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[RakutenTechConf2014] [A-1] OpenStack - the ubiquitous Open Source cloud platform


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Rakuten Technology Conference 2014
"OpenStack - the ubiquitous Open Source cloud platform"
Tom Fifield (OpenStack Community Manager)

Published in: Technology
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[RakutenTechConf2014] [A-1] OpenStack - the ubiquitous Open Source cloud platform

  1. 1. The ubiquitous cloud platform. Tom Fifield tom@openstack. org @TomFifie| d
  2. 2. NO BUSINESS IS TOO BIG TO FAIL OR TOO SMALL TO SUCCEED THE FORTUNE 1000 2 1973llIIHillH1198311111!HillH993}! IllllllllI2OQ3IIIlllIllIIl20]3 I COMPANIES New TO THE FORTUNE ioool COMPANIES E ; - EXPECTED TO FALL §35%§45%§60%§70%§ D lmslmlmllmilma lmlmlmlmlnm lmlmlmlmlm lmlmslamlmlmli openstack glrmlmilmslmslgsglamlmrleslemlamglrmh-mlrgalrmlemglnmlrmlxmlmlrmg
  3. 3. LEGACY APPS NEW SCALE-OUT APPS (INELASTIC) (ELASTIC) Legacy Sca| e—out Web Apps, Custom Apps Hosted on PaaS, Apps Big Data, Mobile Apps, etc Could Cloud Cloud Migrate Possible T Native j ooooooooooo us
  4. 4. LEGACY & TRADITIONAL APPLICATIONS _App. App App App HW HW HW HW Silos Clusters Physical Virtualized CLOUD-NATIVE APPLICATIONS App App App APls HW HW HW HW HW HW HW HW HW Scale-Out fr Elastic openstack
  5. 5. with port 22 and 443 open 0 V? ” W: “G ‘” , l. :~g «gs ‘ i». i,, | iv I‘ = On _iL -_ __ __ _l. . JL JL
  6. 6. and another VM for my database 0 O lei’; e Us ‘” , 5:’ I‘4“fV ‘I : ’I. z|Iv I I ‘ 1 my On _iL -_ _- _l. _ JL JL
  7. 7. with a private network in between 0 O , i. =~; ; «J ' 1 . _i; _,| iv M “if l I I ‘I A On _iL -_ _- _l. _ JL JL
  8. 8. and resizable block storage 0 o % (z; ée ii II = .II. openstack
  9. 9. and Object Storage! 0 openstack 10
  10. 10. Now can I change the IP address, openstack
  11. 11. and add a load balancer? s as W H II‘ -- JL openstack 12
  12. 12. and start it all from a template? 0 O *9 tr _ M W JL openstack 13
  13. 13. This is DevOps. This is Openstack. P d f Change in mindset + New Tools = repare or new fast-paced world 14 openstack
  14. 14. 15 “[DeveIopers] quickly spin up a new instance if they want to test a risky theory — something they may not have done before for fear of breaking their environment. It takes the risk out of being creative. ” openstack
  15. 15. “. ..the hosting team had an idea this spring to ship a Minecraft server product that they could launch in their hometown at the Phoenix Comicon. Within a few weeks the team went from idea to provisioned servers and running code, and h py Minecraft fans who got to try it out. ” openstack 15 gm
  16. 16. “V-.
  17. 17. Mr!
