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Executive Experience Reports

  1. 1. Execs share their justificationsfor Agile transformation<br />Executive Experience Reports <br />“Why Agile? Because the market moves while we’re building. Too often we are late, with features that miss expectations.”<br />1<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  2. 2. Agile Moves to the Boardroom of the Fortune 500 & World’s Largest IT Org<br />2<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  3. 3. Our stock has been down - something needs to change<br />Agile lets us make smaller increments of change, get feedback and adjust, so we put out the best product possible while maintaining quality<br />We make big bets on big projects, and customers aren't liking the results<br />The quick wins and early returns we are getting from Agile are funding our continued transformation<br />Our ability to change has gotten slow <br />Rally offered the partnership to help us succeed with the difficult process of organization change. <br />We need to spend time only on what's valuable, and not on what isn't<br />Executives Use Agile to Stay Relevant in Today’s Markets<br />3<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  4. 4. Inovis Increases Productivity, while Reducing Defects by 33%<br />“With Rally and Agile, the most important priorities for the business get done every two weeks.”<br />Erik HuddlestonCTO, Inovis<br />Click to watch the video!<br />4<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  5. 5. CDC Delivers Software 3x Faster<br />“Our teams are widely distributed and being able to communicate and share knowledge across those teams has been absolutely essential. We could not do it without using Rally."<br />Judith MillsVP of Product Engineering, CDC Software<br />Click to watch the video!<br />5<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  6. 6. NEOGOV Enhances Collaboration<br />"Rally and Agile has enabled our teams to dramatically improve collaboration. This improved visibility and communication efficiency has improved the productivity of our teams by as much as 50%."<br />Michael MacDonaldSenior VP of Product Development, NEOGOV<br />Click to watch the video!<br />6<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  7. 7. HomeAway Increases Predictability<br />"Not only are we faster to market, but the predictability we gain from the data we can mine from Rally is huge."<br />Jack YangDirector of Engineering, HomeAway<br />Click to watch the video!<br />7<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  8. 8. Qualcomm Meets Critical Deadline for New Product<br />"I truly think that we would have not made the deadline for our product release without Agile and Rally."<br />Laureen KnudsenSenior Director of Business Development, Qualcomm<br />Click to watch the video!<br />8<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  9. 9. UTI Dramatically ImprovesTime-to-Market<br />“With millions of dollars at risk, we had to change the way we were developing software. With Agile and Rally we were able to deliver mission-critical functionality in 30 days.”<br />David AnnisVP of Software Development, Universal Technical Institute<br />Click to watch the video!<br />9<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  10. 10. Rally’s Enterprise Agile Rollouts Reach Across Industries <br />10<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  11. 11. Deliver High-quality Releases<br />SOLUTION<br />RESULT<br />CHALLENGE<br /><ul><li>Testing taking 2-3 months per release
  12. 12. Scale Agile development practices to manage hundreds of personnel across worldwide workforce
  13. 13. Engaged Rally’s coaches to guide Agile adoption
  14. 14. Implemented Rally’s on-demand lifecycle management solution
  15. 15. Deliver high-quality releases in a fraction of the time
  16. 16. Individual team productivity increases by 20-50%</li></ul>“When we started with Agile, I was concerned itmight be a less disciplined method for development. In reality, it’s more disciplined, and provides more accountability. Using Agile with Rally’s solutions is giving us stronger, more tangible metrics and better visibility into our progress.” Paul Beavers, Director of R&D<br />11<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  17. 17. Improve Prioritization<br />SOLUTION<br />RESULT<br />CHALLENGE<br /><ul><li>Waterfall methodology did not allow for customer interaction in the development process
  18. 18. No predictable software release cycles
  19. 19. Implemented Rally’s lifecycle management solution
  20. 20. Engaged Rally coaches to educate teams on Agile best practices
  21. 21. Dramatically improved prioritization process
  22. 22. Deliver software releases on-time or ahead of schedule</li></ul>“In essence, Rally has required the entire organization be an active participant in the development<br />process. The development organization does the most important work first, and this is directly linked to the organization’s priorities. Rally has forced better prioritization through the entire company.” John Alpine, Vice President of R&D<br />12<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  23. 23. Get Real-time Visibility<br />SOLUTION<br />RESULT<br />CHALLENGE<br /><ul><li>No overview of development efforts across the organization
  24. 24. Implemented Rally’s on-demand lifecycle management solution
  25. 25. Almost two times faster time-to-market as compared to industry average
  26. 26. Team productivity 10% higher than industry average</li></ul>“You can hide a lot of issues in a plan-based schedule,<br />and you simply can’t do that using Agile and Rally. WithRally, we now have really good visibility on our engineering efforts, so it’s easy to see where we stand at any point in time and how resources are being used for particular projects.” Bill Leech, Senior Manager of Project Services<br />13<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  27. 27. Improve Productivity<br />SOLUTION<br />RESULT<br />CHALLENGE<br /><ul><li>Cut costs by eliminating redundant infrastructure
  28. 28. Upgrade information delivery system to accommodate a greater number of users
  29. 29. Leverage executive support to cultivate a collaborative Agile culture across the development organization
  30. 30. Engaged Rally coaches to implement large-scale Agile transformation
  31. 31. Across-the-board productivity increase of 20%
  32. 32. Build products right the first time around and deliver on-time</li></ul>“Our partnership with Rally has been great. The tool is amust, but just as importantly, Rally has provided the people and the training that we needed to be successful with our Agile rollout.”Mamie Jones, VP of Technology<br />14<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />
  33. 33. Summary<br />The world’s largest companies are using Agile to transform their business and stay relevant<br />Secure a proven Agile partner to assist in your enterprise transition<br />Understand what return to expect on your Agile investment - Download the Agile Impact Report<br />Seek out your peers to discuss what they are doing - Attend an Agile Executive Forum<br />15<br />© 2010 Rally Software Development, Inc.<br />