Car mercial-gunn nissan case study


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Car mercial-gunn nissan case study

  1. 1. Success StoryGunn NissanGunn Nissan’s eCommerce Sales Jump 29% with New Video Ad PlatformIn early 2011, Gunn Nissan was looking Gunn Nissan began searching for a solution that would give them an added edge andfor an effective way to generate more increased visibility over their competitorsawareness of their “One Simple Price™” while boosting sales without having to boostphilosophy throughout the San Antonio, Texas their ad budget. They soon discovered that with the dramatic increase in popularity ofmarket they serve. Like many dealers, Gunn online video in recent years, a new marketNissan maintained a marketing strategy that audience had emerged that can be highlyincluded traditional and digital components, targeted, and is more cost effective than traditional mass media: online video ads.but were beginning to feel a decrease in theeffectiveness of traditional mass marketing The 2011 Google Automotive Shoppermediums like TV, print and radio while the cost Behavior Study shows online video ads as the No. 1 most useful ad format, above all otherfor these traditional mediums remained high forms of traditional and digital advertising, toand difficult to track with measurable results. connect with prospective car buyers. Å CONTINUED INSIDE
  2. 2. Success StoryÄ CONTINUED FROM THE COVERRecognizing an ideal opportunity, Gunn search phrases and appear on Page Gunn uses a proprietary Video SEONissan began implementing a two 1 of search engine (Google, Yahoo & platform to distribute and optimizepronged, “push and pull”, video ad Bing) results with compelling videos that custom videos through an intelligentstrategy to elevate their local presence attract and influence consumers more algorithm that continually works toand increase profitability. effectively than traditional text results. achieve the highest possible search rankings on top search engines“Our eCommerce business is up 29 Online video ads decidedly draw more for popular phrases like “Nissanpercent year over year since we started traffic than static ads because they oil change San Antonio” or “Gunnour video ads back in March of 2011,” combine the power of television’s sight, Nissan reviews”.said Tony Rhoades, Executive Director sound and motion with the power ofof Information & Consumer Strategies search engines’ ability to speak directly A 2011 / Polkat the Gunn Automotive Group. to consumers who want to buy or service Automotive Influence Study shows a vehicle now. These high impact videos that 95 percent of car buyers useFirst, Gunn Nissan began using Video are extremely effective as they stand search engines to shop for vehiclesSEO (Video search engine optimization) out amongst the myriad of text ads, and 98 percent of those samethat enabled their dealer brand and influencing consumers in a way that the car buyers do NOT go past Page 1message to “pull” for relevant keyword written word cannot. search results. “With the average U.S. consumer watching over 21 hours of online video each month, and online video advertising comprising 20 percent of all viewing material, retailers can’t ignore this audience,” - AJ LEBLANC, MANAGING PARTNER FOR CAR-MERCIAL.COM, THE COMPANY GUNN NISSAN USES FOR ITS VIDEO SEO AND PRE-ROLL PLATFORM
  3. 3. Gunn Nissan“Today Video SEO is given high ranking “With the average U.S. consumer However, with standard PPC an ad isauthority by top search engines like watching over 21 hours of online not viewed every time it shows up inGoogle, Bing and Yahoo,” explains video each month, and online video sponsored links. Video pre-roll ads alwaysAJ LeBlanc, managing partner for advertising comprising 20 percent of all play and are seen whether the, the company Gunn viewing material, retailers can’t ignore wants to view it or not. Just like traditional TV advertising, video pre-roll gives you theNissan uses for its Video SEO platform. this audience,” said LeBlanc. “Dealers power of brand awareness, but online“It is imperative for dealers to make can readily push their message using video has the ability to convert that viewerit onto the Page 1 search results with video ads to a select target audience to an actual website lead the moment thehigh-impact video ads that quickly on numerous popular national online video ad is played because the directlydraw-in the consumer.” TV networks – it’s truly ‘targeted TV’.” clickable video takes the prospect right to your website.Next, Gunn Nissan worked toimplement the “push” component of “MLB TV, along with the other sites inits strategy. Developing a video ad the Video Ad Network, has a huge onlinenetwork that included Geo targeting presence and has afforded us a greatlocal car buyers on the largest online opportunity to build our brand ad network in the U.S., building There are a lot more San Antonians whobrand awareness and purchasing now know… ‘At Gunn, One Simple Price™intent within specific digital market means no fine print and No hassles’. Theareas, and driving site traffic with greatest thing about these pre-roll ads is that the consumer can click directlyprofessionally produced, high quality on the video ad and go straight to ourtargeted TV-style placed “pre-roll” website. Thanks to AJ at Car-mercial, Seanvideo ads on highly visited websites. Stapleton and Tom Walls at VinSolutions we are now working to find better ways to“Pre-roll” refers to in-stream online track this activity,” said Rhoades. Tony Rhoadesvideo advertising across high quality, GUNN AUTOMOTIVE GROUPprofessionally produced publishers Additional stats from the Influence Studylike MLB TV, that typically run for 15- by / Polk show the average30 seconds at the beginning of a Gunn Nissan’s initial pre-roll ad ran for car buyer visits five different dealer websitesvideo clip that a viewer has selected 30 days and was featured on 1 of over before setting foot in a dealership. Dealersto watch or on a website’s home 40 popular national websites targeted cannot afford to remain static online, aspage. The pre-roll automatically to only local consumers in the San online video ads are fast becoming the newruns, and often there is no opt-out Antonio market. The ad had 313,799 “norm” in advertising.option – a captive audience, just like video plays with an 82 percent With 24/7 easy access to researchtraditional TV. The Video Ad network completion rate, meaning consumers vehicles, the increased use of tablets,has the largest collection of popular watched the entire video ad, and 3,716 cell phones and laptops and the “nonational websites consumers visit to direct clicks were made to the Gunn pressure” aspect of searching online,get information and see videos about Nissan website – a 1.18% click rate. more than 9 out of 10 consumers startnews, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, This modest website conversion rate their buying process online. Dealers havehow-to, technology, gaming, health, resulted in increased sales at a cost a phenomenal opportunity to get in frontfitness, finance, auto, food, travel, comparable to what would be spent on of in-market car buyers with maximumparenting and family. standard pay per click (PPC). exposure for minimum cost. Success Story
  4. 4. Success Story Gunn Nissan “OUR ECOMMERCE BUSINESS IS UP 29 PERCENT YEAR OVER YEAR SINCE Gunn Nissan’s WE STARTED OUR VIDEO ADS BACK eCommerce IN MARCH OF 2011,” Sales Jump 29% -TONY RHOADES EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION & CONSUMER STRATEGIES AT THE GUNN AUTOMOTIVE GROUP. IN A NUTSHELL Gunn Nissan eCommerce Sales Jump 29% with New Video Ad Platform • Use Video SEO to ensure that your dealership’s brand and message appears on Page 1 of the search results with compelling videos that attract and influence consumers more effectively than traditional text results. • Use a Video Ad Platform that drives site traffic with professionally produced, high quality targeted TV-style placed “pre-roll” video ads on highly visited websites. • Work with a Video SEO and Video Ad Platform specialist like Car-mercial. com to Geo target ready car buyers and build brand awareness and purchase intent within specific digital market areas to capture local in- market consumers. Å READ FULL STORY