  18. 18. 20 X veriLan OX3 China unicom orange“ ® NTT 3'2. COMCAST kt
  19. 19. ' ‘ NISBHD SoftBank iL§T"T-I sea ‘21*' 6"; if ‘ it . _. it ‘. .-1, l l ‘Ir? __, _ __ l__ __, F {'1 “Ii ‘ ‘ I l A . /- - - as L L L ‘_/ l“'lsJ ‘ -. i >1 —uv . - [ if: L L . 1 4: Vchallenging Tomorrows Changes N'r'r -3s'ra
  20. 20. 1' Fit lF": 'l§Il I§IEl§‘. . 22
  21. 21. 23 Canada Unlrl ‘Mexico PE 5 so PY “'3 LV ML N13 CD A0 NA ZA E6 SD UZ PK ll . ia POCCVIR MN Indonesia Australia N7 EA; openstack 'lnir'~wiiwARl
  22. 22. The Openstack Marketplace will help you make an infomwed decision, whetheryouie building a cloud, looking to use one bythe hour, or pursuing a hybrid model. BUILDING A CLOUD You‘ll want to understand which Soflware Distributions and Converged Appliance options there are, Many users slan by hiring experts, which you can find in our Consultants and System Integrators section Wantto train your staff’? Check outour Training section Wondering iiyour compute. storage. and networking gear has compatible drivers’? Check out the Drivers section to learn the status of ongoing testing USING A CLOUD There are Openstack powered public clouds all overthe world Explore the possibilites. + _ 45.“! ‘ Erltl NORM unoi>£ wimiiu 5 3 3 . , AFRICA 3 soum AMERICA , , AMERICA " _‘ ; DO sui ' A Ausriu Terms of Use
  23. 23. Ubiquity = = Choice. OpenStack talks to: 25 your hypervisor: Hyper-V, PowerKVM, Xen Server, KVM, LXC, Docker, Vmware and bare metal. your networking hardware: A10 Networks, Arista, Big Switch, Brocade, Cisco, Embrane, Extreme Networks, IBM, Juniper, Mellanox, Midokura, NEC, Nuage Networks, One Convergance, Ryu, PLUMgrid, Tail-f, vArmour and more your storage hardware: Coraid, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, Huawei, IBM, NetApp, Nexenta, ProphetStor, Scality, Solidfire, Zadara and more openstack
  24. 24. The OpenStack Foundation 26 Protecting, Empowering, and Promoting OpenStack software and the community around it, including users, developers and the entire ecosystem. Over 16,000 Individual Members The leading Global IT companies as Gold & Platinum Members Board of Directors that sets strategic direction Project Technical Leads and a Technical Committee that are elected from among the contributors User Committee to ensure your voice is heard tr openstack
  25. 25. E are @ . f "~ Q - I . I . . ’ HITACHI apfira , _,__. L~. .:_. _._= : 'c-'sEo' glggfifffjggg E‘) 53% ‘e”°"°”“e “go” Ivisnir: theNe~<t “HuAweI Intel’ JUDIPEF S Mac I1 Vmware: YAHOO! my . ... .:. . we Ana? occelerite , ,,, ;§, ,,, , mg, . .., .. AvAyA Iii-isle , ,,, ,,, ,,,2 3,5 E (gluon Wtéilfifi c . .- . . gdfl, COIXEAST am i: =.-arr I 3 Cyan nerdfirred €_yk_ EEL A51-X E MCI miizx senuvum “nan” ifi * I| e>_(i_a_rit~ = _=, .n. a.. .cs): Fufifsu sé-u. .s. . hostexol - | nf0b| °x$ , _,_, ,,, mspurmii unmnur . ;,. ..em. ¢.. 6 Q cinum-on -, _1j, ,iug, aDy3(_ . M_w(. afl, qigoxcnll NE, i1US» NDKIA I§'I""‘°" ~i. i-wax NxtGen’ ouvxccs qua; pact'era llPu-alas PayPaI — 4* 0 Sevvevgy SEHVOSIW Ill“ soi. io? iIze GSoIinca Slack 3.. ... .» it 57"‘ SI'I'| H1ls( .3 le ¢. ,,, _., ,, Q_ug_i_i_; §' YT‘ m gm. Iiveimeadow ) 5-"St-<* Gsyinamec mgr. TH A LE 5 ill, LI'il‘? 'u'z’Il’, ‘ gum. ». . E Hp was ‘ '"'“' "V" E»1><— — . ..and more.
