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140twittertipsfor2013 130103092122-phpapp02

  1. 1. @DavidSpinks If you're not seeing results, it's probably not twitter's fault, it's how you're using it. That's ok. Reevaluate why you're there and apply. #1
  2. 2. @divinewrite Help people. #2
  3. 3. @calamity7373 Create a dialogue with your followers, don't just push promotions about your brand in their face. #3
  4. 4. Twitter about how you’re promoting your business, or how you’re getting paid, give followers something they can use! @DunnMich #4
  5. 5. Don't just talk about your product, talk about your area of expertise. And the key talk - have a dialog with your customers or potential customers. #6 #5
  6. 6. Be the first to share. Get an RSS feed of topical news for your industry and post a link as soon as breaking news hits the search engines. #6
  7. 7. @UTFCU - From reports I've seen, we're the first credit union to use Twitter. We promote rates, products, special events. #7
  8. 8. Have you written a lot? Tweet the titles of all articles you have written, and each URL, so your followers can easily find them - @BeerFoxTM #8
  9. 9. Twitter is a conversation. Take some time to listen to what is going on and respond, don't just talk at people. @virtualewit #9
  10. 10. From @hatmandu: don't just use auto-follow tools to spam legions of people - instead, create individual conversations #10
  11. 11. Use Twitter as way to grow your networks on other social media channels. It can be the hub of your social media wheel, each channel a spoke #11
  12. 12. Marketing is about promoting what your expertise is & how that is advantageous to someone else. Now get to tweeting that! #12
  13. 13. Twitter is not a scripted dialog. It is an open conversation between you, your followers and your potential followers. @followthecolson #13
  14. 14. We all got to learn somehow! Just so much to learn, and so many followers. #15 #14
  15. 15. If someone you know has good news (e.g., been promoted), but is too modest to Tweet about it, you might consider Tweeting about it yourself. @appellatelaw #15
  16. 16. @bradjward - Don't get caught up in the numbers game. 100 relevant followers on Twitter is worth more than 1000 followers any day of the week. #17 #16
  17. 17. @makingcjc - learn how to RT (re- tweet) it not only helps you stay active, but let's people know what your interested in. #18 #17
  18. 18. "Retweet" is a powerful tool on Twitter; helps to build your brand, following, trust & seen as an expert in your field - @mayhemstudios #19 #18
  19. 19. Twitter is as good as the people you follow - @lookwebdesign #19
  20. 20. @mooshinindy - Be yourself on twitter. People will either love you or hate you for it but at least it's you. #3 #20
  21. 21. @sarahebuckner: It drives me crazy when people don't post for a few hours, then post 9 times in a row. If they do that a lot, I unfollow. #21
  22. 22. @KristieKreation - Don't just retweet, post links and post quotes!! Make sure you carry on conversations so others know a little about you. #22
  23. 23. @TimPiazza: When you trend, trying to follow your brand is like riding in the front of a roller coaster. Every moment thrills and scares. #23 #23
  24. 24. @watsonk2 - Tweet 80% content your readers will find helpful and 20% self promotion. A good mix will get you farther than 100% promotion. #24 #24
  25. 25. @Arsene333: Before you click send ask yourself "Would I follow this person solely based on this one tweet?" If yes, clink send. #25 #25
  26. 26. Find the perfect balance between the quantity of your tweet versus the quality. #26 #26
  27. 27. Make sure you're able to talk to the people who follow you. Make sure your on when their own, and free to chat. #27 #27
  28. 28. If business has taught you anything is that you have to pick a content niche. Apply that to Twitter. #28 #28
  29. 29. DON'T BE STUCK UP! Talk to the people who took time to mention you, follow you, and/or DM you. #29 #29
  30. 30. @SandyDfromNJ - Twitter is a great place to clarify your vision, mission & message. Are you being Re-Tweeted? #30 #30
  31. 31. Like in Shakespeare the more interesting characters are rounded, not flat or static. So be well rounded (or appear to be). #31 #31
  32. 32. First- Get followers. Second- Keep followers. Sounds easy right? It's actually not. It takes patience and hard work. #32 #32
  33. 33. @Arsene333: Think of Twitter as your own public relations campaign. #33 #33
