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Chesapeake presentation to cusc membership


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Chesapeake presentation to cusc membership

  1. 1. Virginia Rush Information Overview“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction of Rush Presentation Staff – Danny Speight – Executive President – Angelo Celesia – Founding Board Member – James “Jay” Hoffman- VA Rush Technical Director – Matt Busch – VA Rush Director of Coaching • Virginia Rush Information Presentation – Enhance the current structure and product • Questions and Answers with VA Rush Staff“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  3. 3. What is the Rush? • The cross country affiliation of Rush Soccer clubs began with the Virginia Rush  Soccer Club and the Colorado Rush.  The Virginia Rush Soccer Club formation  is the result of players from 3 area clubs (Atlantic Soccer Club, Lafayette  Soccer Club and BayRivers Soccer Club) joining the Virginia Beach Soccer  Club.  The club adopted the Rush name and the Rush Way.   Rush Soccer has  grown to 27 clubs across the United States plus multiple International Rush  clubs, with planned growth in the future.  The Virginia Rush is the only soccer club in southeastern Virginia to have  developmental, advanced, competitive, and adult and many other  programs under one club.  The club currently has 6,000+ players participating  in a variety of programs. The Virginia Rush has become a model club in  Virginia.  The work of the elite staff has provided benefits to the players early  on as well. Since their inception in September of 2003, the Virginia Rush  has two state cup championship teams, two finalist, and 10 teams advance to  the final four. • The benefits of the Rush Soccer are being realized by the players and the  coaches.  2006 saw two Directors of Coaching from Virginia Rush transfer to  Colorado Rush and Kansas Rush as full time staff members.  In 2008 Va Rush  Technical Director and one DOC transferred to Texas Rush. The Virginia Rush  Soccer Club has a full time staff of 8 Directors of Coaching, 3 holding USSF A  Licenses, 3 holding USSF B Licenses. One Director of Coaching on US Soccer  National Education staff and two are on the VA State Education Staff and Six  are involved in Virginia ODP and Region 1 ODP.   • Virginia Rush is a regional soccer club whose distinctive geographically based Branches help players fulfill their potential.“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  4. 4. Virginia Rush Club Structure Current and FutureAdult Branch Technical Director 23 April 2012The Adult division will Oversees coaching and player development D.O.C. Academy Oversees all of the U-15 – U18provide a wide variety of along with the other programs Nike and Swoosh with several age USSDA/ECNL.classifications. U-20,   D.O.C Junior/Senior BoysU-23, Open, CO-ED, Adult Branch Oversees all of the U-13 -U-18 BoysO-30’s, O-35’s and the top OTSL/Pen Adult/   D.O.C Junior/Senior Girlsof the pyramid will be the 1000+ Players Oversees all of the U-13 –U18First Team and Reserve GirlsTeam (Future) D.O.C. Youth Boys/GirlsCompetitive BranchThe Competitive Branch is USSDA/ECNL Director will train the U-11 through U-12’s. 200+ Players   D.O.C. Advanced/U10Compdesigned for the select Oversees the Advanced ProgramAthlete. This branch will and trains the U10 competitivebe divided into three Competitive Competitive Competitive players. Oversees Collegecategories: the first team Chesapeake Va. Beach Peninsula Advisory Program(NIKE) and the second Branch  Branch  Branch    D.O.C. Goalkeeping Trains all goalkeepers within theteam (SWOOSH) and Rush Organization.Classic. Ultimately training D.O.C. Peninsulawill allow for thorough Oversees all Peninsula Programsplayer development for Advanced (Va Beach and Technical Director Chesapeakeover 800 players. The top Developmental (Va Beach/Peninsula) Oversees all Chesapeake Pee Wee and Advanced (Chesapeake) Programslevel of the Branch is the DOC Boys/Girls Chesapeake (Future)ECNL for girls and BranchUSSDA for boys. 4,000+ PlayersAdvanced BranchApproximately 1000players will make up the Developmental BranchAdvanced Branch of the The developmental Branch will provide a 2000+ player base for the Rush Soccer These players will 3 v 3 will be offered for U-4 and U-6, 4 v 4 for U-7 and U-8, 7 v 7 for U10. The Schoolprimarily be of Excellence, Tops, other programs are offered to set the Developmental Program ingeographically based on a class of its own.the various districts.