  26. 26. The Spirit of OpenStack We’re keeping sacred what has made OpenStack so successful Open source is essential to unlock the value of cloud computing Four opens: Open Design Open Development Open Community Open Source 28 openstack
  27. 27. IREMENTS OPENSTACK SOFTWARE 3&0“ OpenStack's software development process makes room for users throughout the process. allowing for direct interaction at every point with the development community. In fact, many devel- opers are also users, and users often make direct contributions. developing blueprints, coding features, or adding to documentation. USER DEVELOPERS openstack CONTRIBUTORS
  28. 28. People 30 Change-Id: Owner Project Branch Topic Uploaded Updated submit Type Status Reviewer Ryata MIBU I2b7fb526a6V1h730ad652B9307b24fd23h996e1b T Ryota MIEU Q openstack/ neutron master bug/1335624 Jul 2, 2014 11:47 PM Sep 21, 2014 6:04 PM Merge if Necessary Review in Progress Commit Message Permalmk V’ 1 Sat m_amm to rmm Inlhlc_sAcIIrity_grnIIp while plugging vif. V! FDriver in Nova follws 'ovs_nybrid_p1ug" and "portAfi1ter" in those are always true. binding 1 vifidetail‘ which is param depends on enab1e_security_group flag. ovs_hybrid plugging. passed from Neutron. but This patth make nu ovs mech driver set those It enables users to avoid This patch also fixes the same issue in the following plugins/ drivers: - NEC Plugin ' Bigsvitcn Plugin * Ryu Plugin - HL2 Plugin — 0FAgent Hech Driver C1oSeS—Bug' #1336624 Change- I . Code-Review Verified Wolkflow Sndhar Gaddam Juan Wen Huawer CI Reescale Cl Tall-f NCS CI Microsoft Hyper-V cu Arlsta Cl one Convergence Cl VAMAMOTO ‘| 'a| <ash> CISCO CI A10 Networks Cl Midokura CI Brocade VDX Cl emkanorov Aklhrro Mctakl Metaplugm cu Jenkins Ryu CI OpenContraI| cu OpenDay| Iqht Cl mg Swwtch cu Mellanox Cl Kevin Benton PLUMgnd CI NEC cu Nuage cu +1 +1 01 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 I2h7fh5Z6a6f1b73oad65z893e7b24fd28b NEC CI Neutron_Gate Huawei CI dsvm—tempest—fu| | TaiI—f NCS Cl neutrowapu Nuage cr Nuagerlugrn A10 Networks Cl a10—neutron—tempeSt Freescale CI Freescale-MLZ-Mechar7ISmADrwer rreesca1e—Fwaas—Pmgm Cisco CI m|2-nexus m|2-multlnode-nexus vpnaas—nexuS (Srlkv apI( nlkx/ ‘neutron Ryu Cl checkrternpesbdsvmrryuplugln checkrtempestrdsvmrofagent Mellanox CI Check~MLNX—Neutron—ML2—drIver Check—MLNX—Neutron—p| ugIn Check—MLNX—Neutron—ML2—Sncv—dnver Big Switch CI 995911: SUCCESS In 10m 555 SUCCESS in 11m 065 SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS in 16m 575 SUCCESS In 19m 065 SUCCESS in 15m 585 SUCCESS In 11m 015 SUCCESS in 24m 595 SUCCESS in mm 555 SUCCESS in 15m 525 SUCCESS in 33m 395 SUCCESS in 13m 295 SUCCESS in 12m 095 SUCCESS in 24m 595 SUCCESS in 27m 205 SUCCESS in 27m 595 SUCCESS in 25m 255 Testing openstiakck
