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Why You Should Start A Pole Dancing Workout At Home


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Why You Should Start A Pole Dancing Workout At Home

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Why You Should Start A Pole Dancing Workout At Home

  1. 1. Why You Should Start A Pole Dancing Workout At Home
  2. 2. Pole fitness dancing is beautiful to watch and somehow elevates the feminine soul when it’s actually performed. Every woman wishes she could move with grace and elegance. Every woman wishes to walk with confidence, dance with incredible power and seduction while connecting to a higher part of herself she has somehow convinced herself she has never known.
  3. 3. Every woman wishes to feel so incredibly sexy and worthy within her own skin yet most women will NEVER dare to let themselves go that far because they don’t believe they can. Why? What happened to us?
  4. 4. Did we really let our culture convince us that our body must look perfect before we have a RIGHT to feel that inner prowess? Did we abandon our natural innate ability to BE softly humble yet confident, sexy yet professional, mysterious yet forthright, and powerfully seductive yet distant and out of reach?
  5. 5. At what point did we trade the juicy delectable joy in a good home pole dancing workout for a redundant “no pain no gain” gym workout we force ourselves to do when deep down we hate it? What happened? Life can be over in a split second and those you thought would be here tomorrow to yell at may vanish overnight. Would it be worth living with the sacrifices you have made thus far?
  6. 6. Your workout is a POWERFUL part of your life. Subconsciously your workout for a reason; to gain something. You need to gain something because you don’t feel like you have it already. What is that “something” in your work out? What’s missing? Perhaps a dance pole?
  7. 7. Getting real with yourself and answering these questions will give you valuable insights about yourself you may have never dared to know.
  8. 8. Daring to know yourself in deeper and better ways is the hidden undercurrent in a pole dancing workout at home. You won’t find this hidden gem in any “gym workout”.
  9. 9. This video to the right is my first complete pole dancing routine I was able to do after herniating two discs. I wasn’t able to completely straighten my left leg at times or even keep my toes pointed at times due to calf cramping from sciatica pain, but I was still able to joyfully dance which I am grateful for everyday. possible:
  10. 10. The joy of this dance helped me become who I am today and get back into shape after being unable to walk for months ….. It made me feel more confident and believe in myself in more deeper ways than I ever thought.
  11. 11. (Side Note** Yes, that is the Pro Quality Dance Pole AKA Affordable No Brand Pole I am dancing on, people ask me that a lot.) I’m not really going to say you “should” start a pole dancing workout at home on a fitness pole but I am going to provoke you into thinking about various possibilities to elevate your feminine soul to higher levels THROUGH your everyday fitness routine.
  12. 12. Sleep takes up a large portion of our life, and then there are family obligations and daily obligations like preparing meals and eating right. Then there is our job or career stripping away the rest of our time. With so little “valuable” time left in our day for ourselves after all those obligations are taken care of, I would strongly suggest that you don’t WASTE it on a workout you either hate OR a workout that isn’t creating more positive soul growth and results you want.
  13. 13. A pole dancing workout for women at home is joyful and fun, even if it didn’t go as planned. Have you ever had a “bad time” on a dance floor? Don’t let fear or self-doubts hold you back from using that “valuable window of time” in more fun, joyous, and positive ways.
  14. 14. Your workout falls in the “valuable window of time” make it count. Here is how I enjoy spending my “workout time”:
  15. 15. Share the love and pass this article around! =>> should-start-a-pole-dancing-workout-at- home/ Awareness and education are key to keeping everyone safe as they embark on a pole fitness journey, especially for those of us who are learning pole dancing from home.
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