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Personal, Social and Emotional Development


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Identity, Self-Concept and Self-Esteem

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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  1. 1. Personal, Social, and Emotional Development Identity, Self-Concept, and Self-Esteem
  2. 2. Identity •Understanding the perspectives of others •Physical changes •Where do I come from? •Identity statuses: –Identity diffusion –Identity foreclosure –Moratorium –Identity achievement
  3. 3. Self-Concept •Understanding ourselves •Includes: social, physical, psychological •Can change •Healthy self concept includes: •Know yourself •Accept and love yourself •Be true to who you are •Take responsibility
  4. 4. Self Esteem •The value each of us places on our own characteristics, abilities and behaviors.
  5. 5. What contributes to positive self esteem?
  6. 6. Talents
  7. 7. Intellectual Abilities
  8. 8. Athletic Abilities
  9. 9. Social Skills
  10. 10. Physical Appearance