  29. 29. 31 Big Switch Ll Mellanox CI Kevin Benton PLUMgrId CI NEC CI Nuage Cl 0 Need Verified o Need Code-Review o Need workflow V Dependencies Rafurunco Version: E S 5 e +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 c. . . c., .,. .. Mellanox CI Check—MLNx—Neutron—ML2—dnver Check—MLNX—Neutron—piugm Chetk—MLNx—Neutron—ML2—snov—dnver Big Switch Cl B-gswrtcheiug-n BIgSwItch»ML2»DrIver jenkins gate—neutron—pepB gate—neutron—do(s gate—neutron—python26 gate—neutron—python27 thecI<—teinpest—dsvm—neutron—heat—siow checkrtempest—dSvm—neutron—pg Check—tempest—dsvm—neutron—fuiI (heck—ternpest—dsvm—neutron—pg—fuii gate—tempeSt—dSvm—neutron—| arge—opS chec| <—grenadedsvmrneutron che(| <—neutron—dsvm—flinctionai gate—ra| |y—dSvm—neutron—neutron che(| <—tempeSt~dsvm—neutron~pg-Z check-tempest-dsvm-neutron-fuii-2 check-tsmpest-dsvm-neutron-pg-fuii-2 check-tempest-dsvm-neutron-dvr P Panel: Suit 1 529Sanoeo1a2iaa59aancb9Sucn7sn5171ucizee Aqltwebi P Patch Sat 2 9:n9274ucsaalcc65Bas3969oba46oaa1f9o633 (gltwetii V Patch Sat 3 2c440d03f6i65eU3Bd9<dlb55Bhe5aefi997fiEz7 tgitwem Auumr Ryota MIEU <r—mibu@cq. j . nec. com>]u| 2, 2014 11:10 PM Committer Ryota MIBU <r-mibu@cq. j . nec. com>]u| 3. 2014 1:21 PM Pare-nt(s) 593316]Bddl3be2b7flc:23d]75l2ebe466ze49ee Merge 'ovs agent: fix a comment on CANARY_TABLE" checkouti pun | cherry-pick | parch| Anonymous HTTP | SUCCESS in 27m 205 SUCCESS in 27m 595 SUCCESS in 26m 255 SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS in 3m 24s SUCCESS in 2m 20s SUCCESS in 22m 255 SUCCESS in 19m 255 SUCCESS in 23m 275 SUCCESS in 1h 06m 035 SUCCESS in 1h 02m 535 SUCCESS in 1h 04m 475 (non—/ cling) SUCCESS in 17m 375 FAILURE in 31m 325 (non-voting) SUCCESS in IBM 425 SUCCESS in lam 265 (non»voting) SUCCESS in 1h 02m 285 SUCCESS in 49m 155 SUCCESS in 1h 20m 255 (non-voting) FAILURE in 36": 245 (non-voting) Download File Path > Commit Message M neutron/ pluginslmIZ/ dnversImech_openvswitch. py M neutron/ tests/ unir/ mi2itest_rnech_openuswitch. py git fetch https: //revleu. openstack. org/ openstack/ neutron refs/ changes/49/134249/3 M. glt checkout rercnjeno h Comments Size Difif s. de—oy—sn1e Unified Z COIIIIIICIIIS +6. -2 Slderby-Side Unified 2 comment: +46,-0 Side—by—Srde Unified Ail SIde—by—Side AH Unified openstack
  30. 30. 134: ucense tor the speunc tanquaqe governmg pernussmns anu umuauons at LLCEHSE tor the speunc tanquzge governmg permissions anu iunuauons 13 14» under the License. Jr under the License. 14 15 15 from ns'ln. (0nfig impart (fg 15 17 16 from neutron. tonunun immrt constants from neutron. (onlnon inport constants 19 17 from neutromextensions unpon portbindings from neutromextensions unport portbindings 19 13 from neutron. opensta{k. (oIIlnon import 109 from neutron. opensta{k. (oIIlnon import ‘mg 20 19 from neutron. p1ug1ns. m12 unport dr1ver_ap1 as api from neutron. plugins. m12 unpm dr1ver_ap1 as api 21 2o frmn neutran. p'lugins. nI'l2.drivers import mech_agent frmn neutran. p'lugins. n1'lZ. drivers impart mech_agent 22 21 23 22 L06 = 'lng. getLogger(inanei LOG = 1ng. getLogger(7naine7 24 23 25 24 25 25 clas DpenvsvutchMechan15lrDr1ver(niecII_agent. S1mp1eAgentMEchanislnDr1verBa5e)’ clas DpenvswitChMechan15IrDr1ver(nIecIIVagent. Simp1eAgentHEchanisIIDr1verBa5e)' 27 25 Attazh to networks usmq openvsmtch L2 agent 'Atta(h to networks usmq openvsmtch L2 agent 22 27 29 28 The C| perivsw1tchMecharu5mDr1ver mtegrates the mlz piugm w1th the The Openvsw1tchMecharu5mDr1ver tntegrates the mlz plugm w1th the 39 29 openvswnch L2 agent. Port blndlng w1th th1s dnver requlres the openvswnch L2 agent. Port blndlng w1th th1s dnver requues the 31 30 openvswltth agent to be rurirung