of Commerce • Local pga chapter • Local Driving Range/Golf Courses- long drive contests and closest to pin • Booth at local golf shows • Local high school/university teams Websites • Every business should have one! FREE • Customers need to find you! Even if you only have one page! • Keep it simple and clean • Keep it up to date-out of date is almost as bad as none at all • Hireko customer website examples: • • • • 20
  21. 21. Direct Mailing • Expensive to print and mail. Postcards have mixed results. • Best to direct mail to existing customers with coupons, specials, etc instead of prospecting. Email Marketing Similar to direct but virtually free-build up same way as direct mailing-through website, existing customers. Newsletters are effective and inexpensive - email/ newsletter services: • (FREE!) • • • Social Marketing Facebook, Twitter, Myspace - mixed results, try it, they are free Blog Free! Can also make money selling Google Adwords or Affiliate Marketing 21 BUT if you do not feed it twice a week it will die.
  22. 22. Online/Phone Book Listings Online Google listing is Free! Local customers already search Google for the products and services you offer. Create a business listing to be sure they find you. Google even allows you to create coupons and display photos and videos, all for free. Word of mouth and referrals - The most effective and free! It’s all about personal service and relationships! Keep in contact with all customers- you need to be relevant! TV, Radio, Newpapers • TV & Radio expensive, unfocused • Newspaper ad prices coming down but still pricey and unfocused Article Marketing • Write articles for local paper getting your name out, local magazine, the benefits of custom fitting • Gives creditbility 22
  23. 23. Flyers, Brochures - A must! • Create a simple 4 color tri-fold brochure promoting Hireko and your custom building services • Hand out brochures at your event sponsoring activities Remember the most important sales & marketing tactic is: Building Positive Personal Relationships! No relationship, no sale. 23
  24. 24. Clubmaker Case Study Owner: Gary Johnson - Condor Golf phone 623-581-2986 Value Proposition Condor Golf - Home of the Affordable Custom Fit Golf Club History Clubmaker since 1972, has owned driving range and retail store-now owns retail store Merchandising Stricly custom clubfitter, components only, no OEM products Primary Marketing Effort generates most of sales 24
  25. 25. Clubmaker Case Study Gary Johnson - Successful Marketing Tactics Word of mouth, event marketing, website, email marketing Unsuccesful Marketing Tactics Flyers/Brochures, Radio/TV, Google Adwords, Newspapers, Blog (couldn’t keep it updated)-had launch monitor, took too much time to fit Biggest Challenge Convicing golfers value of custom fitting Reason for Success PERSONAL SERVICE & Relationship Building #1 “I Tell People What They Need & Don’t Need!” He even will personally deliver the clubs to the customers doorstep Succesful Promotion in 2009 25 Buy 1 club, if buy set then 1st club gets deducted from set price
  26. 26. Clubmaker Case Study Clubs-N-Cues Owner: Tony Salas ph 360-349-3493 Value Proposition Clubs-N-Cues - Quality craftsmanship is par for the course History Has owned retail shop and miniature golf shop, now operates out of home part-time Merchandising Strictly custom clubfitter, components only, no OEM products Primary Marketing Effort Strong relationship with 3 local courses, repair business 26
  27. 27. Clubmaker Case Study ph 360-349-3493 Successful Marketing Tactics Event marketing, long drive contests, closet to pin, brochures, strong re- pair business, word of mouth, newspapers during Christmas season, some radio station (bartering with product) Unsuccesful Marketing Tactics Print marketing, website, email marketing Biggest Challenge Glut of local custom clubmakers - Also, convicing golfers value of custom fitting, components vs OEM’s Reason for Success PERSONAL SERVICE & Relationship Building #1, club repair business Future Goals 27 Work full time with clubmaking van, mobile fitting center
  28. 28. Clubmaker Case Study Owner: Rick Terzia TnT Custom Golf ph 706-863-2011 Value Proposition Custom Golf Fitting Studio Provides Custom Club Solutions History For 12 years was a part-time clubmaker, for the past 8 years is full-time with a retail shop in Augusta, GA Merchandising Strictly custom clubfitter, components only, no OEM products Primary Marketing Tactic 28 Most sales come from website
  29. 29. Clubmaker Case Study ph 706-863-2011 Successful Marketing Tactics website, Public Relations (received excellent coverage in articles written in newspaper Augusta Chronicle), Television Ads (ESPN, Golf Channel), has launch monitor and spends as long as it takes to custom fit Unsuccesful Marketing Tactics Print marketing, newspaper, radio, yellow pages, postcards, coupons Biggest Challenge Telling golfers that custom-fitting even exists! Also convincing them the benefits of custom fitting vs off the rack OEM clubs Reason for Success PERSONAL SERVICE & Relationship Building #1, “People buy from people they like!”, “We’re not selling clubs, we’re selling a service” Future Goals Spend more ad dollars on local Golf Channel, expand retail shop 29
  30. 30. PROFESSIONAL GOLF CLUBS AT DOWN TO EARTH PRICES THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING! A link pointing you to today’s webinar will be emailed to you in a few hours. Rob Altomonte, VP Marketing Technical Support 800 942-5872 Sales 800 367-8912