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[Rakuten TechConf2014] [E-5] Sonoba-de-recipe


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Rakuten Technology Conference 2014
Team: KUNL (Shoichiro Sako, Hu Dciaho, Shintaro Hashimoto)

Published in: Technology
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[Rakuten TechConf2014] [E-5] Sonoba-de-recipe

  1. 1. Recipe Search, Anywhere, Anytime Technology Conference at 2014 / 10 / 23 Presented by KUNL
  2. 2. How to cook these meals? and How about the different recipe?
  3. 3. However we can’t know what ingredient is used?! and! How these meals are cooked?
  4. 4. If we could know these recipe! anywhere anytime…
  5. 5. We incarnated your wish.
  6. 6. Method and Experience The photographs you took Rakuten recipe (DB) Analyse Image matching Which image is the most similar? Upload
  7. 7. Method and Experience Rakuten recipe (DB) Recipe Get the most similar image show the recipe! and! suggest your favourite cooking
  8. 8. The Principle of the Method SFIT: TRUE HSV: FALSE The feature quantity of the two images was computed by SHIFT and similarity is measured. This is computing similarity from the colour except the brightness of the images by HSV. Analyse Image matching No matching
  9. 9. Demonstration
  10. 10. Summary This app gets the recipe with the photo of food!
  11. 11. Summary This App presumes and presents your favourite menu
  12. 12. Image search × suggest function Open Recipe
  13. 13. Thanks Engineer Shintaro, Hashimoto Infrastructure, WebAPI, Database Engineer Shoichiro, Sako Image analysis, Environment construction KUNL