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Avenio Modern Tram Solutions


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Modern Tram, Avenio

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Avenio Modern Tram Solutions

  1. 1. Siemens Mass Transit : Avenio Tram people mover system by Ralph Yew, 2 April 2014
  2. 2. Avenio Tram for Munich Avenio for Munich and Hague Avenio Tram for Hague
  3. 3. Avenio Siemens Mass Transit : Avenio Tram solutions Avenio for Doha, Qatar Avenio for Doha, Qatar Avenio
  4. 4. Combino Plus – Innovative Tram System Esthetic design that breathes life into surrounding… Combino Plus for Budapest , Hungary Combino Plus for Almada , Portugal
  5. 5. Siemens Avenio fits your city Gets busy planning your tomorrow’s opportunities. Inspirational thoughts .