February 2014 Raleigh Chapter ISSA Board update slides


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February Board Update

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February 2014 Raleigh Chapter ISSA Board update slides

  1. 1. February 2014 http://raleigh.issa.org LinkedIn Facebook @RaleighISSA
  2. 2. Welcome New Members & Guests Hello from the board and your Member Development Director- Andre Henry Guests are always welcome! $10 for dinner and the show http://raleighissaguest.eventbrite.com Guests Donnie Johnson Dan Boulden Kristen Calcaterra Sabrina Abraham Shawn Ryan Brian Shields New Horizon Students New Members  Jason Gionta  Jennifer Durbin  David Elks  Andrew Butler
  3. 3. 2014 Board President = Robert Martin VP = Mark Whitteker Treasurer = Mark Fontes Education Director = Chuck Kesler Communications Director = Greg Handerhan Secretary = Debra Taylor Conference Director = Nathan Kim Digital Media Director = Frank Jou
  4. 4. Chapter Sponsors
  5. 5. Finances Update Chapter Treasurer: Mark Fontes treasurer@raleighissa.org
  6. 6. Finances Update Chapter Treasurer: Mark Fontes treasurer@raleighissa.org
  7. 7. Minutes Update Chapter Secretary: Debra Taylor secretary@raleighissa.org  At the January meeting  Attendees: 112  Sponsored by:  Eric Cray presented "How confident do you feel about your Mobile Security Policy?" Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan 94 150 52 76 117 78 77 87 94 89 93 112
  8. 8. InfoSeCon 2014 Chapter Conference Director: Nathan Kim conference@raleighissa.org Planning is underway for our 2014 InfoSeCon • Volunteer Survey coming out soon!! • Sponsors needed • Speaker update • Keep up to date on InfoSec planning -> http://raleigh.issa.org/events/infosecon/
  9. 9. Education Updates Chapter Education Director: Chuck Kesler education@raleighissa.org We are forming a team to work together on Education events for 2014. • Anyone interested in volunteering to assist with planning and/or delivering education events should contact Chuck Kesler (education@raleighissa.org). • Voice your suggestion on the member survey • Currently, we are planning to continue the Back-to-Basics sessions.. • Will keep the same schedule, running 5-6pm prior to the Chapter meeting. • Looking for volunteers and topic ideas! • Plans for other events will be based on survey responses. Some ideas: • CISSP Review - need to make sure there is sufficient interest and support to deliver this, or if there are other formats we could use to accomplish the same thing.
  10. 10. Education Updates (cont.) Chapter Education Director: Chuck Kesler education@raleighissa.org • Are there other certifications that there our members are interested in pursuing, and should we develop programs to help with those? • Ethical Hacking - tremendous interest when this was done previously. Should this become a regular thing? Can we do this without tapping out Mr. Linn? • Capture-the-Flag - another popular event that has been a traditional part of InfoSeCon, but should we do a dedicated CtF event at a different time during the year? • Professional development outside of tech skills - presenting, project management, etc… What else? We want ideas!
  11. 11. Jobs Updates Career Support Director: Tom Purdy Career Services Director: Laura Keyte Need or have jobs? Contact: •Tom Purdy (tpurdy@ncbar.org) Career Support Director •Laura Keyte (laura.keyte@disys.com), Career Services Director & Technical Recruiter Chapter Jobs Networking meeting: •McKimmon Center Lobby •Every month, 6:00-6:40 before main chapter meeting •Recruiters  Taylor Ward (TWard@ettaingroup.com) – ettain group Job opportunities: •Emailed to Jobs Networking members •Interested?  contact Tom Purdy •http://raleigh.issa.org/jobs •Events •Opportunities (members, recruiters, LinkedIn, forums …) •Job-Related Websites & Articles Link on website footer
  12. 12. Upcoming Events February 5th  Member Survey opened. We want your feedback!! 10th  Women in Security Special Interest Group Webinar-ISSA 12th  Member survey closes 18th  ISSA Web Conference – GRC/Cyber Insurance 24th-28th  RSA Conference San Fran March 6th Raleigh ISSA Chapter Meeting
  13. 13. Next Meeting March 6th @ McKimmon Center Readout on survey results **Drawing for $100 Amazon Card* Feature Presentation– TBD-WBI
  14. 14. Tonight’s Presentation “BYOD PT II Minimizing corporate password use outside of the dissolving enterprise perimeter” Andrew Silliker, CISSP Principal Systems Engineer Eric Cray CISSP Sr. Systems Engineer Sponsored by