  5. 5. Current and Future Director of Coaching Staff Jay Hoffman USSF A Competitive coaches License (Va Beach) Matt Busch USSF A Darren Warham USSF A USSF C License = 4 coaches Vyburt Silcott USSF B USSF D License = 30 coaches Brian Cvilikas USSF B USSF E License = 20 coaches Jonathan Palmer USSF B Steve ONeil USSF C Tyler Benham GK Future Technical Director - Chesapeake Va Rush – Chesapeake Boys Va Rush – Chesapeake Girls Va Rush – Chesapeake GK“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  6. 6. Branches Virginia Rush – Virginia Competitive (USSDA/ECNL/VCCL) 50/80/200 Va Beach Branch Adult 1000 Competitive (VSLI) 600 Advanced (U9-U19) 1050 Developmental (U4 – U10) 1800 Peninsula Branch Adult 650 Competitive (VSLI) 270 Advanced (Future) Developmental (U4 – U10) 200 Chesapeake Branch Adult (Future) Competitive (VSLI) 400 Advanced 400 Developmental (Pee Wee, U4 – U10) 200“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  7. 7. ECNL PlayersECNL ECNL U17 GirlsU14 Bartley 5 plus yearsBrown 4 plus Browne 5 plus yearsCharalambus 4 plus years Chesson 2 plus yearsFeliciano 4 plus years Frye 4 plus yearsGoad 4 plus years Goldsborough 5 plus yearsManok 4 plus years Hecker 5 plus yearsMarshall 4 plus years Johnson 5 plus yearsMartin 4 plus years Mahoney 5 plus yearsMaxon 1 year Mello 5 plus yearsMcClendon 4 plus years Nahorney 5 plus yearsMorrison 4 pus years Newman 5 plus yearsNewman 2 plus years Normile 5 plus yearsStallings 1 year Ormsby 5 plus yearsVelloney 1 year Preti 5 plus yearsWeers 2 plus years Reisinger 5 plus yearsWill 1 year Soares 3 plus yearsWilson 1 year Storey 1 yearU15 Girls Velloney 3 plus yearsAlbert 4 plus years Whited 5 plus yearsBarager 4 plus years U18 GirlsBatzel 3 plus years Casey 5 plus yearsBrent 5 plus years Clunan 5 plus yearsCasey 4 plus years Cronin 5 plus yearsDavis 3 plus years Feagin 2 plus yearsJackson 3 plus years Jasenak 4 plus yearsMariano 1 year Johnson 5 plus yearsMiles 5 plus years Krause 5 plus yearsMister 4 plus years Liette 5 plus yearsPreti 5 plus years Magee 5 plus yearsSanford 2 plus years Merkes 5 plus yearsShoen 5 plus years Muncy 5 plus yearsSimon 5 plus years Olsowski 1 yearSoares 3 plus years Omweg 5 plus yearsStewart 3 plus years Rento 5 plus yearsU16 Girls Robles 2 plus yearsAskew 5 plus years Tata 5 plus yearsBottoms 5 plus years Wallace 5 plus yearsBoubouheropoulos 5 plus years Walters 5 plus yearsBramble 5 plus yearsConnell 5 plus yearsHerold 2 plus yearsHinds 2 plus yearsKim 3 plus yearsKnapp 5 plus yearsKohl 5 plus yearsMonk 5 plus yearsNagle 4 plus yearsReisch 1 plus yearsRuss 5 plus yearsWeidner 5 plus years
  8. 8. USSDA Players USSDA U16 Boys USSDA U18 Boys Abraham 2 year Anderson 5 plus years Bracnchizio 5 plus years Atienza 1 year Brent 5 plus years Buckon 3 plus years Burnett 1 year Butler 5 plus years Chrysostomou 5 plus years Corner 7 plus years Ellis 8 plus years Damico 4 plus years Firnstahl 1 year Duke 7 plus years Kaplan 2 plus years Ellis 8 plus years Kerby 5 plus years Everett 5 plus years Martin 8 plus years Firnstahl 1 year Shoaf 8 plus years Geroux 6 plus years Whiteside 8 plus years Haney 1 year HoSang 1 year Joly 1 year Koarides 6 plus years Kozoyed 2 years Lenahan 6 plus years Ott 6 plus years Ratner 1year Scott 7 plus years Smith 5 plus years Tezza 3 plus years Tucker 4 plus years Tyler 5 plus years“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  9. 9. Rush Program Scope of Fees Rush Chesapeake U10 Classic = $945 U10 = $380 + 1210(league fees) per year divided by   U11 Classic = $945 team members U12 Classic = $945 U11 = $540 + 1290(league fees) per year divided by  • team members Academy U10 = $1025 • Academy U11 = $1140 • Academy U12 =$1275 year U12 = $590 + 1600(league fees) per years divided by  team members • U13 Nike/Swoosh = $1275 Year U13 – U14 = $690+ 1810(league fees) per years  • U14 Nike/Swoosh = $1275 Year divided by team members • U13 – U14 Classic = $1015 U15 – U18 = $420 + 1025(league fees) per fall season  • U15 – U18 Nike = $1275 Year (July – May) divided by team members • U15 – U18 Swoosh = $1045 (July – March) • U15 – U18 Classic = $675 (July – Dec) Advanced League Boys and Girls • USSDA - $4175 (all Inclusive) $220 per year • ECNL - TBA $80 Field Assessment Per year $15 Registration fee Advanced League Boys/Girls $200 per year Pee Wee (Academy) Advanced Uniforms $95 per season $60.00 Recreation League Boys/Girls $75.00 per season“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  10. 10. Fees • Fees cover • Fees do not cover – Competitive fees – League fees – Tournament fees – Coaches Salary – State Cup fees – Player’s registration – Coaches travel/lodging/food – DOC training (8 x per season) – Uniforms – Administrative cost – Staff salary • 8 Directors of Coaching • 6 Administrators • 1 Va Rush Chesapeake Admin • 1 Va Rush Chesapeake TD • 3 Va Rush Chesapeake DOCs (Future) – Field rentals (HRSC, Bishop Sullivan, Future Sites) – Office/Stadium lease (Sportsplex) – Office Supplies – Media (internet, fax, copier,etc..) – Marketing“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  11. 11. Discussion Items • Va Rush • Chesapeake • Proposed Merger – Proposed Merger – Name: Va Rush Chesapeake – Technical Director – Technical Director Chesapeake Chesapeake – Uniforms: Nike – Administrator – Maintain Chesapeake Fields – Chesapeake Advisory Panel – Oversee Chesapeake programs – VA Rush Board /Member and staff – Maintain/Improve Chesapeake – Tournaments Fields – Coaching Education – DOC sessions – Coaching License Program – Enhanced Coaching – ODP Philosophy for Pee Wee, Advanced and Competitive – Expanded opportunities for Chesapeake Players to participate – Maintain Chesapeake based in the ECNL/USSDA/VCCL/VSLi teams VSLi, Advanced, Pee Wee – DOC GK (Future) – Player Evaluations – DOC Boys (Future) – Full Time Staff – DOC Girls (Future) – Game Attendance (DOCs) – Chesapeake Office (Future) – Tournaments (Chesapeake)“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  12. 12. Pros and Cons Pros Cons – Player Involvement in    • New Uniforms (Boys Fall 2012/Girls Fall 2013) USSDA/ECNL/VCCL – Advanced can switch at any time – DOC Training for all competitive teams  • Cost per player? Remains same for Fall 2012  (Immediate) and Spring 2013 season. Fee change occurs for  – Access to Rush Programs (Tops, Rush  Fall 2013 season Festival, CAP, REACH, Tutor etc.)  (Immediate) – Full Time Coaching Staff, Full time  Administrative Staff (Immediate) – Tournaments (High quality, college  exposure) – Sponsorships (Immediate) – Enhanced Player Development  (Immediate) – Intellectual Property and Methodology  (Immediate) – Coaching Education Formal and Informal  (Immediate)  – Higher Standards for coaches (Immediate) – Player Evaluations (Immediate) – Va Rush Chesapeake Office (Future) – Employee Benefits (Immediate) – Capital Improvement (Future) – Nike Elite Club Status (Immediate) – Petition VCCL for Va Rush Chesapeake  (Future) – Game attendance by DOCs (minimum 2  times per season) (Immediate) – Fall 2012/Spring 2013 current structure of  VSLI, TASL and PEE Wee – Only Club in Southeast Virginia accepted  into the top National Leagues. USSDA and  ECNL“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  13. 13. Field Allocations Va Beach Branch HRSC (Games/DOC Training/Team Training) Lighted fields Sportsplex (USSDA Games/DOC Training/Team Training) Lighted fields Parks and Recreation Designated fields (Advanced and Recreation Team training) Actively pursuing additional training fields with lights Peninsula Branch Eaton (DOC Training/ Team Training) Cooper (DOC Training/Team Training) Parks and Recreation Designated field (Recreation Team training) Chesapeake Branch Keep existing fields for all programs. Designated training field/game fields for all DOC Sessions Mt. Pleasant Christian Academy/Great Bridge High School Chesapeake players (Developmental/Advanced/Competitive VSLI teams)“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  14. 