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Magazine advertisement

  1. 1. Magazine Advertisement Draft. To reveal to the audience when the album is out. Out ‘OUT NOW’ Now suggests that the album is scarce, therefore may persuade audience to purchase album quicker, ALBUM before its gone. I placed the original album cover this is to help the audience make a visual connection between the album and the advert HIT SINGLE The hit single will be selected from the back album cover. 5 stars, to hint to the audience that the album is outstanding, in other words as good as it can be
  2. 2. Using the online editing website ‘Pik Monkey’, I placed the original album cover (this is tohelp the audience make a visual connection between the album and the advert) in the centreof a blank white A4 sized ‘paper’ . I have used an A4 sized paper because it is clear that tomy understanding that magazine advertisements are often on an A4 paper. I have beeninspired by Jessie J’s original album advertisement, where her album is placed onto theadvert , and moreover there is a blank black slate which where the text is placed
  3. 3. From my audience research it revealed to me that my target audience wanted to see plain text, which is why thefont is very simple.I then placed the texts onto the cover. I imitated similar texts I found out in my secondary research such as ‘Newalbum out now’ ‘featuring #1 hit’ (Chris Brown Graffiti) I believe that by imitating these texts I believe that thatit will promote authenticity. This also shows that that I am conforming to the codes and conventions of albumadvertisements. I used the ‘Arial’ Font as it is very artless. Furthermore I included 5 stars onto the advert, to represent theratings of the album. Lastly I included the song title ‘Let me in’ which is present on the album cover (back). Ihave included this because evidently from my primary research my target audience would prefer to see a singlefrom the artist. I used similar texts, as the one in Rihanna’s magazine advert where she included the words‘Featuring’
  4. 4. I then used the ‘Dusk’ effect to fade and neutralise out the harsh effect of the white background. I alsoincluded ‘Lola Cruz’s’ website, as I noticed it was present in my secondary research.
  5. 5. Lastly I included the iTunes Logo where fans, can download the album. I saved the imagefrom ‘Google Images’ where I later then copied and pasted it onto my advertisement.
  6. 6. Using Pik monkey again, I will be making the spine of my album cover. Here is a rectanglesquare with transformed, into the size, of which I found album spines were meant tobe(117.475 x 150.02 mm with 6.35 mm
  7. 7. I used the ‘dark edges’ tool:First I reduced the intensity to 0Then I changed the colour to brownI have done this overall to create an illusion of a 3Dimensional piece, as it is crucial for thespine to look dimensional, due to the fact that it is folded. This therefore increases itsauthenticity
  8. 8. Next, I included the artist name ‘Lola Cruz’ and the album name ‘stranger’ I used the‘Mancelle script’ as it is the same font I have used on the front cover. This is showingcontinuity. As it is a convention that I carried out throughout the production of my albumcover
  9. 9. Next I also decided to ‘overlay the text ‘Lola Cruz’, This is because the effect of the text ‘lolacruz’ connotes a sense of something that you know is there however can also be identified as notthere, almost as if it fading into the background of which heavily relates to the name of thealbum ‘stranger’ This effect has also been achieved on the front and back cover of my album
  10. 10. I then retrieved this logo from goggle images. Inoticed that this logo was present in mysecondary research. This shows that I amconforming into the conventions of album coverspines
  11. 11. I then opened my spine onto ADOBE Photoshop CS4, where I used the‘magic wand’ tool to remove the white background of the logo. Thisfurthermore increases authenticity