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What’s attractive in Rakuten Technology Conference 2016. (English Version)


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Here is what's attractive in Rakuten Technology Conference 2016 which will be held in Rakuten Crimson House.

This includes photos of our previous conference and this year's guest speakers.
Please feel the atmosphere and participate with your friends and family.
We are looking forward to seeing you.

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What’s attractive in Rakuten Technology Conference 2016. (English Version)

  1. 1. What’s attractive in Rakuten Technology Conference 2016.(English Version) Masaya Mori 森正弥 Program Chairman, Executive Officer
  2. 2. On the opening of Rakuten Technology Conference 2016 This year happily marks the 10th anniversary of Rakuten Technology Conference which is planned by Rakuten engineers with your support. The theme is “The next adventure of humankind” this time. In the past decade, we faced many challenges. Cloud Computing, Smart Device, Social Services, Bigdata, etc in a row. We have tried global distributed development, agile methods and DevOps. Now, IoT is popular. AI is emerging. Those are enabling innovative services and transforming industries. AR/VR are also evolving. Thinking about changes in the coming years, we should be overwhelmed. The disruptive trend like AI will shakeup the society. What next should people do then? Technology won’t give the answer what to do. We would like to think over the next challenges with you. We prepared sessions for that. We will cover challenging topics on AI, super computer, world-class OSS, the drone delivery “Soraraku”, Infra architecture, the latest research and so forth. TED fellows of Rakuten will also hit the stage. Plus, we plan to have an experience-based program named “AR/VR Robotics Park”. Join us to see the future and hopefully you will feel the excitement for the next decade. We are looking forward to seeing you. Masaya Mori Executive Committee Chair
  3. 3. 10th Anniversary of Rakuten Technology Conference!! th
  4. 4. Rakuten Technology Conference 2016 Venue: Rakuten Crimson House in Futako Tamagawa Date: Oct. 22nd Saturday Registration Fee: Free Go Register! ->
  5. 5. Highlights
  6. 6. The Next Adventure of Humankind
  7. 7. This Year’s Highlights Attendees can see the inside of our HQ, Rakuten Crimson House!
  8. 8. This Year’s Highlights Attendees can see the inside of our HQ, Rakuten Crimson House!
  9. 9. This Year’s Highlights Deep learning Mary Poppendieck and more. Front Runners and Legendary Presenters will take the Stage! Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO at Rakuten Group Eric Berlow TED Fellow Drone Delivery Jonathan Rasmusson Motoaki Saito Michael Ducy Koichi Takeda Virtual Reality
  10. 10. Yoga Session As well as last year, we will provide a special session about yoga and meditation for engineers. Through meditation, relax your body and soul, and enhance your creativity!!
  11. 11. AR/VR Robotics Park Experiential exhibition, gathering state-of-the-art technologies in a field of AR/VR Robotics!
  12. 12. Free lunch at Cafeteria We’ve been offering free & delicious lunch at our cafeteria since 2011. Please enjoy!! (at Rakuten Crimson House!)
  13. 13. Enjoy Conversation A conference is a meeting place for people who "confer" about a topic. We are putting a lot of work into providing an exciting atmosphere. (Resting place is available.) We hope you will enjoy discussions with speakers and other participants!!
  14. 14. Halloween Event in Futako Tamagawa At the same time, Halloween event will be held in Futako Tamagawa Rise area! You can attend Rakuten Technology Conference after enjoying that Halloween event. And we are planning a collaboration with Halloween event. Please come join with your family!
  15. 15. Rakuten Technology Conference 2016 Starts at 11:00 am on Saturday, Oct 22nd!! Go Register! -> ComingSoon!StayTuned!
  16. 16. What is Rakuten Technology Conference?
  17. 17. What is Rakuten Technology Conference? It is a technology conference that Rakuten Engineers voluntarily plan & operate by themselves. With your continuous support since 2007, we mark the 10th anniversary for this conference.
  18. 18. From Rakuten Tech Talk to Tech Conference The workshop named “Rakuten Tech Talk” which we held internally for twice or three times per month became a community and its participants work as the core team as a driving force for Tech Conference.
  19. 19. We originally started the 1st Rakuten Technology Conference withpresentingtheinsidestoryofRakuten’s Development &Technologyin2007.
  20. 20. Not only presenting Rakuten’s technology, but we’ve set aside sessions for external speakers from OSS(Ruby, PHP, Linux, etc.) and engineer community. Emerging technologies(NoSQL, IoT, Jenkins, Spark) have been picked as well.
  21. 21. Globalization As Rakuten became globalize, the Globalization has been a big topic since 2011 in TechConf. The topics are for instance, engineers performing globally, or our effort for English as our official language, in each session.
  22. 22. Topics Without limiting the topics to the specific areas, We’ll cover a broad range of topics with external speakers, to make sure that event is enjoyable for everyone.
  23. 23. Lightning Talks Lightning talks is are also well received - a variety of presenters take turns delivering an unique 4 minutes presentation.
  24. 24. Rakuten Technology Award Along with the sessions, since 2008 we’ve given the award called “Rakuten Technology Award” to the contributor to the internet and web tech.
  25. 25. Beer Bash Enjoy talking and drinking at the beer bash after the conference. We’d be happy to see you having fun communicating with speakers and other participants. (Of course, it’s free of charge!!)
  26. 26. One more thing...
  27. 27. Preparing Technology Conference and welcome you with OMOTENASHI, We’re looking forward to seeing you!!
  28. 28. Join us!!
  29. 29. Thank you!!!