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Eco Rail by Korail


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Eco Rail by Korail towards 2015

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Eco Rail by Korail

  1. 1. Nov. 2009 Korea Railroad Corporation Environment Management of KORAIL0
  2. 2. Contents Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ1
  3. 3. I. Railway, The Key to Success of Green Growth If 1 person moves 1 km by train, it only needs 1/8 of energy compared with a car If 1 ton is carried 1 km by train, it only needs 1/14 of energy compared with a truck - energy consumption per unit1) - 8.4 14.2 <passenger> <freight> kcal/person- (unit : kcal/person-km) kcal/ton- (unit : kcal/ton- km) 3.3 2.5 1.0 1.0 (63.5 (209.3) (532.1) (109.4) (272.6) (1,554.1) ) Rail Van automobile Rail marine truck * Energy consumption per unit = energy consumption (kcal) / total volume of the traffic (person-km or ton-km) (person ton-2
  4. 4. I. Railway, The Key to Success of Green Growth If 1 person moves 1 km by train, it only emits 1/6 of CO2 compared with a car If 1 ton is carried 1 km by train, it only emits 1/13 of CO2 compared with a truck - CO2 emission per unit 1) - <passenger> <freight> 13.4 5.8 g· /person- (unit : g·CO2 /person-km) g· /ton- (unit : g·CO2 /ton-km) 2.4 2.4 1.0 1.0 (26.1) (62.2) (150.7 (35.6) (85.9) (474.9) ) marine truck Rail Van automobile Rail (person- ton- * CO2 emission per unit = CO2 emission (g) / total volume of the traffic (person-km or ton-km)3
  5. 5. I. Railway, The Key to Success of Green Growth Road : estimated cost of 405 billion dollars per year, Rail : estimated cost of ten billion dollars per year (About 2.4% of Road’ Road’s) - social cost 1) - Cost component (%) 405 billion Accident costs (19%) Noise costs (4%) 395 billion Air pollution (23%) Climate change (12%) 10 billion Costs for nature & Landscape (20%) Road Rail Congestion costs (22%) Unit : dollars (1 dollars = 1193.6 won ; Oct.29th, 2009)4
  6. 6. I. Railway, The Key to Success of Green Growth Rail(pass- As 1 % of the volume of the Rail(pass-freight) transport increases, we will make it create Value(energy consumption & CO2 reduction) for about 5 billion dollars per year 1) ※ the volume of the traffic(rail) : passenger 7.8% , freight 6.2% (2007) Foreign countries have been changing the rail transport for conserving environment & saving energy Europe(EU) : Changing the Modal Shift - Increasing 2.3 times investment for Rail from 1998 to 2005(Rail : 53%, Road : 21%) - Planning to magnify the investment for Rail on an equality with 85 % of total transportation British : Enacting for Reducing Road transport(1998), Giving support to use Rail(REPS)2) * REPS(Rail Environmental Benefit Procurement Scheme) : when the company pays high costs about moving freights by train, it compensates them for using rail Swiss : Increasing economic assistance for the rail freight & large vehicle vehicle restrictions5 Providing incentives for using complex transport
  7. 7. II. ECO-RAIL 2015 Strategy • ECO-RAIL = Ecology + Energy + Economy + KORAIL. ECO-Basic policy of Strategy • We will have a 20% increase of railroad transportation rate until until 2015 • Contribution to national economy and Green growth ECO- ECO-RAIL 2015. National competitiveness enhancement and social cost reduction by by Basic policy railroad centered traffic system Improvement of railroad assignment rate by raising accessibility/speeds and convenience of user Strategy CO2 amount of discharge 10% reduction, rate improves transportation rate 2 times level goal 2 hours life zone of nation, improves a train speed life (150km/h → 180~200km/h) train Milestones (Forwarding Eco- Eco-Design Eco- Eco-Operation Eco- Eco-Investment. Direction) Eco-friendly Eco- Eco-friendly operation Eco- Eco- Eco-friendly investment infrastructure Tasks for Convenient transfer Carbon amount of discharge Railroads investment expansion strategy reduction such as electric railway Speed competitiveness Energy use minimization Railroad centered traffic system enhancement Increment of transportation construction Shortening the city approach Operation green environment Raising railroad assignment rate6 Employment induction in time Efficient equipment expansion
