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Third Screen/Fifth Dimension


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The state of mobile technology, marketing, and the future of the consumer retail experience.

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Third Screen/Fifth Dimension

  1. 1. 3/ THIRD SCREEN 5 FIFTH DIMENSION Wieden + Kennedy
  2. 2. where the iphone came from
  3. 3. evolution before june 29, 2007 june 29, 2007 after june 29, 2007 
  4. 4. “ The future is already here. Text It's just not very evenly distributed. ” —William Gibson
  5. 5. the first law of technology With every change in technology that affects consumer behavior, we always overestimate the impact in the short term, but then underestimate the full impact over the long term.
  6. 6. signal vs noise
  7. 7. thresher Vol. 1, Summer 2009 ™
  8. 8. five freedoms 1. Freedom to ask questions 2. Freedom from eye-rolling 3. Freedom from bullshit 4. Freedom to not know the answer 5. Freedom from being distracted by someone on their smartphone cool, let’s go.
  9. 9. loading .....
  10. 10. adoption | a lot of people have cell phones
  11. 11. adoption right now in the US there are... 254 million mobile subscribers 144 million have a data plan (sms, mms, internet) & 95 million pay for access to the internet specifically
  12. 12. adoption Nielsen A2/M2 Three Screen Report Monthly Time Spent (Hours:Minutes) 1Q 2009 K2-11 T12-17 A18-24 A25-34 A35-44 A45-54 A55-64 A65+ TV 108:45 104:24 116:47 144:09 151:52 175:42 195:01 210:52 DVR 5:50 5:06 5:47 12:12 11:19 9:40 9:14 4:28 Internet 5:21 11:32 14:19 31:37 42:35 39:27 35:49 28:34 Internet Video 1:45 2:50 5:07 4:32 3:29 2:45 1:44 1:22 Mobile Video n/a 6:30 2:53 3:37 3:15 3:15 2:10 n/a Source: The Nielsen Company 6 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES
  13. 13. adoption there are 64 million subscribers in the US that actively use mobile internet services teens (13-17) spend over 6 hours a month watching video on a mobile phone 1 in 5 American households have only wireless phones source: Nielsen Mobile - Critical Mass - The Worldwie State of the Mobile Web Nielsen - A2/M2 Three Screen Report 4th Quarter 2008 CDC - Wireless Substitution: Early Release of Estimates From the National Health Interview Survey
  14. 14. adoption putting it in perspective internet mobile internet 1996 2007 34 million users 24 million users 1997 } 100% YOY 2008 } 266% YOY 68 million users 64 million users
  15. 15. adoption traditional mobile Daily Users of Top 100 Mobile News & Info US Newspapers (excludes email, social media) Daily Circulation 22MM+ 27MM comScore: 1/09 Audit Bureau of Circulations
  16. 16. adoption so that’s today. but what about tomorrow?
  17. 17. adoption how to read alphabet soup { umts universal mobile telecommunications system 3g hsdpa high-speed downlink packet access evdo evolution-data optimized 3.5g { wimax 802.16 4g { lte long term evolution
  18. 18. adoption gsm cdma 802.11b edge cdma2000 802.11g umts/hsdpa evdo 802.11n lte wimax
  19. 19. adoption so what? by 2012, the big four will offer mobile broadband with speeds up to 30x faster than today’s dsl and cable
  20. 20. adoption trending topics: rfid social mobile apps image recognition
  21. 21. adoption more and more people are spending more and more time with their phone. the “third screen” is constantly borrowing time from TV and the web. we need to think about mobile differently next: enter the 5th dimension
  22. 22. rfid | radio frequency identification
  23. 23. rfid rfid allows you to tag any object with an electronic signature and it’s already used in credit cards, transit passes, and key-fobs
  24. 24. rfid what would an rfid world look like? like this:
  25. 25. rfid Gamers can be given a unique RFID tag, in the form of a card, token, or even integrated into a branded iPhone case. This tag can be registered online and linked to a users Facebook account or other online profile, and trigger displays at retail.
  26. 26. rfid video:
  27. 27. rfid we could... 1 2 3 start tagging our packaging give users tracking tokens in-store and ooh rfid readers next: i know where you live. really, i do.
  28. 28. social | welcome to the social (thanks microsoft)