on the port‘; host, and that agent openvsvutch agent to be rurirung on the port‘; host, and that agent 32 31 to have tonnett1v1ty to at least one segment of the port‘5 to have (ormetnvlty to at least one segment of the port‘5 33 32 network network 34 33 " " " " " " 35 34 36 35 net _1n1t_<se1t>. net _an1t_1se1n. 37 sg_enab1ed = cfg. coNF.5EcuRITv6RoUP, enab1e_security_group 38 jian won Sep 8 1:31 PM instead nf directly using the dg, we should (all i fir2wa| |_enabIed in neutron/ agent lsecuritygmups_rpc. py. Ren| y_‘ | leply'| Iom" Itynu Mllll sep 12 3:00 PM Agreed, will fix in next patth “=9,'Y— _“: P‘Y1“"! =‘J vifvdetails = (portbindings. CAP_PORT_FILTER: sg_enab1ed, 39 porthindings. nvsgHvaR1DgPLuG: sggenabledi 40 36 superl0penvsw1(chl1echan1smDr1ver, se1f). _1nit_ superl0penvsw1tchl1echan1smDr1ver, se1f). _1nit_l 41 37 constants . AnENT_‘rYPE_nvs, constants . AnEN'r_TYPE_nv5, 42 33 partbind1ngs. v1FVT‘1PE, oV5, portbindings . VIF_TYPE_0V5, 43 39 {portbindings. (AP_PoRT_FILTER: True, vif_detai1s) 44 40 portbindings 0VS_HVBRID_PLUG: True}) 41 45 42 def check_segment_tor_agent(self, segment, agent). def check_segment_tor_agent(self, segment, agent). 45 43 mappings = agenl['torif1gurat1ons‘ I . getl ‘b(1dge_niapp1ngs‘, {)> mappings = agent{'corif1gurat1ons‘ 1 . get4 ‘br1dge_mapp1ng5‘, {ii 47 44 tunne1_types = agen([‘(onf1gurat1cns‘ ] . get( ‘tunnel types‘, !I‘~ tunne1_types = agent['conf1gurat1cns‘ ] . get( ‘tunnel types‘. [I 43 45 L06.debug[_(“(heck1ng segment: aisegmentis " LOG. debug[_(“[hetk1rig segment: Etsegmenns " 49 46 “for mappmgs: ’s[mapp1riq5)5 “for inappmgs: ’s[rriapp1ngs)s “ so 47 “wzth tuririel_types: situnnei types)s"7, “wxth tunne1_types: situnnel typesisw, 51 43 (‘segment‘: segment, ‘rriapp1ng5‘ nappmgs, (‘Segment‘: segment, ‘rnapp1ngs“ nappnngs, 52 49 ‘tunne1_types': tunnelgtypesn ‘tunne1_types': tumIe1_types}) 53 so netwrk_type = segnient[ap1.uEmoRKgTvPE] 54 ; commit Message 8 2 Up to change name rk_type = segment [api . MFrHORK_TVPE] Gerrlt Code Review testgmethgopenvswiteh py « Report Bug “Fix it! ” flOK! ” openstiagck
  31. 31. Software Compute Storage Networking Dashboard Shared Services Getting started Roadrnap Openslack Marketplace Latest Release 5: .5 OpenStack Roadrnap Howthe qaaistack Dsign & Developmait Plocss Works OpenStack is committed to an open design and development process. The community operates around a six-month. time-based release cycle with frequentdevelopment milestones. During the planning phase ofeach release. the community gathers for a Design Summit to facilitate live developer working sessions and assemble the roadmap. The upcoming Design Summit and release schedule follows: - April 17, 2014: Icehouse Software Release May 13-16. 2014: Juno Release Design Summit October 16 2014: Juno Software Release November 5-8, 2014: "K" Release Design Summit April 2015: "K' Soflware Release New Czpabilities in OpenStad< lcdwoise 0 Database (Trove): provide scalable and reliable cloud databases I Example: Provision a mu| ti—tenant MySOL database Detailed Release information Because our design and development is done in the open. we have public documentation available regarding the developmentstatus of the current release and decisions made ateach Design Summit. You have the opportunity to review this information in technical detail at the following links: 0 Ioehouse Sofiware Release Notes: https: ;‘/ wiki. openstack. org/ wiki/ ReIeaseNotesJIoehouse - Juno Design Summit Discussion Notes: httpsj/ wiki. openstack. org/ wikilsummit/ Juno/ Etherpads - Juno Release Features and Status: http: //status. openstack. org/ release! You can learn more aboutworking with roadmaps in the openstack Operations Guide
