Simplify Moodle


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Simplify Moodle.
This presentation was held on iMoot Moodle Conference in May 2013

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Simplify Moodle

  1. 1. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Simplify MoodleRalf Hilgenstock – eLeDia – eLearning im Dialog – Berlin | Bonn
  2. 2. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Is there only one way?
  3. 3. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Simplify MoodleSimplification is aboutreducing complexityWhere comescomplexity from?
  4. 4. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Why is Moodle so complex?Is Moodle really complex?Is the design of a learning processsimple?Is your Moodle system configuredindividually for your needs? Andwhat does this mean?
  5. 5. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Could Moodle be as simply asFacebook?What does Facebook?●Search for friends, confirmfriendships●Publish status information, read –answer to them●Confirm like●Invite for eventsDid this cover your needsfor your LMS?
  6. 6. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Did you try ever this on Facebook?●Create fully seperated groups?●Uploaded files for a group●Create quiz questions●Grade students●Publish grades individually only●Delete advertising●Create common texts
  7. 7. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Facebook - Thesis●80 % of students and 95% ofteachers never tried●to publish files in a structured way onfacebook●to create private groups und protectthem against public access●to read and understand user policy,data protection policy, copyrightpolicy.If you try this, it will be (very)complex or impossible.
  8. 8. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Moodle will not be fully simple. Never.Why?●The process of learning und teaching is notsimple●What is my learning content, syllabus?●What is the context where Im teaching (situation, learnergroup, institutional context, learning pre-experience, sizeof group)?●How will I teach my topics?●Which are my learning process steps?●What should be teached onsite, what online? MosteLearning is integrated in a blended learning scenario.●Did I need options for invention during learning process?Did I need alternative pathways?●Which types of feedback I would like to use?Assignments? Quizzes? Process consultation?Do you have a clear process and design scriptbefore you start to setup your online course?
  9. 9. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.A Learning Management System offers… every single teacher andthe colleagues teaching the sametopicsor across the topicsthe required toolsfor not yet defined learningscenarios
  10. 10. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.A Learning Management System offers… every single teacher andthe colleagues teaching the sametopicsor across the topicsthe required toolsfor not yet defined learningscenarios
  11. 11. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Simplicity is possible ...… if it well defined,●whats really needed●what is not required●what typical learning scenariosare that should be supported bydefault.
  12. 12. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.A Learning Management System offersKnows what s/he needHave defined commonrequirementsHave defined commonrequirementsAre well definedAre defined… every single teacher andthe colleagues teachingthe same topicsor across the topicsthe required toolsfor not yet defined learning scenarios
  13. 13. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Coming back to Moodle:Learning Institutions needs●an individual configurationbased on the institutionalrequirements, process andconceptsThat means:●The learning institution needs(an) use case(s) and●process definition(s)
  14. 14. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Are there Alternatives? Yes !●The LMS knows intuitively what a teacherlikes to do. An illusion nobody really wants.or●There are only three features:●File upload●Create assignments●GradeIs this enough?●What teachers ask: I need links to URLs, Can I useComic sans as font in primary school?, Can we reusethe course next year and delete all user data?
  15. 15. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Modularity of Moodle… is the fundamental start forindividual configurationsActivities, Blocks, Filter, Quiz questiontypes, Repositories, Course formats, Editor,User registration, Course enrollements,Default settings, Advanced featuressettings, Roles and Permissions
  16. 16. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.User registration - AuthentificationDisable self registration as user.Use external systems if available.
  17. 17. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Start Page after LoginDefine MyMoodle as start page afterloginShould user change settings or doyou want to use it for generalannouncements?
  18. 18. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Course EnrollmentActivate methods that should be used. No more.
  19. 19. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Course Format | Course SettingsDefine Defaults
  20. 20. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Use Default Settings for Activities
  21. 21. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Use Default Settings for Activities
  22. 22. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Use Default Settings for Activities
  23. 23. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Blocks in new Courses :Reduce to the MinimumDo you use communicationextensively?Do you announce any newsduring the course?Do you have course relatedevents?Do you change course elementsduring course?Delete one block onthe right sidefor each no in youranswers.
  24. 24. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Admin, define a minimum of blocks innew courses in config.php// $CFG->defaultblocks_override =participants,activity_modules,search_forums,course_list:news_items,calendar_upcoming,recent_activity;//// These variables define the specific settings fordefined course formats.// They override any settings defined in the formats ownconfig file.// $CFG->defaultblocks_site =site_main_menu,course_list:course_summary,calendar_month;// $CFG->defaultblocks_social =participants,search_forums,calendar_month,calendar_upcoming,social_activities,recent_activity,course_list;// $CFG->defaultblocks_topics =participants,activity_modules,search_forums,course_list:news_items,calendar_upcoming,recent_activity;
  25. 25. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Blocks – an endless listAsk an experienced userwhat the features for anyblock are?
  26. 26. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Reduce Blocks
  27. 27. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Roles: Are you workingwith the default Roles? Why?
  28. 28. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Howto?Reduce: addinstance Permissions
  29. 29. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Permissions: Backup, Restore, Import
  30. 30. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Permissions: Backup, Restore, Import
  31. 31. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Role assignments
  32. 32. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Role assignments
  33. 33. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Switch between rolesYou can see the course viewwith they eyesof an other personin their role.
  34. 34. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Switch between rolesDefine which role can switch to an other role.Is it really required as teacher?
  35. 35. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Question typesReduce number of question typesThink about question behaviour settingsRedefine order of questions types for selection
  36. 36. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Question TypesReduce number ofquestion typesReorder the questiontypes. Mostly usedon top.
  37. 37. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Assignment types
  38. 38. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.RepositoriesWhich repository types are required?Which role should get accessto which repository?Did you ever switch betweendifferent views?
  39. 39. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Some very helpfull FiltersFilters are disabled by default in Moodle systems
  40. 40. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Editor
  41. 41. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Editor
  42. 42. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Editor Settings
  43. 43. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Moodle 2.5 - some HighlightsDrag and drop for text fromword processor to course page- also for URL addresses
  44. 44. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Moodle 2.5 – some HighlightsQuiz settings form
  45. 45. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Moodle 2.5 some HighlightsCreate quizquestions ina muchsimplierform
  46. 46. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.
  47. 47. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Whats missing?●Lets discuss,what should be simplified infuture?
  48. 48. The expertsfor technology,pedagogic and organisation.Contact●eLeDia eLearning im DialogRalf HilgenstockGerman Moodle Partnerphone: 0049 30 5056 1070mail:●My Blog: