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Inspiro Metro


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Metro Inspiro light weight, mass transit for international market

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Inspiro Metro

  1. 1. Siemens Mass Transit : Inspiro the most lightweight metro trains by Ralph Yew, 1 April 2014
  2. 2. Siemens Mass Transit : Inspiro the answer for mass urban transportation
  3. 3. Metro KVMRT Guiding Light 4-car Siemens : Mass Transit Inspiro for Klang Valley ( KVMRT Line 1 ) Metro Klang Valley MRT , Malaysia 8-car
  4. 4. Siemens Inspiro for Riyadh Metro Line 1 & 2 Siemens Mass Transit : Inspiro for International Market Siemens Inspiro Warsaw 6-car Siemens Inspiro for Riyadh Line 1 & 2 Siemens Inspiro for Riyadh metro ( interior )
  5. 5. Inspiro for London Underground Siemens Mass Transit: Inspiro London ( in future ) Inspiro Metro for London ( future ) Inspiro London its car body Inspiro London with its interior
  6. 6. Inspiro for Moscow Metro ( proposed ) Inspiro for Moscow Metro
  7. 7. Inspiro – Design which exudes style and senses Efficiency Through Innovation
  8. 8. Inspiro – Efficiency Through Innovation Esthetic design that breathes life into surrounding…