  8. 8. II. ECO-RAIL 2015 Strategy Strategy forwarding system The World Premier Railway & KORAIL Vision The Most Honorable Corporation in Korea CEO’ CEO’S business policy Impress Sustainable Customers Innovation Result -oriented growth Green growth Vision ECO- ECO-RAIL 2015. milestones Eco- Eco-Design. Eco- Eco-Operation Eco- Eco-Investment •• Eco- Eco- Eco-Station • Eco-Driving Eco- •Expansion of Railroads Expansion •Expansion of Railroads Eco-Station • Eco-Driving Eco- Expansion tasks for ••Expansion of convenience investment • Door to door/transfer Expansion of convenience investment • Door to door/transfer facilities •Expansion of metropolitan Expansion of metropolitan execution ••New efficient railway facilities •Expansion Expansion New efficient railway ••Greening environment railroad network Greening environment railroad network vehicles ••Participation of carbon •Expansion of Rapid transit Expansion of Rapid transit feedb vehicles Participation of carbon discharge transactions •Expansion Expansion railroad ••Elevation of train speed discharge transactions railroad ack Elevation of train speed •• eco- Adoption of eco-friendly eco- Adoption of eco-friendly •Development such as hybrid car Development •Development such as hybrid car Development • Adoption of seat express technique like LED •Policy of railroad Policy of railroad • Adoption of seat express technique like LED •Policy Policy electric railcar electric railcar ••Enhancement of door to transportation Enhancement of door to transportation door service conversion(Eco- conversion(Eco-Policy) door service conversion(Eco-Policy) conversion(Eco-7 Resources allocation/ execution and feedback/ spread of internal and external parts
  9. 9. II. ECO-RAIL 2015 Strategy Introduction of each strategy Natural lightening, Geothermal System etc. Station using non-polluting energy(48) Build complex traffic station (10) Expansion of complex square and parking lot (42) Adoption to 4 lines Expansion of Bicycle parking lot Eco-Design (1,3000 unit). Expansion of harbor and industrial New concept complex line (17 lines) “eco-friendly infrastructure birth” KTX-Ⅱ (550) Connection within two hours among cities Electric railcar-type a trunk (518 EMU) Electric locomotive (159) Elevation of train speed between major lines Electric for metro line(956)8
  10. 10. II. ECO-RAIL 2015 Strategy Introduction of each strategy Expansion of shuttle car 2 times Reduction of power expense through B/T train driving xpansion economic driving E-logistics construction Installation of elevator and escalator, Reduction of energy cost (about 14,500 million$) moving-walk (128 change) Installation of Platform screen door Eco-Operation Realization of green management An electric railcar improvement eco-friendly lightening and air conditioning device (2,402) Planting tree around track (8million) All-type railroad tie (2,7400,000 tablets) Recycling lubricating oil waste(7,500,000ℓ) Artificial fish bank (190) Activity of environment Protection During carbon amount of discharge inventory system and verification Comprehensive environment management system (CO2 amount of discharge 10% reduction)9
  11. 11. II. ECO-RAIL 2015 Strategy Introduction of each strategy Expansion of electrification (53.5% ⇒ 73.1%) Expansion of double tracking (41.4% ⇒ 64.1%) Enforcement policy railroad transportation Expansion of the distance in of conversion oil canal 429 ㎞ expansion . Eco-Investment Completion of eco-friendly traffic system One phase of rapid tansit (240.4 ㎞) ⇒ high-speed neck Cargo electric locomotives that can driving in the non- electric section Two phases of (407.6 ㎞) ⇒ One phase of HoNam line (638.5 ㎞) Fixed organization freight train (national R&D assignment)10
  12. 12. II. ECO-RAIL 2015 Strategy Building eco-friendly railroad system Use the unit of discharge as Report the discharge Output strategic basis when calculates present situation to the discharge own discharge for eco-friendly person concerned as we Inventory railroad system calculate greenhouse gas Construction amount of discharge Announce the report through trust public organization EH&S. system building Carbon Use IT system, and efficiently manage discharge emission circle and amount of Trading discharge information Reduction system Business Of Decrease effectively duty, and respond in GHG case of as we deal in carbon discharge Execute voluntary reduction business transactions occurring through reduction for greenhouse gas reduction businesses Reduce to CDM or KCDM, and register11 a business