  34. 34. You are the brand!!! Nothing else. You're selling yourself as a person, your company and showing that you are worthy of being followed. #34 #34
  35. 35. Be human. Don’t be the person who only talks about their product/service. Interact w/ peoplel (RT, DM, etc) on a personal level. #35 #35
  36. 36. Don't be all over the place. Be known as the go to page for a topic, and as a reliable source for information on that topic. #36 #36
  37. 37. @jennielees - Pay it forward - giving is as good as getting, and social capital is invaluable. It's not all about you any more. #37 #37
  38. 38. Twitter can be a powerful tool for customer service. Listen, monitor and respond. #38 #38
  39. 39. @Alonis - DO NOT PUSH YOUR PRODUCT. There, in 26 characters. #39 #39
  40. 40. @azvibe - Don't use twitter if all you're going to do is promote the latest and greatest or ask for help for your business. Be yourself!! #40 #40
  41. 41. @KevinEikenberry - The 3 Twitter Marketing P's To use twitter effectively, be provocative, provide value, and most of all, be personable #41 #41
  42. 42. Remember that Twitter is about communicating, not marketing. Focus on adding value to the conversation, not selling something to someone #42 #42
  43. 43. @Chadrichards - identify, engage, respond, repeat ;) #43 #43
  44. 44. @JillHarding - Simply be genuine and share useful information as in time it will come back to you. #44 #44
  45. 45. @ExactTarget – People don’t buy from logos. People buy from people. Your social media engagement should reflect that. #45
  46. 46. If you murder someone, don’t Tweet about it. Bad for the brand - @brianspaeth #46 #46
  47. 47. Broadcasting is great for TV. Not for Twitter. Participation is a two-way street. Get to know your groups and they will get to know you - @chuckgose #47 #47
  48. 48. Focus on building conversations and relationships and the followers will come - @roundpeg #48 #48
  49. 49. Utilize lists to keep followers organized and segmented. It helps. #49
  50. 50. Build relationships. Share ideas and info with people who have similar interests and then meet them offline @gioias #50 #50
  51. 51. If you decide to use Twitter to communicate, build a strategy and deliver value to your followers. #51
  52. 52. Listen. Listen. Listen. And engage in conversations. Do not spam. #52 #52
  53. 53. Understand your business purposes for spending time and energy on Twitter - @whalehunters #53 #53
  54. 54. Twitter is a great equalizer. CEOs, gurus, and regular joes all have to make the best of 140 characters - @karamartens #54 #54
  55. 55. Be mindful that your horse precedes your cart. Relationships are key - @fleurdeleigh #55 #55
  56. 56. BROADCASTING is one thing. LISTENING is a major thing and REACTING is the real thing - @gambitfauri #56 #56
  57. 57. Do not create another data silo. Connect to a CRM - @happenbetter #57
  58. 58. Content is queen. Context is king. - @taskwum #58 #58
  59. 59. Putting a real name and face on your identity allows customers to associate with your brand on a personal level #59
  60. 60. Employ a content lure strategy. You point users to help content in exchange for influence. #60 #60
  61. 61. @jecates - Following thousands of people hoping to get their attention is more likely to get you blocked than followed #61 #61
  62. 62. Feed your company’s blog to Twitter and drive referral traffic. #62
  63. 63. With every tweet you’re either giving people a reason to retweet or you’re giving them a reason to unfollow - @claymabbitt #63 #63
  64. 64. @augie_malson - develop/build relationships with your (potential followers) Use a background image that connects to your other sites. #64 #64
  65. 65. Listen think then react. Don’t tweet just because. Many following doesn’t mean you are a “super star” - @greenphare #65
  66. 66. @unmarketing - Twitter is a conversation about your business/industry whether you're there or not. Your choice. #66 #66
  67. 67. I might be crazy enough to believe Twitter can lead Social Awareness movements. Lead people to involvement - @BeTheLink #67 #67
  68. 68. If you can’t have a vested, genuine interest in your followers then you are in the wrong business - @PhillipM #68 #68
  69. 69. Share partner and customer content. It will add to your brand and create a community of influencers to support you. #69 #69
  70. 70. Build relationships through interaction and remember quality of content over quantity will get you the right followers - @yougonetwork #70 #70
