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Automotive social media marketing webinar


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Automotive social media marketing webinar

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. Jason Stein Editor Automotive News
  3. 3. Doug Frisbie Market Solutions Strategist Facebook
  4. 4. Moving the Metal Through Social Media Doug Frisbie | Market Solutions Strategist
  5. 5. The world has gone social
  6. 6. 500 million users worldwide
  7. 7. More than half of users return daily
  8. 8. = Tuesday night + Sunday night viewers viewers 50M+ users in U.S. per day
  9. 9. Facebook Reaches New Auto Buyers Source: JD Power In-market Buyer Behavior Study
  10. 10. Find Your Customers Before They Search…
  11. 11. Facebook Product vision clothing designer clothing designer restaurant restaurant favorite cereal roommate roommate best friend best friend teammate teammate tv show tv show mom mom brother brother dad dad celebrity celebrity tv show tv show coffee shop girlfriend girlfriend favorite band favorite band co-worker co-worker
  12. 12. Facebook Page • Connections • Brand voice • Viral distribution
  13. 13. A new ad model Develop deep relationships with your audience 2. Advertise to increase connections 1. Build a Page 3. Publish to your network
  14. 14. Facebook Tips
  15. 15. Drive Traffic to Your Website Classic Chevrolet Campaign
  16. 16. Promote Pages with Engagement Ads Proven, familiar to users, deeply integrated Fan growth
  17. 17. Focus on publishing 10x views in Stream versus Page 1,260 likes 1,545 comments vs. 22 posts by 20 people
  18. 18. Interact with Fans
  19. 19. Be timely and relevant Embrace timely opportunities to connect with Fans
  20. 20. Innovate!
  21. 21. Try the Platform for Yourself! $50 Facebook Ad Credit 1. Visit 2.Use the credit code: AutoFree50 by 9/15/10 3.Visit to answer questions
  22. 22. Scott Monty Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager Ford Motor Company
  23. 23. PUTTING THE “CAR” IN KARMA Scott Monty (@ScottMonty) Global Digital Communications Ford Motor Company (@Ford)
  24. 24. We have a fundamental challenge: Q: Thinking about everything you have read, seen, or heard about business in the last year, in general, do you trust corporations a lot less, a little less, the same, a little more, or a lot more than you did at the same time last year? Source: Edelman Trust Barometer, 2009
  25. 25. Ninety percent of social media is just showing up. It’s the other half that’s hard.
  26. 26. It’s not the same old, same old
  27. 27. Social media is different
  28. 28. This doesn’t work anymore
  29. 29. Don’t be that guy
  30. 30. A few tips & ideas • Spend more time in search than in chatting us up about your stuff. • Your customers might not be on Twitter. Use RapLeaf to find them. • Promote other people 12x to every 1 self-promotional tweet. • A lot of @replies shows a lot of humanity/engagement. • Spamming us repeatedly is okay. We just unfollow you. • Have more than one twitterer at the company. People can quit. People take vacations. It’s nice to have a variety. • Ask questions. Twitter is GREAT for getting opinions.
  31. 31. “If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings and speak my words.”
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Effective?
  34. 34. Fiesta Movement stats: 7+ million 750,000 4 million 100,000 97%
  35. 35. Drive one.
