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Building Creative Learning Environments


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With advances in science and technology, environmental changes, and globalization, our society is changing dramatically. It will be our children who build this new diverse society, and it is important to teach them to respect different cultures and values. Based on this conviction, Nanako Ishido is committed to the enhancement of children’s education, in particular with regard to the digital and technology fields.
Ishido has continued to highlight the increasing importance of creativity and communication skills in a diverse society in the information age. Under the concept of a “hideout for playing and learning,” the NPO Canvas, chaired by Ishido, carries out creative workshops across the country combining both analogue and digital teaching methods. To date, the workshops have been held over 3,000 times for a total of about 500,000 children to great acclaim.
Ishido has led a wide range of initiatives including the development, implementation and expansion of the Digital Kids project, a new educational program that uses IT; digital children’s books, a new method of digital expression using e-books and tablets; and digital textbooks, a movement for creating an environment where all children can learn digitally.
In addition to creating activities for children, Ishido serves on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ Information Council and as Associate Professor at Keio University. She works tirelessly to bring together industry, government and academia for the advancement of children’s education. The Heart Prize is awarded to Ishido for her achievements in creating innovative education initiatives using technology.

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Building Creative Learning Environments

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