  71. 71. @unmarketing - Take 5 min daily to reply/retweet others, nothing about you. Engage, interact, build. #71 #71
  72. 72. Twitter works best when integrated. Use it to supplement blogging, email, mobile, and other social media efforts. #72 #72
  73. 73. Put yourself in your customers shoes then respond how you’d expect to be treated - @dawndevirgilio #73
  74. 74. If you expect people to RT your post leave 20 -25 characters for convenient RTs! - @chrisfyvie #74 #74
  75. 75. Watch, learn, and listen – then jump on in. You can’t understand social media until you use it. @VisitFingerLake #75
  76. 76. Do not put all of your (social media) eggs in one basket - @pmhub #76
  77. 77. Twitter marketing is cheap, easy, and effective. If you can’t do it alone get some help. #77 #77
  78. 78. All tweets are read – not just your branding or marketing ones. Be careful what you tweet!- @krisplantrich #78 #78
  79. 79. @LindsayManfredi - Twitter should be about relationship building and trust. Use it wisely and people will get that. Please don't try to sell to me. #79
  80. 80. Great way to establish thought- leadership and drive visibility to your owned online assets – Karen Swim #80
  81. 81. @coffee_online - If it smells of marketing then you're going to convince no-one. That includes spraying fake camouflage scent to cover your tracks #81
  82. 82. @socialjulie - Good marketers can focus on intricacies with a short lens and can then strategize with a long lens and with a strong ROI filter #82 #82
  83. 83. Setup alerts for brand mentions and keywords in your industry to monitor conversations and respond when appropriate. – Steven Shattuck #83
  84. 84. @AlaneAnderson - Don't be the JERK at the party that just wants to sell something. #84 #84
  85. 85. If all of your links point back to you, chances are I am going to ignore you - @makeseriously #85
  86. 86. Speak simple. Share Your passion. RT the best words of others - @MacksMind #86 #86
  87. 87. Building communities that will be sticky takes longer than a few tweets – tweet early and tweet often. #87 #87
  88. 88. Twitter is a great resource for gathering targeted information in specific areas of interest. – Martin Webb #88
  89. 89. @jacobm - Promote your twitter name, I have a link to my twitter profile in my email signature, on my business cards, and at the end of all of my posts. #89
  90. 90. Be authentic. No seriously, be authentic. - @dawndevirgilio #90
  91. 91. Make friends with your followers and tweet then as you’d like them to tweet you - @Aislinnye #91 #91
  92. 92. Don’t think Twitter can’t be useful for something. You can sell, broadcast, activate, converse, and share. @JasonFalls #92 #92
  93. 93. Create lists to monitor competition and customers - @willhardison #93
  94. 94. Tweet funny stuff in funique (fun+unique) ways. Funky ways works too. Funquee - @briancarter #94 #94
  95. 95. Be shockingly honest. Usually at least one person connects with that. #95
  96. 96. Always remember you were a beginner once too @sarahrobinson #96 #96
  97. 97. Interaction is key and what social media is all about. Customers love when a company takes the time to respond to their tweets. – Scott Tolin, Lisaann Dupont and Phillip Martinez #97
  98. 98. Don’t answer “What Are You Doing? Instead: Reply, Retweet, and Respect (by following back those who follow you - @authorlisalogan #98 #98
  99. 99. @jennypratt - Be Bold. Have an opinion. Talk to strangers and have fun! #99
  100. 100. Twitter bios rule. If say something interesting about yourself in 140 characters imagine what you can do with stuff you really care about? @jennypratt #100 #100
  101. 101. Follow people outside your niche. I’ve read books I would have never known existed all from random tweets. #101 #101
  102. 102. Honestly, I really don’t care what you have for lunch. But I do care to know about the light moment you created @jennypratt #102
  103. 103. Understand your audience and what they respond to. Important to customize your message. - @mchouston22 #103
  104. 104. When tweeting, you don't need to make it all about you. #104
  105. 105. Staying on message in Twitter is dangerous. Learn to adapt and listen to what they are telling about your service/product #105 #105
  106. 106. @askfrasco - Twitter is a give and take relationship, you have to contribute yourself in order to have others contribute to you. #106 #106
  107. 107. It's called a "social network" for a reason. Build your network online as you would in real time | you don't have 2 to like every - @homestarstaging #107 #107