14. Open Discussion How can the merger benefit Chesapeake player and coaches? The best players, no matter where they come from, are placed on teams accordingly. VCCL, ECNL, USSDA teams are made up of players from all of Hampton Roads not just Va Beach. Our top teams play in regional and national leagues and players deserving of this level of play are placed on these teams. All other players will be playing in VSLI. There is a place for all players to play based on their ability level and the individual player’s needs. DOC training for players and formal and informal coaching education for coaches. Players receive training from DOCs who are A license/B license coaches. Coaches receive additional training through the US Soccer coaching curriculum as well as ongoing coaches training provided by Rush DOCs. League Structure: USSDA, ECNL, VCCL, VSLi, Advanced, Developmental Future: League acceptance into a league between USSDA/ECNL and VCCL. Raise the level of play for the players. Chesapeake keeps their identity and Geographic presence by retaining the existing infrastructure. (VA Rush has successfully done this before with the Peninsula). Soccer in the area will benefit. The customer- the player!“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  15. 15. Questions and Answers • Branch Offices: Peninsula office, VA Beach office, Chesapeake office (future). • Teams are branch and regionally based. Peninsula Branch, VA Beach Branch and Chesapeake Branch will all have teams playing in the VSLI. USSDA/ECNL and VCCL teams are based regionally but have players from Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk playing for them (9% of current VA Rush players are from Chesapeake). Players with the ability level are offered positions to play on our top teams. They can accept this position or can continue to play for the branch based team. • Chesapeake players (like Peninsula players) will continue to have team training session in Chesapeake and Rush Directors of Coaching will conduct DOC training for these players in Chesapeake at a Chesapeake location. • Merging of the clubs provide more opportunities for top players to play in the two top national leagues (ECNL/USSDA) as well as VCCL. This affords current Chesapeake players to play up two leagues higher than what they are playing in now. Players do not have to leave Chesapeake/Rush to compete in these leagues. • Coaching Expectation: Travel/competitive coaches are required to obtain USSF National Licenses. Advanced and recreation coaches are also required to attend USSF license programs. Rush pays for it’s coaches to attend the USSF Licenses. All coaches are welcome to attend any and all continuing coaching education session held by VA Rush and it’s staff.“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  16. 16. Question and Answer (cont) • All Rush players receive seasonal player evaluations from their coaches/DOCs • A Full Time Rush DOC (Va Rush – Chesapeake Technical Director) will be put in charge of the VA Rush Chesapeake to ensure all programs, information and the Rush Way is passed onto all Chesapeake players and coaches, from competitive/travel all the way down to PEE WEE (recreational players). • VCCL votes. For the record, VA Rush voted to add Chesapeake to the VCCL. It is what is best for the soccer community. • VA Rush (both on the Southside and Peninsula) are a complete club supporting soccer from our recreational players (U4-U10), Advanced players (U9-U19) and competitive players (U10 – U18). Chesapeake will have the same benefit as the other two branches“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”
  17. 17. Thank you United we shall become the best soccer club in the state, on our way to becoming the best soccer club in the nation. Danny Speight – 757-652-3339 or Angelo Celesia – 757-288-7715 or Jay Hoffman- 757-478-9384 or Matt Busch – 757-472-0657 or“Where The Trails Of Passion And Purpose Meet, Begins The Path To Victory.”