Prototypes and testing


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Prototypes and testing

  2. 2. THE SITUATION After 15 years of studying inThailand, the stakeholder migrates to Australia to find her luck and start her career there She has no experience in anything yet She left her family and her boyfriend inThailand
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM While she currently has a job, the stakeholder feels that the job is not for her. However, she lacks confidence in applying for new jobs because of her inexperience While being alone in a foreign land is another predicament, her main problem is really finding the right fit for her.
  4. 4. SUMMARY OF SOLUTIONS PROTOTYPEA: KEEP the job PROTOTYPE B: LEAVE the job and concentrate on finding a new one that is suitable for her
  5. 5. PROTOTYPE A: KEEP the job The steps in this prototype are: Keep the job so she gains Experience that will Empower her to Pursue her rightful career path
  6. 6. PROTOTYPE A: KEEP the job Suggestions on what she could do: 1. Get all the experience she can get 2. Look for mentors that can guide her and help her go through the employment more smoothly 3. Look for inspiration that will help her love her work more (make friends at work, read more about the line of work) 4. Continue searching for a possible career path/s in the future and use her current work in finding ways to improve the skills she needs for that career path
  7. 7. PROTOTYPE A TESTING Keep the job SubjectA:The stakeholder Response: - She did stay at her current job - She said she is still in the adjustment phase but said “it’s not as bad as before” - She made new friends in the office.While most of them are older than her, she gets really useful advice from them - She recently had an interview with another job. She said she prefers this new job but the offer is only for part-time so she is still weighing her options. - For now, she’s inclined to keeping the job and stay there a bit longer - Feedback: “The prototype was effective. It helped me in many ways”
  8. 8. PROTOTYPE A TESTING Keep the job Subject B: A role playing activity. The scenario was explained to another person and the prototype has been suggested. Here are his comments: - It’s hard to find the job you really at the first try so he agrees to stay on the current job - He also agrees that the person should look for more interviews so that she can have options - He adds that the person in this situation should be contented with what she has first. She should gain the experience first. It would help her in the future - Feedback: The prototype was generally sound. It can help someone have a sense of direction. However, it maybe needs more specific suggestions on how to approach things.
  9. 9. PROTOTYPE B: LEAVE the job The steps in this prototype are: Leave the job to Enable herself to Assess her dreams and determine her true Value so she Ends up with a rightful career path
  10. 10. PROTOTYPE B: LEAVE the job Suggestions on what she could do: 1. Quit the job 2.Assess her strengths and weaknesses 3. Make a list of career paths she desires 4. Pick the career paths where she can use her strengths but without disregarding the ones that she really desires and thinks she is willing to learn and do well in. 5. In doing this, she knows the options where she is confident in and she knows those where she needs more improvement. 6.A viable career path could be something that she really wants and something that she is very effective in or that she‘s really interested in learning. 7. She might not get what she wants but she should not stop trying when she’s let down.
  11. 11. PROTOTYPE B TESTING Leave the job Subjects A and B: Group Discussion The scenario was explained to two subjects and the suggested prototype was presented. Here are their comments: - It is really important that you love your job and not work only for the money - Understanding one’s vocation would help him/her to find the rightful career path - Feedback: The prototype was helpful. Using the letters of LEAVE is a creative presentation of the steps.The suggested action points were appropriate for the scenario. However, some of the steps are unclear.They need more refinement.