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Cusc answers

  1. 1. As stated last evening, CUSC is a successful club. Our goal would be to enhance, notreplace Chesapeake’s successful programs. We would carefully evaluate the programsover the next year to ensure a successful transition.TASL IssueThe plan would be for the Chesapeake Advanced based teams to remain in TASL. Participationin TASL by a travel club is permitted currently as evidenced by Beach FCs participation (underthe NYSL name) in TASL. Accordingly, we see no reason why the request for continuedparticipation of Chesapeake Based teams would be denied. In the event it was, a potentialbackup plan would be for the Virginia Rush - Chesapeake teams to play the Virginia Rush -Virginia Beach based teams. If this occurs, we do not believe it will result in a reduction in theopportunities for children to play at the advanced level. Below is a break down of this past year’sAdvanced teams for VA Rush.U9 Boys 7U9 Girls 7U10 Boys 5U10 Girls 8U11 Boys 7U11 Girls 6U12 Boys 5U12 Girls 7U14 Boys 5U14 Girls 5U16-18 Boys 6U16-18 Girls 5Feeder Club IssueWe believe this potential merger allows access to higher league play (at two levels) above theVSLI. It would allow additional opportunities for Chesapeakes best players to play in higherleagues without having to change clubs. Our emphasis is on individual player development andexposing our players to all the opportunities we can identify (ECNL/USSDA/VCCL/ODP/ Pre-Academy programs). Our belief is that if individual player’s development occurs, the team’sdevelopment and success occurs.Over the course of the next year VA Rush Directors of Coaching will oversee the Chesapeake’splayers in training, train the Chesapeake teams (8 times for the next year and Fall of 2013 we willtrain the teams 8 times per season) and evaluate players during matches. This interactionbetween DOCs and players will develop a relationship to properly evaluate them throughout thesoccer year. In other words, we use the entire year (2 seasons in the case of younger kids) inevaluating players at the appropriate level. As stated last evening, Rush players do not tryout intwo 2-hour sessions, they have been evaluated for a year and are placed on teams accordingly.We believe evaluating the players over an entire season/year is a more consistent vehicle forproper player placement then two 2-hour tryout sessions.Training ResourcesThe VSLI teams receive the same level of exposure to our nationally licensed coaches as theVCC/ECNL/Academy teams. We have a greater number of nationally A/B licensed coacheswhich in turn helps the player development through training.
  2. 2. ECNL resultsVA Rush does not only look at results, win/losses, goals for and against. It is about successthrough development. Are our players getting better by competing against the best clubs in theUnited States? Yes and our “results” get better each year. The level of play and playerdevelopment gets better each year. We should not look at the current season or even one yearfrom now. We have to look at our current U10 – U12 girls and developing them so when theyreach the ECNL ages, they are prepared to compete in the top league in the U.S. I am positivethat current Chesapeake players would be great additions to ECNL teams and raise the level. Ifthey have the ability to play at this level we will offer them the opportunity. We added twoChesapeake players to the U14 girls last year and this year we are adding two more Chesapeakeplayers to the U15s. If players have the ability to play at the highest level, then they will have theopportunity to without having to leave their club, VA Rush/VA Rush - Chesapeake.1. We have had discussions with CUSCs Executive Board and feel CUSC is a viable club -which is one of the reasons we desire to merge. Our travel teams have always played againsteach other (not VCCL/ECNL/Academy) so we have seen almost all of CUSC’s travel players. Wehave not evaluated the players except in cases where a specific coach has asked us to do so.2. All Advanced and VSLI teams based in Chesapeake will remain intact. Players that havethe desire and are of high enough quality will have the option of joining ourVCCL/ECNL/Academy teams. Players/parents have the option of accepting or declining the offerto play on one of these teams or can remain on the current team if that is their desire.3. CUSC currently has a land lease with the City of Chesapeake. We do not anticipate anyproblem renewing the lease when it expires as Chesapeake residents will continue to use thefields at Centerville. All other field rental costs will be paid by Rush (Fall 2013) as you will be partof the Rush organization, VA Rush - Chesapeake.4. We plan on keeping all CUSC coaches who want to remain active. As stated lastevening, we require our coaches to be adequately licensed to ensure player development. Wethink Chesapeake has a quality coaching staff in place