  13. 13. II. ECO-RAIL 2015 Strategy verification statements Building eco-friendly railroad system - Selecting DNV as a verification organizations Building inventory - Document examinations and a field verification system - Give a verification statement, and plan - Calculates on discharge transfer - Comparative analyses on discharge by a domestic Calculate on discharge vehicle in Korea - Analyze with output methodology examinations on discharge overseas - Management current situation regarding Building EH&S Vision, Goal. system greenhouse gas Be Strategy. and - Perform greenhouse gas discharge management through - systems Reduction - Decide business item for reduction registration CDM/KCDM business of - Examination of forwarding possibility and greenhouse gas business possibility - Grantee discharge transactions through Carbon emission reduction registration businesses trading system - Participation plan of carbon discharge transactions12
  14. 14. II. ECO-RAIL 2015 Strategy An investment plan by an annual ratio Investment amount total until 2015: approximately 42 landscape gardenings13
  15. 15. II. ECO-RAIL 2015 Strategy Decrease energies and CO2, and saving 14 billion dollars Decrease approximately traffic congestion cost and Expected effect (2008-2015) saving 6 billion dollars Employment induction effect more than 1,100,000 Realization of two hour life zone of nation Reduce the entry time to enter Seoul city within one hour Eco- Eco-Design. Convenient transfer system Non-polluting clean energy generation Non- Carbon amount of discharge reduction Eco- Eco-Operation. (approximately 10% at present) The general public are railroad implementation to be convenient to use not to mention traffic abbreviations Pollutant absorption through green environment Improve transportation rate by 2 times level(until 2019) Building of the railroad centered eco-friendly traffic system eco- Eco- Eco-Investment. Modernization of Facilities 53.5→ 41.4%→ (electrification 53.5→73.1%, double track 41.4%→64.1%)14
  16. 16. III. The Results of ECO-RAIL 2015 Declaration of ECO-RAIL 2015 vision to overcome environment and energy issue(08.10.15). Form sympathy of internal and external parts - Hold a train seminar, briefing to marine National Assembly - Enforcement action public information (ECO-RAIL 2015 vision, Leads 100 people declaration for the next 100 year railroad (Nov.6, 2008). 100 people forum (hold a symposium international Feb.11-13, 2009 National Assembly panel discussion etc.) < vision declaration scene > < declaration scene of 100 members >15 < international symposium scene >
  17. 17. III. The Results of ECO-RAIL 2015 Main results in 2008 Eco-Design(infrastructure) Eco-Operation Economic driving etc. energy saving New electric locomotive adoption (6,513 ㎘, about 9,100mil.won) Expansion of convenient facilities Plant 150 thousand trees Ground power supply emplacement Recycling lubricating oil waste (10 change, 46 places) (310,000 ℓ) Eco-Investment 0.9% increase of electrification (53.6% → 54.5%) Expansion of metro (294.1km → 329.4km) Vision declaration of ECO-RAIL for green growth Declaration through 100 people for railroad 100 years16
  18. 18. IV. Plan to Improve the Strategy Link forwarding between green growth of the government and growth strategy of green railroad Complement of ECO-RAIL 2015 - Analyzes motivations and an effect through development, ground setting/management additional an assignment that there was characteristic of the head offices and the local headquarters - Operates on Organizing ECO strategy committees and practical business affairs committees Promote to capture sympathy of internal and external parts - Popularly Inform people of news letter, Eco-Rail 2015 magazine, regarding environment activity17
  19. 19. Thank You. Railway will be lead for the environment revolution. Also have a bright future. Greening all around the world if we use rail. Passengers and freights can move by using less energy. And find out value of living together while moving together. As rail network increases, we live an affluent society in the future. Railway, is the key success of Green Growth. We hope to go from KOREA to EURASIA on green network.18