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Build a Great, Agile Business with a Proven Framework for End-to-End Product Line Transformation

When you work with Rally Services, you help your company add disciplines that mature your culture from bureaucratic or fire-fighting to one that sustains a high pace of innovation and agility. Rally uses the proven Agile and Lean framework of Flow ⇒ Pull ⇒ Innovate to quickly grow your organizational skills in both discipline and agility.

Flow ⇒ Pull ⇒ Innovate is the transformation framework that helps you adopt and expand Agile disciplines in your organization to create an Agile Business.
More on Agile consulting >> http://www.rallydev.com/agile_services/approach/

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  • Agile Planning is highly disciplined. One key difference from traditional planning is that it is continuous, so we avoid the rapid obsolescence of long-term plans. Traditional plans spend too much effort up-front, causing waste.Why 5 Levels?- As leaders, we must provide a clear method for prioritization and budget allocation to keep projects aligned with business needs- As team members, we must show how our daily work maps to our strategyFor everyone, we must be able to Set targets and meet commitmentsEffectively plan budgets and assign resourcesQuickly assess progress and costs against our goals5 Levels gives us a Systematic approach for delivering projects aligned with business priorities. So we can:Sequence releases to best support the businessRoll-up status of individual teams to track progress and costs of our higher level initiatives and programsStop work in progress that’s no longer relevantPPM and ALM are converging all around the “project”. PPM controls the funding and management of projects. Execution of projects is going Agile and Agile is disrupting the entire process – hence PPM needs to change to reflect the revolution that is Agile.PPM vendors are announcing support for Agile. Daptiv and CA included. For us, we see PPM as the productization of the top 2 levels of planning. It’s an organized process that goes beyond what we manage today to look at the entire lifecyle from idea to funding to execution to production.
  • Note: This is launching 24 teams within a year and getting these teams to Flow and basic Agile best practices. And, some teams will also be moving into Pull as they mature. And, for companies that embrace these practices, Program Pull can also begin.Rally recommends that an organization launch teams in “waves.” In the example above, the Agile & Rally rollout begins with the launch of 5 teams. As teams are launched and go through an iteration, a Rally coach also facilitates retrospectives and planning for the next iteration. As critical mass is reached, Rally can conduct private Certified ScrumMaster and/or Certified Product Owner training or these team members can attend public courses. Rally coaches usually begin to train the company’s internal coaches in Q2. It is important to note that Rally’s coaching engagements will be customized according to the organization’s needs.
  • Rally Agile Services: Flow > Pull > Innovate

    1. 1. INNOVATE<br />Agile Business<br />PULL<br />Multi-TeamAgile Programs<br />FLOW<br />Cross- Functional Agile Teams<br />Use a Proven Framework for Creating the Agile Business<br />Grow Your Agile Discipline<br />
    2. 2. How to Go From Good to Great<br />
    3. 3. Flow -> Pull -> Innovate Framework Guides our Lean & Agile Transformation <br />Your Agile Rollout and Success Plans describe the adoption and scaling of Agile in your organization <br />
    4. 4. Flow -> Pull -> Innovate Step-by-Step<br />Establish team flow on pilot teams<br />Mature to team pull on pilots<br />Scale to program-level pull for synchronized teams<br />Scale to multi-program pull for coordinated teams<br />Mature to an organization that can regularly innovate<br />
    5. 5. Each step has a formula of..<br />Disciplines to attain <br />Roadblocks to watch for <br />Results that pay for continued investment <br />Tooling for success<br />
    6. 6. Flow Builds Cross-Functional Agile Teams From Department Silos<br />
    7. 7. Iterations<br />1-4 Weeks<br />Daily<br />Meetings<br />Incremental Delivery of Customer Value<br />Product<br />Backlog<br />Iteration<br />Backlog<br />Product<br />Increment<br />A Team in Flow Works in Iterations to Deliver Stories<br />Cross-functional team<br />Time-box rhythm<br />Inspect & adapt<br />Goal: 100% story acceptance<br />
    8. 8. Releases<br />1-4 Months<br />Iterations<br />1-4 Weeks<br />Daily<br />Meetings<br />Incremental Delivery of Customer Value<br />Product<br />Backlog<br />Release<br />Backlog<br />Product<br />Increment<br />A Team in Pull Consistently Meets Longer Term Release Commitments<br /><ul><li>Pulls ready stories from business
    9. 9. Highest priorities first
    10. 10. Team swarms features</li></ul>Goal: Zero Defect Policy<br />
    11. 11. Program Pull Grows Disciplines to Coordinate Multiple, Distributed Teams<br />Team-of-TeamsProgram Steering<br />Portfolio Mgt & Governance<br />Agile Scales by replicating cross-functional teams. We don’t increase Agile team size!<br />Multi-Team Program<br />Release Mgt<br />Architecture Council<br />
    12. 12. Programs in Pull Reliably Deliver Complex, Cross-Cutting Features against the Product Roadmap<br />Synchronized Release Train<br />
    13. 13. Innovative Companies Align Planning and Decision Making From Strategy through Execution<br />
    14. 14. How We Get There <br />Rally coaches work to form your transition team, create your Agile rollout plan and then train your teams and internal coaches<br />
    15. 15. Example of Agile Rollout for 500<br />Teams are launched in Agile “waves.” Your internal coaches begin training in Q2. <br />
    16. 16. Organization-wide Transformation in Tandem <br />Once a number of teams are launched, organization training ensures alignment across products and all roles in your larger value streams<br />
    17. 17. Summary<br />Creating a great, Agile business requires a culture of discipline and innovation<br />Flow -> Pull -> Innovate is theproven Agile frameworkfor end-to-end productline transformation<br />Talk to Rally to see howan Agile Rollout wouldproceed in yourorganization<br />INNOVATE<br />Agile Business<br />PULL<br />Multi-TeamAgile Programs<br />FLOW<br />Cross- Functional Agile Teams<br />