and only look to enhance it by continuedcoaching education. Again, our desire is to enhance, not replace the good things that arehappening in Chesapeake.5. The pay structure for our club is similar to CUSC and is based on License, tenure,success (not necessarily in wins/losses but player development), and the going "market rate" forcoaches. This is handled between Club’s Technical Director and Directors of Coaching.6. Coaches are afforded many formal (license) and informal (clinics, DOC sessions) trainingopportunities. License courses are offered to all Rush coaches and Rush pays for coaches toattend.7. Technical training is offered 8 times per season by our highly licensed Directors ofCoaching for current Rush players. We envision training Chesapeake based team 4 times perseason over the course of the next year and increase that to 8 times per season starting Fall2013. All players, regardless of branch, can request additional DOC training through theirperspective DOCs.8. Goalkeeper training is offered 8 times per season to Rush goalkeepers by ourGoalkeeping Director of Coaching. Our DOC Goalkeeping will train keepers 4 times per seasonfor the next year and increase that to 8 times per season Fall 2013.9. All travel players receive written player evaluations at the end of the Fall and Springseasons. In addition to that we must also educate the parents, players and coaches that each
  3. 3. time the player attends practice and games he/she is receiving an oral evaluation from the coachor DOC.10. As stated above, we dont believe the TASL status will be impacted but this will be one ofthe areas that are explored over the course of the next year.11. Boys switch to New Uniform Fall 2012 (includes logos and number)Youth Jersey Blue - $43.80, Silver $47.30 Adult Jersey Blue - $46.78, Silver $50.28Youth Shorts Blue and Silver - $17.87 Adult Shorts Blue and Silver - $20.85Socks -$5.96Optional:Training GearJersey Youth - $23.60 Jersey Adult - $25.39Shorts Youth - $10.72 Shorts Adult - $11.91Warm-up Jacket Youth - $46.74 Warm-up Jacket - $52.69Warm-up Pants Youth - $31.80 Warm-up Pants - $52.69Backpack - $34.82Girls will switch uniforms for Fall 2013 (Current uniform costs)Youth Jersey Blue and Silver - $44.05 (Each) Adult Jersey Blue and Silver - $47.09 (Each)Youth Shorts Blue and Silver - $18.21 (Each) Adult Shorts Blue and Silver - $21.24 (Each)Socks - $5.95OptionalTraining Jersey Youth - $25.10 Training Jersey Adult - $26.92Training Shorts Youth - $10.92 Training Shorts Adult - $12.13Warm-up Jacket Youth - $47.40 Warm-up Jacket Adult - $53.47Warm-up Pants Youth - $32.30 Warm-up Pants Adult - $35.34Backpack - $38.50Advanced uniformBlue Jersey - $18.00White Jersey - $18.00Black Shorts - $15.50Black Socks - $8.5012. Graduating class of 2012 USSDA PlayersColin Brent Zach KaplanTommy Whiteside David EllisMatt Atienza Drey Chrysostomou(6 of 8 graduating boys in USSDA are playing in college)Class of 2012 Nike/Swoosh players.Cory Maier - Merchant Marine Academy (D3) Dustin Fentress - Louisburg College (NJCAA)Tyler Harris - Concord University (D2) Warren Dennis - Howard University (D1),Cody Tecson - Coast Guard Academy (D3) Dale Pearson - Chowan University (D2),Chad Buckmaster - Louisburg College (NJCAA) Aaron Foster - Barton College (D3)Casey, Caroline - William & Mary Clunan, Kaitlyn - VA WesleyanJasenak, Brianna - Middle Tennessee Johnson, Danielle – DavidsonKrause, Brittany – Cannissius Liette, Nicole - NC Wesleyan,Magee, Meghan – Longwood Merkes, Sierra – Radford
  4. 4. Olsowski, Sarah - NC Wesleyan Omweg, Sydney – Belmont,Wallace, Sarah – Bowdoin Walters, Sarah – UMBCFrye, Elora – VCU Newman, Jessica – BluefieldClass of 2011Alex Feliciano (Davidson) Garrett Halfill (Xavier)Karhlton Blemar (VCU) Eric Swenson (Princeton)Bryan Causey (St Francis U) Shaun Russell (St Francis U)Coulton Watson (Randolph Macon) Sean Christein (ODU)Logan Ascersion (Louisburg College) Ryan Curtis (VA Wesleyan)Justin Kaiser (York College)Class of 2010Nathan Ott (Hampden-Sydney) Paul Dillon (Marquette)Alex Vaughn (ODU) Travis Brent (Marshall)William Cason (Villanova) Trey Saunders (UVA)Rohen Gresalfi (Coastal Carolina) Richard Diaz (Akron)Clay Newton (Methodist) Trevor Nichols (West Point)Santo Ripa (VMI) John DeValdes (Radford)Phil Hovermale (Radford)Class of 2009Adam Klink (Rutgers) Ari Dimas (UVA)Morgan Kane (Campbell) Zaher Shihata (VMI)Seth Buckmaster (Liberty) Chris Whiteside (Hampton Sydney)Rory Mills (Hampton Sydney) Hector Arellano (Loyola)Alex Gylfason (UNC Wilmington) Jordan Grumney (Wright State)Kyle Anderson (VA Wesleyan) Jordan Cyrus (Maryland)Michael Scotland (VA Wesleyan) Taylor Brittan (College of Charleston)Class of 2008Kristin Carden (Va Tech) Meghan Dullea (VCU)Jessica McNamara (VCU) Amber Achisinski (VCU)Dylan Spicker (Longwood) Erica Wallace (Longwood)Claire Hundley (Longwood) Carly Jones (Florida International)13. We are not in discussions with any other clubs in Hampton Roads.