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6 Secrets of Transformation for a country


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The 6 Secrets of Transformation for a country

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6 Secrets of Transformation for a country

  1. 1. 6 Secrets of Transformation
  2. 2. What is Transformation? • Transformation entails fundamental changes in: – The way the organisation DOES its business (Doing) – The CHARACTER of the organisation (Being) It is not about minor tweaking! Doing “Action” It operates its It becomes a business totally totally different differently organisation Being “Character”
  3. 3. The Transformation Formula You fundamentally change your action and this will result in a change of your organisation’s character Doing Being Drives (Action) (Character)  Turnaround programme is an excellent way to change the doing side of the equation  Transformational Leadership develops via the following formula: “Acting your way into a new way of being”
  4. 4. “Actions” bring aboutchanges in “Character” Actions Actions Actions Ideas Results Changes in the “Character” of the organisation
  5. 5. The 6 Secrets of Transformation The Game of ▪ Olympic targets Impossible ▪ Conquer the fear of failure KPI Anchorage ▪ Anchor on Key Performance Indices Discipline of ▪ Plan and track results (daily, weekly, monthly) Action ▪ Reward and celebrate success Situational ▪ Directive in the beginning of the journey Leadership ▪ Empower in the later part Winning Coalitions ▪ Collaborate with key partners and stakeholders Divine Interventions ▪ A lot of things are outside of our control (>60%) 5
  6. 6. Game ofthe Impossible
  7. 7. Why Impossible Target?• No transformation is required if the targets are low / highly achievable• If targets are “impossible”, you have to think outside the box, and do fundamentally different things in order to achieve it• Therefore, by definition, real transformation comes with the Game of the Impossible
  8. 8. Steps to make the “impossible” happen Stand-based future – “managing the present1 from the future” Set “Olympic” targets (very few precedence,2 difficult to justify)3 Conquer the fear of failure – conversations!4 Create a game so large it will consume you
  9. 9. When Game of the Impossiblewas first applied to GTP (2009),everyoneDay Feedback - impossible…GTP Open thought it wasWhat do the rakyat think about GTP? 1 Rakyat are 84% supportive of GTP Agreed 2 They are happy 75% 8,500 with the initiatives under the NKRAs Agreed attended (KL, KK, Kuching) 3 And are confident 71% we will deliver Agreed 4 But can we deliver 31% big results fast ? Agreed 7Note: Does not include responses with no answers .* Across different NKRAs
  10. 10. Game of The Impossible: Real examples in GTP1 CRIME 2 LOW INCOME HOUSEHOLDS • 99.75% achievement in reducing • Reduction of street crime by 35% 44,463 hardcore poor • Reduction of index crime • 4,000 women entrepreneurs trained by 15% URBAN PUBLIC TRANSPORT RURAL BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE3 • 2.43 million passenger increase in 4 • 775km of rural roads completed (103%) • 27,209 household connected with LRT • 192% improvement in BET ridership electricity (107%) • 16,926 new houses built (102%) EDUCATION CORRUPTION5 • 9,814 schools have been ranked 6 • 831 people arrested for corruption • 1,486 pre-school classes have started • 294 corruption offenders listed on the  55,056 additional children have website benefitted • 3,787 Government contracts published
  11. 11. Crime Crime rose for 3 years prior to GTP Types of crime 209,582 211,645 209,825 196,780 ▪ Theft ▪ Snatch theft ▪ Motorcycle theft ▪ Car theft ▪ Van/lorry/heavy machinery theftProperty ▪ Break-in (night) theft ▪ Break-in (day) ▪ Robberies without firearms ▪ Gang robberies without firearms ▪ Robberies with firearms ▪ Gang robberies with firearms Violent ▪ Assault crimes ▪ Rape ▪ Murder 2006 2007 2008 20091
  12. 12. Crime Hotspot-based deploymentThe Kuala Lumpur Story ILLUSTRATIVE Pre-NKRA NKRA Approach • 1 Contingent, 5 • 1 Contingent, 5 Districts Districts • 22 Balai’s (Stations) • 22 Balai’s (Stations) • 501 Sectors • 11 hotspots, eg Pudu, Bukit Bintang • 2,892 police officers deployed for street • 2,892 police officers patrolling deployed to patrol at hotspots 5.8 police officers 263 police officers assigned to patrol Bukit assigned to patrol Bukit Bintang every day Bintang every day
  13. 13. Large-scale mobilisation Crime in three 3 waves 14,222 + 7,402 + 8,140 = 29,764 From the Jungle to the City From Back-Office ▪ 8,140 Polis Hutan deployed to Front-line to fight crime in hotspots onFrom Non hotspot ▪ 7,402 personnel rotationto Hotspots reassigned from back- –Each rotation with Kuala office to front-line Lumpur (1,000), Selangor▪ 14,222 officers deployed to (1,000), Johor (1,000), and 50 crime hotspot area ▪ 4,013 civil servants Pulau Pinang (1,000) –KL: 2,892 transfer to PDRM Balai –Selangor: 5,223 back-office –Johor: 3,366 –P. Pinang: 2,741 13
  14. 14. Crime Other initiatives in 2010 496 CCTVs 4,979* RELA & JPAM *4,979 = 3,663 RELA + 1,316 JPAM installed at members were 12 PBTS deployed to the hotspots 753 Balai Police 358,811 Rakan Cop MembersRanked & awarded (public) were activated