  36. 36. Joe Castle Dealer Principal Castle Automotive Group Founder/CEO SOCIALDEALER
  37. 37. Automotive Social Media Management “Moving the Metal Through Social Media” Joe Castle Founder & CEO of SOCIALDEALER Dealer & CEO of the Castle Auto Group 1-888-Get-SOCIAL
  38. 38.  Increase profitability in a down economy  Get better returns on advertising dollars  Drive customer retention & loyalty  Adapt marketing strategies to stay at the head of the fast changing digital marketplace  Identify and reach in-market car buyers 1-888-Get-SOCIAL
  39. 39.  Advertising budget of $50,000 per month  Retails 100-125 Vehicle Per Month  That’s about $400-500 Per Vehicle Retailed (PVR)  Using newspaper ads, billboards, direct mail 1-888-Get-SOCIAL
  40. 40.  Exchange traditional advertising outlets for digital outlets.  Decrease ad budget 75%  Increase advertising reach and effectiveness  See an Immediate sales increase  Lowering expenses, increasing sales equals more profit dealership wide 1-888-Get-SOCIAL
  41. 41. Television  YouTube AM/FM Radio  Pandora Newspaper Facebook Billboards  Twitter Direct Mail RSS feeds Business to Business  LinkedIn 1-888-Get-SOCIAL
  42. 42.  Advertising budget of $10,000 per month  Retails 125-150 Vehicle Per Month  $125-$150 Per Vehicle Retailed (PVR)  Using Internet Marketing and Social Media 1-888-Get-SOCIAL
  43. 43.  Identify In-Market Car Buyers  Target buyers by demographics (sex, age, location etc.)  Communicate with your customers in real-time  Reach exponentially more people for a fraction of the cost  Increase customer loyalty by becoming a part of your customers daily life and drive retention 1-888-Get-SOCIAL
  44. 44. Get Your Staff Involved in the Social Media Revolution.  Personalized Staff business pages  Marketing your Dealership  Promoting your Brand  Sharing your inventory  Service department can get involved  Recall notifications  Maintenance reminders  Service specials  Tips and Tricks from mechanics  Parts Department  Over stocked items  Aged inventory  Accessories 1-888-Get-SOCIAL
  45. 45. “Social media isn’t the end-all-be-all, but it offers marketers unparalleled opportunity to participate in relevant ways. It also provides a launch pad for other marketing tactics. Social media is not an island. It’s a high-power engine on the larger marketing ship.” – Matt Dickman, 1-888-Get-SOCIAL
  46. 46. Dean Evans Chief Marketing Officer
  47. 47. Thinking Social Where should you start?
  48. 48. First Things First Be sure you are taking care of the basics: • Specials • Engaging, SEO-friendly content • Lead Management  Response times  Quality communication and customer service
  49. 49. Reputation Monitoring and Management – The Building Blocks • Listen, Listen, Listen  Social tools allow you to understand customer and prospect sentiment toward your brand. Don’t miss this opportunity! • ENGAGE  When appropriate  Be smart & courteous • Know When NOT to Engage  Don’t make the problem worse  Invite individuals to engage in an off-line conversation
  50. 50. Opportunity – Fixed Operations • App. 12M units will be sold this year  244M units currently on the road  Average life of a vehicle is now 9.2 years Owners need to service their cars and you need to fill the service bays!
  51. 51. What is Engaging Facebook Content? Fixed Ops Departments Vehicle Maintenance & Care Vehicle Interest / New Model Info
  52. 52. Your Customer and Social Media Maintaining a social presence gives your customers an outlet for sentiment • What would happen if you posted a testimonial from a customer and tagged it?  How many people would you reach with that positive message?
  53. 53. Ratings and Reviews Sites = Search Engine Rankings • Don’t forget :  Yelp  Dealerrater  CitySearch  Google Places  Yahoo! Local  Etc… • Creating and maintaining profiles on these sites is crucial. • Google, Yahoo and Bing all give priority to resources for the local shopper
  54. 54. The Social Commitment • Facebook, Twitter and others do not update themselves  Stale or abandoned pages hurt instead of help • Local business review sites collect history  Do you have a plan to encourage online reviews? Free Oil Change with online review!
  55. 55. Q&A
  56. 56. Thank You This webinar will be available on-demand in 24 hours at All registrants will receive an e-mail notification when it is available.
  57. 57. Try the Platform for Yourself! $50 Facebook Ad Credit 1. Visit 2.Use the credit code: AutoFree50 by 9/15/10 3.Visit to answer questions