Illumaware Products And Services


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Illumaware Products And Services

  1. 1. Illumaware Suite of Tools and Services ACESAdvantage® Rapid Customer On Boarding Evokat® Data Authoring, Maintenance & Distribution MyCarParts® Custom Branded Electronic Catalog ACES2Print® PDF Catalog Layouts
  2. 2. ACESAdvantage® Rapid Customer On-Boarding Map unknown fitment notes. Load custom and/or ACES files into Evokat for validation. Identify Holes, Compliant, Invalid, and Conflicting Records. Train customers how to use Evokat. Commence email and telephone customer support. Increased Speed To Market 30 – 60 Day Timeline
  3. 3. “ I am aware of only a handful of companies that can do a really clean and precise conversion of raw data. Illumaware, with their Evokat system is one of them. The one thing that separates Illumaware from the rest, in the world of ACES mapping processes, is their tireless service ” and customer support. Dennis Santiago, Catalogue Manager NuGeon Auto Components
  4. 4. Evokat® Data Authoring, Maintenance & Distribution Monitors the health of your data against the latest AAIA stds. Provides research to repair invalid and conflicting records. Distributes your data to any Reseller in their required format. Enables countermen to match your images to applications. Has a comprehensive User’s Guide and unmatched support. Requires a minimal start up fee and low monthly subscription. Increased speed to market & improved cataloging productivity 24/7/365 Availability Online
  5. 5. “ Illumaware has the best data-authoring tool I’ve seen in the industry. Evokat impressed me during ” the demo and continues to do so today. Cal Settle Publications Manager“ We noticed a measurable increase in our sales after we began managing our ACES and PIES data in Evokat. ” Bob Tye General Manager
  6. 6. MyCarParts® Custom Branded Electronic Catalog Complimentary with an Evokat subscription. Can be a standalone website or imbedded in your website. Can lock down ACES/PIES data with role based security. Prevents site ‘scraping’ with blacklisting software. Owners can view site usage statistics from Google Analytics. Is populated with your most recent ACES & PIES data. Reduces non-damaged returns through real time fitment changes Updated Every 48 Hours
  7. 7. “ We are starting to leverage Evokat’s core into many other ancillary Products (MyCarParts…) and I believe we are just touching the surface… You certainly have a ” friend in Brembo. Ferde Sanders Aftermarket Manager
  8. 8. ACES2Print® PDF Catalog Layouts PDF catalogs have a one time creation fee. PDF catalog data is continuously updated from Evokat. Electronic and print data are all part a single Evokat database. PDF catalogs reside in Evokat’s Report Library for distribution. PDF catalogs can be posted on your website. Page count reductions from footnotes reduces printing costs. Reusable Application & Buyers Guides 24/7/365 Availability Online
  9. 9. “ ACES2Print has allowed our company to focus our attention on the critical component of the paper catalog… the data. By eliminating the headache associated with the organization and layout of a print catalog, we can direct that time, energy and cost investment to the data and allow ACES2Print to perform its job of publishing an ” attractive and marketable print catalog. Nicole Gilmore Owner