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AutoCon Dealer Enrollment Telemarketing Project Plan


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This is a document prepared for the call center employees who are contacting car dealers all over America to encourage them to enroll and attend AutoCon 2012. The New "Best Choice" on the Fall Dealer Conference circuit is the AutoConnections Conference and Exposition (AutoCon 2012) at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas from September 5th to the 8th. Learn more about this all new dynamic, innovative and exciting car dealer conference designed to equip dealers with significant competitive advantages in their local marketplace. Visit

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AutoCon Dealer Enrollment Telemarketing Project Plan

  1. 1. AutoCon Telemarketing Project Overview June 27, 2012 Version 1.15
  2. 2. Executive OverviewAutoCon 2012 is a fresh, innovative conference designed for automotiveprofessionals seeking to expand their knowledge, skills, and strategy to grow profitsat their dealership. The conference will offer over 60 workshops, 20 hands on labsessions, and a dozen keynote sessions.AutoCon 2012 has attracted the industry’s top speakers, educators, and suppliersbecause of the proven management team that is producing the event. Theconference is the creation of Ralph Paglia, Chris Saraceno, and Mike Myers whotogether manage the largest and most active online communities for automotiveprofessionals.The two communities, and haveover 10,000 members that represent key decision makers and interested parties inautomotive retailing. We estimate that over 7,000 are employees of dealerships andwould be included in the list of professionals that would be contacted from thetelemarketing efforts.In addition to the membership list, we are looking for partners who have their ownlist of dealers and contacts with their dealerships that could be contacted aboutAutoCon 2012.The initial AutoCon 2012telemarketing drive will start in July and is coordinatedwith the national mailing of our 8-page AutoCon brochure. This brochure wasmailed to over 20,000 dealership employees that are on the Dealer MarketingMagazine mailing list. The brochure was poly-bagged with the July Issue which willhit the dealers the on or around July 6th.It is a priority that the telemarketing program drives as many dealershipregistrations during the month of July to create a buzz and momentum for theconference. Our total
  3. 3. Conference Pricing & BenefitsIndividual dealership employees, excluding the dealer principal, can register at full-price for $895.00. Dealer Principals can attend for free.The telemarketing agents will be offer, during the month of July, an Early Birddiscounts of $200 per person, lowering their investment to $695.00.Individuals who register through the telemarketing campaign will provide a validcredit card to facilitate their registration. Paying by credit card is very common forautomotive conferences.Included in the registration, attendees receive: Breakfast Lunch Cocktail Receptions Conference Shirt WiFi in Conference and Rooms Conference PowerPoints Discount Vouchers Valued at Over $10,000 on Vendor ProductsIt is common that multiple employees from one dealership will register to attend.The roles in the dealership that should be encouraged to attend are:Dealer Principal, General Manager, General Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager,Marketing Manager, Fixed Operations Director, Compliance Officer, COO, CIO, CTO.Group RatesDealerships that register five or more people in July, can receive a specialpricing break of an additional $100, lowering their cost to $595.00 per person.This additional price break does not impact the telemarketing agenciescommissions.
  4. 4. Commission For AgencyDuring the month of July, telemarketing agencies will receive commission for eachpaid attendee to AutoCon. The definition of paid attendees will be anyone who has asuccessful credit card processed for their registration, which will be confirmedwithin 24 hours of documents being send to our back office.All registered dealership employees will receive a confirmation email validatingtheir participation in AutoCon 2012 and that their credit card has been charged.Commission for July is tiered, based on the number of paid registrations processedby July 31, 2012.50 dealership attendees - $150 per person100 dealership attendees - $175 per person150 dealership attendees - $200 per person200 dealership attendees - $225 per person>250 dealership attendees - $250 per personOnce a stair step has been reached, commission rates are proactive for the monthfor all registrations.Commissions will be paid weekly; commission check will be mailed 3 business daysafter the week close.Charge-backs, defined as a dealer asking that their credit car being refunded for anyreason, will result in deduction of commissions in the following week. Refundsfrom conference registrations are very rare if properly qualified.
  5. 5. Registration ProcessThere are three ways that a commissioned telesales agent can register dealershipemployees for AutoCon 2012.Agent Collects Contact & Payment InformationAgent will obtain attendee names, address, roles, shirt size, and credit cardinformation. They can write down this information on a paper form and thenprocess it directly using the online registration process. In the drop-down referralbox, the agent will select the Telemarketing Agency as the lead source.The telemarketing agency would also forward this information to the AutoCon backoffice.Agent Walks Dealership Employee Through Online ProcessCall center agents who find dealers unwilling to provide credit card informationover the phone can walk the person through the online process and confirm thatthey select the correct referral source.The telemarketing agency will record their name, dealership, and contactinformation and supply that to the AutoCon back office for matching of paymentsprocessed that day.Agent Emails Dealership A Registration Form To Fax or Email BackAgents can also email a registration form to the dealership to complete and fax backto the office. These faxes can be forwarded to the AutoCon back office.
  6. 6. Sample Script Starter for ADMMembersHi this is, _____________ from __________________________ and Ralph Paglia from the ADMCommunity asked me to contact you about AutoCon 2012. AutoCon is the mostexciting fall automotive conference in Las Vegas and I wanted to help you getregistered and save a few hundred dollars at the same time.Now (name of contact), I’m sure you know the value of keeping up with changes inour industry and investing in education is one way to do that. How many thingshas Google charged just this year alone!Have you enjoyed attending conferences in the past?If Yes: Well (name of contact) that’s great! I’m sure you want to best workshops, speakers, and the most relevant information to sell more cars so that is why I am calling. The conference is September 5-8th at the five-star Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. We have a great room rate of $125 per night; how can you beat that! I’m here save lock in the Early Bird Discount rate that will save you $200 per person. How many people from your team would you like to send this year?If No: Well (name of contact) that’s why I’m calling. AutoCon 2012 has addressed the feedback from dealers about making the time out of the dealership really pay off. The all-inclusive conference format gives you all you expect plus MORE for a great price. And best of all, I’m calling you to lock in the Early Bird Discount.
  7. 7. Basic Q&AWhen Is It? September 5th – 8thWhere Is it? The Brand New 5-Star Aria HotelHow Much is It? Dealer Principals Attended For Free Staff can save $200 by registering by July 31st – Only $695 pp That Include All Meals, Receptions, and Conference MaterialsWhy Should I go to AutoCon? All New Format with Workshop & Hands on Labs Fresh Content and Speakers All Inclusive Format Multi-Workshop Certificate ProgramsWho Should Attend?Dealer Principal, General Manager, General Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager,Marketing Manager, Fixed Operations Director, Compliance Officer, COO, CIO, CTO.Where Can I Get Additional Information?www.AutoCon2012.comWhere Can I See The Workshops That Will be Offered?The online brochure can be found at:
  8. 8. Additional Information Auto Con is a new conference with fresh ideas and an innovative approach to the conference’s structure. FREE Registration for all Dealer Principals; you attend as our guest. All meals and receptions are included with your FREE registration. Auto Con provides over 60 workshops; many specifically targeted to Dealership Executives. Sponsored workshops are clearly labeled to enable dealers to shop for new products-or not. Exhibit hall allows Dealers to shop for new products and connect with new technology. Conference format allows for peer networking and executive level discussions. Free Wi Fi is provided in all conference areas and hotel rooms so you can stay connected to work. Attendees receive vendor coupons worth over $10,000 in product discounts.