  29. 29. social 32 million mobile subscribers accessed social networking sites or blogs in May 2009. 18.6% of smartphone users on social networking sites daily basis, 40.3% on monthly basis. PC: 27.5 minutes per day, 2.3 visits Mobile: 24.0 minutes per day, 3.3 visits
  30. 30. social 13.4MM watched video on their phone in Q1 2009 52% from Q1 2008 } 40.9MM captured their own clips 26.4MM sent a video directly to a phone May 2009 16.3MM uploaded a video to the web
  31. 31. social what is twitter? and why do we care? 1) location based status updates 2) liberation in 140 characters of text
  32. 32. social two years ago, the idea of sending a text message to everyone was ridiculous why would anyone want to do that? today, messaging is public, multicast, and geo-tagged
  33. 33. social
  34. 34. social place analytics
  35. 35. social video:
  36. 36. social we could... 1 2 3 leverage the social grid at use geo-location to create direct message individual events in the real world social games users with unique offers next: advertising? there’s an app for that.
  37. 37. mobile apps | the mobile revolution
  38. 38. mobile apps screen real estate is decreasing 40” hdtv 1920x1080 20” desktop 1680x1050 13” laptop 1280x800 9” netbook 1024x600 3.5” htc g1 320x480
  39. 39. mobile apps apple has sold over 37MM mobiles that run on the iphone platform (more ipod touches have been sold than iphones) over 1.5 billion applications have been downloaded for iphone
  40. 40. mobile apps an era of branded applications 75,000+ reviews 174,000+ reviews
  41. 41. mobile apps but there exists another opportunity... advertising within applications
  42. 42. mobile apps video:
  43. 43. mobile apps we can now push relevant, location-based information out to mobile devices
  44. 44. mobile apps video:
  45. 45. mobile apps the new call to action: Go to the Gamestop across the street and pick up a copy of the game. Here are the directions. They have it in stock, and it’s $5 cheaper than Best Buy this week.
  46. 46. mobile apps we can... 1 2 3 geo-target ads across a create our own branded reach beyond simply the wide range of applications applications and utilities mobile phone next: how i learned to stop worrying and love the machines
  47. 47. image recognition | a phone that sees everything
  48. 48. image recognition qr codes may contain: urls text phone numbers contact cards location information calendar events qr codes can represent 4,000+ characters of text in a single image
  49. 49. image recognition video:
  50. 50. image recognition Unfortunately, QR codes may never take off here in the US. The carriers and handset manufacturers have yet to decide on a standard. But they may not need to...
  51. 51. image recognition with the power of cloud computing, cell phones can now recognize images in near real-time
  52. 52. image recognition video:
  53. 53. image recognition augmented reality brightkite + layar
  54. 54. image recognition what if... what if your phone responded to the envrioment? what if every box was tagged with a barcode? what if qr codes appeared within a digital experience? what could we do?
  55. 55. image recognition we can... 1 2 3 tie physical retail goods and overlay brand/product provide consumers with ooh to the virtual world information onto the world added utility next: the material conditional
  56. 56. implications | what does is it mean for consumers and you?
  57. 57. implications i humans! The machines will soon take over. We must learn to love our robot masters.
  58. 58. implications consumers will have new ways to interact with marketing when branding extends to multiple senses
  59. 59. implications Consumers will delay product research considerations and investigate products closer to the point of sale. Retail and OOH communications strategies will shift significantly as they become personalized, interactive experiences.
  60. 60. implications New social interactions create new rules of etiquette for consumers and brands. Contextual insights are critical for effective marketing.
  61. 61. implications People will perceive the world not just in terms of place (3D) and time (4D), but to fifth dimension as well — the cloud of pervasive data surrounding us. Innovative marketers future weave all five of these dimensions into compelling brand experiences.
  62. 62. thank you