  108. 108. @tiffsilverberg– Be real. Get to know your customer base. Be generous. Offer help! No walls. #108
  109. 109. Use Twitter as a distribution channel to push people to a landing page for email acquisition. #109 #109
  110. 110. Provide value and they will watch for more... #110 #110
  111. 111. @tonymarshall - Remember that it's called "tweeting," not "squawking." #111 #111
  112. 112. Manual good. Automatic bad. It is okay to schedule tweets but don’t automate anything. – MediaBistro #112
  113. 113. Remember 140 characters. It is the essence of Twitter. #113
  114. 114. @socialjulie - Marketing on Twitter is really a stripped down type of marketing. It's authentic communication; no other approach will work. #114 #114
  115. 115. @bradpiercephd - "If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you" #115 #115
  116. 116. @smquaseb - Twitter is an ongoing conversation you participate in. It isn't about how much info you can shove out, it is about communicating. #116 #116
  117. 117. Engage. Constantly. #117
  118. 118. Allow your employees to become an authority in their specific skill set. Trust them. #118
  119. 119. @blakenquist Don't talk AT people. Talk TO people. (or Don't broadcast. Engage.) #119
  120. 120. @JustShireen- Talk. Interact. Respond. It should be a conversation, not a sales pitch. #119 #120
  121. 121. It’s a great platform to reinforce your brand by posting interesting content that could be useful to your followers. – Martin Webb #120 #121
  122. 122. @LisaMarieDias - Keep in mind; even if you don’t have a fleet of followers, by tweeting, you are sending info out into the larger worldwide web. #121 #122
  123. 123. @hendrylee - Experience has told us that early adopters to a marketing technology that works is going to give an unfair advantage over others who come in much later. #122 #123
  124. 124. @jacobm- Follow people YOU think are interesting, don’t just follow folks because everyone else is. #123 #124
  125. 125. @joshmiles- Want to recruit your employees or coworkers to Tweet? First take a minute (in person) to explain what to do and why they should. #124 #125
  126. 126. Don’t be intimated. Twitter’s learning curve can be a little steep at first but it essentially boils down to three things which you’ve been doing all of your life: reading, writing and sharing. – MediaBistro #126
  127. 127. @OnRamp101- Don’t be a stranger. Say hi on the weekends. Tweet in the evening. Bring a bit of your self, even if you’re using it primarily for business connections and learning. #126 #127
  128. 128. @screationz - First and foremost, you need to know the difference between posting often and spamming. #128
  129. 129. Remember balance between sharing sales, product, brand and customer service information to your followers. #129
  130. 130. @FranchiseKing suggests tweeting one of your recent press releases or blog posts daily, mixed in with other links to useful and relevant articles and blog postings. #130
  131. 131. @MoxieMarketing - creating a strategy before jumping into Twitter. What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to reach? #130 #131
  132. 132. @timage - T.W.E.E.T: "Timely, Worth reading, Educational, Entertaining, and Tweople-connecting." #131 #132
  133. 133. @JonBacon - create real conversations, and remembering that everything you do on Twitter represents your brand. #132 #133
  134. 134. @searchguru -note that best way to get retweeted is to post content that has value, such as useful blog post. #133 #134
  135. 135. Fill out your bio. It’s OK to be witty, but not at the expense of clarity. Leave the abstract, wacky bios for celebrities, attention-seekers and good, old fashioned weirdos. - MediaBistro #135
  136. 136. Utilize shortened URLs for easy sharing and tracking! #136
  137. 137. @MichaelHartzell - create a unique landing page to link to from your Twitter profile with a greeting and introduction that is a "secret page" only for your Twitter followers. #137 #137
  138. 138. @JoeManna - note the importance of commitment, and recommends spending at least a half hour per day discovering and Tweeting. #138 #138
  139. 139. @StaciJShelton - following people who retweet your content in order to build relationships with people who value what you share. #139 #139
  140. 140. @DellOutlet - The shorter and more direct your message is, the more successful you're going to be. #140