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Twitter 101 + Twitter for Business


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A quick-start guide to using Twitter for business, and growing business, prepared for the Carolina Association of Translators & Interpreters, by Raleighwood Media Group. May 2015

Published in: Marketing
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Twitter 101 + Twitter for Business

  1. 1. Twitter 101 + Twitter for Business Lisa Jeffries Email: Phone: 919-229-9725 Online: | | @RMG_REG
  2. 2. Lisa Jeffries, a 2007 graduate of N.C. State University, has been working in marketing since 2005. Jeffries opened her own firm, Raleighwood Media Group + Raleighwood Event Group, in 2008, where she has helped numerous individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations over the years with extensive marketing plans and professionally- executed events. Well known for word of mouth advocacy for local businesses and making an introduction to friends that can further each of their business interests, Lisa’s passion for digital marketing and new media opportunities is unlike any in her industry. Jeffries' favorite philanthropic organizations include SPCA of Wake County, Band Together, Raleigh Rotaract, Transitions LifeCare (formerly Hospice of Wake County), and many more. In her free time, Lisa enjoys spending quality time with her dogs Delta, Tank, and Mason. She also enjoys visiting with local restaurants and bars (Bida Manda and An are two of her local favorites for cuisine, The Wine Feed for after work drinks) and cheering on the NC State Wolfpack, no matter the season. You can follow her on Twitter professionally (@rmg_reg) and personally (@ncsulilwolf), as well as read her local shopping blog at #WelcomeToRaleighwood
  3. 3. ● Resources ○ Mashable’s Guide Book ■ http://mashable. com/guidebook/twitter/ ○ My blog :-) ■ RaleighwoodMedia. com/blog ○ Twitter Small Business blog ■ https://blog.twitter. com/small-business A Crash Course in Twitter ● Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets". Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them.
  4. 4. ● Managing multiple accounts ○ Personal ○ Professional/business ○ Using different lists on each ○ Following different keyword searches or topics ● Know the topics or hashtags being used in your industry/interests Brand Yourself ● Fill out your profile completely with: ○ First and last name ○ Quality bio ○ Location ○ Link to your website ○ Headshot
  5. 5. ● Mobile ○ Various apps ○ Ease of sharing ○ Official Twitter app ■ Easy to switch between multiple accounts ○ Easy to manage “Lists” on both desktop and mobile, helps to cut down on the clutter/focus on task or topic ● Desktop ○ ○ TweetDeck ■ http:///tweetdeck.twitter. com ■ Allows for lots of easy “watching”, managing multiple accounts using columns Desktop vs. Mobile
  6. 6. Twitter Search ● Basics of Search: ○ People/other users ○ Industry leaders (yawn!) ○ Local companies ○ Professional/trade organizations ○ Educational ○ Peers ● Using Search to Win: ○ Responding to users as a human ○ Saving searches for keywords/topics ■ Seeking referrals ■ Complaining about frustration/problem- solver needed
  7. 7. Integrate with Email Marketing ● Recycle your best content ○ The majority of content you spend time creating never gets seen on social ● Brand yourself as an expert in the area based on publishing helpful exchanges ● Consider sending dedicated campaigns to engage users on various platforms outside of email ● Include social media as more than just “buttons” or calls to action to follow ● What value do you offer on social that they can’t find elsewhere?
  8. 8. Integrate with Everyday Actions ● How many emails do you send a year? ● Make sure you have a compelling calls to interact with you on Twitter (and/or other platforms) in your signature… with links! ● Consider a cross-promotional exchange with complementary businesses/groups/other professionals ● Share tips alongside social media calls to action on your business card or other collateral you use for your business on a regular basis
  9. 9. Twitter Advertising ● Types of Ads on Twitter ○ Grow fans ○ Drive clicks, conversions ○ Increase tweet engagements ○ Drive app installs or engagement ○ Find leads ○ @TwitterAds ● Case Study ○ $500 generated 200+ new followers ○ Targeted competitor publications ○ Targeted NC geographic area ○ Received demographic data about new followers, interests
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