  15. 15. Crime -32,305 -15% -13,193 209,825 177,520 38,037 - 35% 24,837 Jan-Dec Jan-Dec Jan-Dec Jan-Dec 2009 2010 2009 201015% drop in 35% drop in Index Crime Street Crime(Results : January – December 2010)
  16. 16. Anchoring on KPIs
  17. 17. ETP: Anchoring on GNI per capita Decompose the recommendations / projects into1 contribution to GNI per capita Make each lab member accountable to the justify2 the contribution to GNI per capita The whole lab members should and challenge the3 proposals by the private companies or recommendations NUMBERS DO NOT LIE
  18. 18. Incremental GNI impact of ~USD 250 billion by 2020 2020 GNINominal GNI per capita:USD billions USD 15,000 CAGR 523 ~6% 86 112 138 1882009 GNI 1 Entry Point 2 Business 3 Growth in 2020 GNI Projects Opportunities other Target (EPPs) (BOs) sectors 11 Sector NKEAs
  19. 19. The Tourism example Tourism• Which project has the largest potential GNI contribution?• Which project can generate the fastest and the largest tourist receipts?• Which project can generate large number of job opportunities?• Which project has the largest spin-off effects to the local economy?
  20. 20. Discipline of Action
  21. 21. Discipline of Action Agree what constitutes success and measure12 Breakdown action plans into detailed activities3 Plan and track results (alongside action plan)4 Roll your sleeves and get into the details THIS IS REALLY HARD WORK BUT EXCITING!
  22. 22. Examples of Discipline of Action: Lab Action PlansActualexampletaken fromCrime Lab Must clearly nail down the action plans in the lab : •What activities required? •When is the estimated date of completion? •Who will do the work? •What is the estimated investment / budget required?
  23. 23. Discipline of action requires constant monitoring: e.g. via BlackberryWeekly reports xxxExamples:• Project progress updates• NKEA highlights, lowlights and head-ups• NKEA reports
  24. 24. PEMANDU + Ministry + Civil Servants work together… Leverage + Discipline of Action Ministerial WeeklyDiscipline of Action Meetings 1 Meetings Weekly Problem Solving (6-7 hrs / week) 2 Meetings (PSM) •NKRA front-line •~500,000 at federal and state level Delivery Task Force •(1.2 million civil servants) 3 (DTF) Meetings •Ministry •DMO + Ministerial • teams •PEMANDU •DPM / • Cabinet Monthly (6-8 hrs / month)
  25. 25. ETP Governance Structureis key PM Engagement with EPP Owners Secretariat ETP Forum / Private Sector Owners on overall update Semi-Annual Weekly monitoring & NKEA update with dedicated sessions to problem Economic Council solve major issues Weekly NKEA Problem Solving sessions at the Investment Monthly Steering NKEA level led by Lead Committee Minister(s). Investment Committee Lead Committee headed by MITI; MIDA will also be Ministries Monthly involved. EPP / BO Year-round Implementation of the EPPs / BO Respective owners Ministries / EPP owners
  26. 26. SituationalLeadership
  27. 27. Situational Leadership Change leadership style based on team development Orientation Dissatisfaction Resolution Production Productivity (Competence) Morale (Commitment) STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 STAGE 4Directive Style Empowering Style
  28. 28. WinningCoalition
  29. 29. Winning Coalition No man is an island GLC – Conflicting shareholders’ requirement i.e.1 government versus investors; business versus politics2 Investor Relations Staff Engagement34 Collaboration with competitors IT’S ALL ABOUT MANAGING POLARITIES
  30. 30. Stakeholders that we need to engage &syndicate PM , Cabinet, Ministries Associations State / Chambers Governments of Commerce Lab Core Members NGOs / Special Public Interest Groups
  31. 31. 1,000-person workshop selected12 NKEAs 1,000+ movers and shakers (CEO & top leaders) from 200+ MNCs, GLCs, SMEs & Ministries & Govt agencies
  32. 32. 500+ member lab from 210 companies, 13 NGOs &32 government agencies produced ETP roadmap
  33. 33. > 13,000 people attended Open Days
  34. 34. DivineIntervention
  35. 35. Divine Intervention: Two Experiential Human Paradigms1 Human beings have limited control / influence over what happens 40% 60% controllable uncontrollable2 Life is a continuous reduction of options time
  36. 36. How do you get divine intervention?(1) On values and actions 1 • Be a good human being (a pre-requisite to be a leader) • Litmus test is a clear conscience • Conviction is grounded within one’s conscience • J. Galtung : Theory of social cosmologyI firmly believe that any man’s finest hour – his greatest fulfillment to all heholds dear - is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a goodcause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious. - Vince Lombardi
  37. 37. How do you get divine intervention?(1) On Ethics 2 white • Operate in the “white” (not “grey” and “black”) • Step into the “grey” but step back into the “white” (never stay in the grey too grey long) • If you stay in the “grey”, your conscience is modified to see “grey” / black “black” as acceptableThe quality of an individual is reflected inthe standards they set for themselves. - Ray Kroc
  38. 38. How do you get divine intervention?(1) On Self - Renewal 3 • Good people must learn to live with solitude (loneliness) • Solitude : to be alone in deep reflections for self-renewal • Be grateful (don’t take things for granted) • The “Theory of Enough” in the Empty Raincoat (Charles Handy) Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. - Helen Keller