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2    2011APRIL
Intelligent Marketing Plan Helped Brickell MotorsGrow 1000%Under the leadership of Mario Mur-            media, publicity,...
Success Story  Brickell Motors uses. “With the market         Additionally, Brickell incorporates bi-     rived in this co...
Success StoryBrickell Honda Promotional Materials
Success StoryU.S. than there are Spaniards in Spain      Brickell is also a member of the Auto-     ship is monitored 24/7...
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Brickell Honda Buick GMC Automotive Marketing Success Story


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Brickell Honda Buick GMC Marketing Success Story

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Brickell Honda Buick GMC Automotive Marketing Success Story

  1. 1. 2 2011APRIL
  2. 2. Intelligent Marketing Plan Helped Brickell MotorsGrow 1000%Under the leadership of Mario Mur- media, publicity, niche marketing, and The basis of Brickell’s strategy beginsgado, President and CEO, Brickell reputation management. Murgado with market research. Brickell soughtMotors has sold more Honda and GM also felt strongly that pro-active in- to identify consumers with the highestvehicles in the last 10 years than over volvement in the local community and statistical probability of doing businessthe previous thirty years combined by effective advertising to the local Latino with their dealerships and to targetusing intelligent, innovative and inte- population would be key to the success those customers and prospects withgrated marketing strategies that have of the Brickell organization. custom messaging based on the statushelped the organization grow over of their vehicle. “We use a combination1000%. This Success Story highlights some of of manufacturer research, Polk mar- the processes and practices that Brick- ket data and the dealer’s historic salesTo build a successful business, Mur- ell Motors has developed to grow its and service trends to map out whichgado knew he would need a highly- organization over 1000% by attracting, customers to target now and in theeffective marketing strategy to affect servicing and retaining more custom- future,” said Budd Blackburn, ownermultiple marketing mediums includ- ers profitably for less cost in a competi- of www.TeamVelocityMarketing, theing traditional, digital, targeted, social, tive metropolitan market. targeted marketing company that
  3. 3. Success Story Brickell Motors uses. “With the market Additionally, Brickell incorporates bi- rived in this country. Partnering with data and our state-of-the-art print tech- lingual messaging on all its marketing this organization was a way to tell the nology Brickell not only targets the best given the large Latino population in community ‘we are here for you’, and customers, but is also able to talk intelli- the Miami metropolitan area. With ap- we are still here for them today,” said gently to their customers based on their proximately 50 million Hispanics living Murgado. With the continued growth vehicle status,” Blackburn added. in the U.S. Latinos are the fastest grow- of the Hispanic and Latino population ing demographic in the nation and nationwide it is essential for dealers to Brickell’s marketing strategy consis- represent over half of Brickell’s market. understand how to market effectively to tently communicates a cohesive mes- “For us to market successfully within this demographic and Murgado’s back- sage throughout the five year life cycle the Hispanic community it is impor- ground gives him a natural sensibility of the customer that begins by thank- tant to be in-touch with the emotional, that is authentic. ing new customers, providing main- cultural and traditional values of the tenance and service reminders, recall community,” said Murgado. “It is very easy to work with Mario to notices, and extended service warranty market Brickell Motors because he is information. Brickell also has sales re- Brickell has always been actively in- deeply involved and respected in the tention campaigns that target off-lease volved in the community partner- community so he is very aware of what and retail finance customers. All Brick- ing early on with Camillus House, a consumers want and what they will re- ell’s customer communications are de- non-profit organization that provides spond to,” said Sean Wolfington, owner livered with a message that is unique to humanitarian services to men, wom- of, the the customer’s status whether they are en and children who are poor and company that does all of Brickell Mo- due for minor service or are eligible to homeless. “Camillus House extended tors’ marketing in both Spanish and upgrade to a new vehicle. its hands to the first Cubans who ar- English. “There are more Latinos in the In a Nutshell Brickell Motors has sold more Honda and GM vehicles in the last 10 years than over the previous thirty years by implementing an intelligent marketing strategy across all marketing mediums.• Brickell Motors conducts in-depth market research to nd customers with the highest statistical probability of buying or servicing a vehicle with their dealership.• Brickell targets the best in-market customers and prospects with custom messaging specic to the customer’s vehicle status.• Brickell Motors uses Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) to appear on top of the search engines for the most popular search phrases in their market.• Brickell has a comprehensive bi-lingual marketing strategy that targets the growing Latino community.• Brickell monitors all customer phone calls to ensure sales and service calls are being handled properly and alert management so they can save a deal today and customers over the long term.• The Brickell organization is deeply involved in the local community.
  4. 4. Success StoryBrickell Honda Promotional Materials
  5. 5. Success StoryU.S. than there are Spaniards in Spain Brickell is also a member of the Auto- ship is monitored 24/7 and we send real-or Canadians in Canada, it is impera- motive Advertising Network (AAN), time alerts so the dealership can repairtive to know how to market effectively the 3rd most popular lead generation broken relationships before it’s too late,”to this population.” platform, after Auto Trader and Cars. said Chip King, owner of www.CallRevu. com, which generates thousands of com, the company Brickell uses.Always looking for opportunities to in-bound links that increase Brickell’sreach out to the community, Brickell online ranking. “If you search google “This system also helps us track our ad-also developed a special niche market- for “Miami Honda”, Brickell Honda vertising to see what marketing initiativesing program for local teachers with pops-up as the first Honda dealer for are generating the most response – it’s aa “Back to School” promotion that the region and in a competitive online real eye-opener when you discover thathonored all Miami area public and market that’s where you want to be – calls you thought were simply coming inprivate school teachers with an exclu- on top,” said David Boice, co-founder off our web site are actually initiating fromsive special of only $50.00 over Brickell of AAN (www.automomotiveadver- other campaigns that directed consumersemployee pricing on any new Honda to our web sites. It helps us prioritize ourin-stock, and the teachers kept all in- marketing dollars more efficiently,” Mur-centives. “We consider today’s educa- Brickell also utilizes Video Search En- gado explained.tors pillars of the community who gine Optimization (VSEO) to appearcontinue to educate our youth during at the top of search engines for highly “We spend a lot of money to attract cus-a time of unprecedented budget cuts competitive search phrases. Consum- tomers and we want to make sure we ex-and economic adversity. We would ers in the Miami market who search ceed their expectations. My managers arelike to extend this special thank you for vehicles online immediately find alerted immediately whenever a potentialto them,” said Murgado. Their invest- positive videos about Brickell and the problem or concern arises so that we canment in the community is sincere, cars they sell because Google gives 55 quickly reach out to the customer andwhether through special teacher pro- times more authority to video than text hopefully fix whatever concerns they maygrams or charitable works the Brickell results, said Karry Moore, President have and create a customer for life,” saidorganization is a true member of the of, the VSEO company that Brickell uses. “Video combines the power of sight, soundBrickell’s commitment to outstanding and motion that gets the customercustomer sales and service has made excited and drives them to Brickell,”them a stand-out in the Miami area. added Moore.They are rated the #1 Honda Dealerin Miami by Google reviews so when Murgado has a passion for excellenceyou google Brickell Honda every result and sets the bar high for his employ-is positive which is not typical for most ees to make sure that every customerdealers. “To make it easy for our cus- is handled with the utmost care, “Wetomers we built a web site, www.Brick- strive to clearly and honestly, that gives our the products and services that we offer.customers step-by-step instructions Our customers want to be respectedon how to share their positive reviews,” and understood, and it’s up to us toMurgado explained. make this happen,” said Murgado. “Every call that comes into the dealer- Teacher Appreciation Program