  32. 32. Project fieslone ' Bhieptifl Delvery Aulyiee nova i. ino1 backations-juno Iuhlmlhd Russel Bryant sahara juno-1 v2-api Good prowess Matthew Farrelee oslo juno-1 gfumre Iutlmlhd Ben Nernec nova juno-1 sippon-chderciem-v2 Needs Code Review I Dazhao w norizon i. ino1 compute-rbac Needs Code Review I Brian Deflarner horizon i. ino1 merge-sahara-dashboard Needs Code Review 0 crud Roberts hodzon juno-1 netwoi1t—rbac Needs code Review I Bthn Deflamer oeiotneter j. Ino—1 hbase-resource-rowkey-enhancement Needs Code Review I Nadya Privalova horizon y. ino.1 hunch—hstu'ioe-ux-erlliancemem Good progress Maxine vidori sahara juno-1 Good progress 0 Andrew Lazarev sfliara juno-1 scaldfie-savanna Good prowess Dnitry Mescheryakav nova juno-1 rernove—cast-to-schedu| e—rLn—‘nstarioe siowprogeu O O 0 O O 0 Andrew Laski nova juno—1 schediler-lb sinned O wivain Bauza nova juno-1 vrnvvare-spawn-refacmr stated 0 O O 0 Shawn Hansock norizon juno~1 node-moichah sianed David Lyle osio juno-1 gaduate-oslo-i18n siaried Doug Helmann oeiorneter juno-1 ~, - : Stx1edO gordonching trove juno-1 repication-v1 Slxwd Doug Sheley nova juno-1 cross«serv'ioe-request—id Iuhlmlhd Chris Buooela horizon juno-1 neat-rbac Illlalmlhd L'n Hua Cneng
  33. 33. 35 JUNO THE TENTH OPENSTACK RELEASE With its 10th release, OpenStack supports the widest set of technologies, enabling new use cases across finance, manufacturing, technology and many industries. openstack
  34. 34. .-JUNC2 irJli<(')F'FN§TfCK RH 10”‘ Release of OpenStack — Key Themes - Most widely-supported cloud platform, expanded Enterprise testing for plugins Maturity - Storage policies - Federated identity enhancements - Operational improvements - OpenStack infrastructure natural home for _ implementing NFV Networking - NFV workgroup established, new features Advances landing in Nova - Neutron parity with Nova Network - New Data Processing capability part of _ integrated release. Supports Hadoop and Spark Processmg 8‘ - Improved Docker support via Compute driver in Container Support StackForge D New Data openstack
  35. 35. JUl Key Growth Stats 1,419 contributors affiliated with 133 organizations contributed to Contributor Growth Juno; a 16% increase from the lcehouse release Total Number of Features 342 new features in the Juno integrated release and common libraries _ 3,219 bugs fixed during the Juno release cycle, a 10% increase from Bugs Fixed lcehouse HP, Red Hat, Mirantis, Rackspace, IBM, Cisco, NEC, VMware, OpenStack C1:£"? i‘t)tri: ';ag: }:e Foundation, Independents; top users contributing include Yahool, Time Warner Cable and eBay _ Nearly 500,000 lines of documentation modified; new Architecture Design Documentation Guide produced during Juno cycle r _ _ 97 drivers and plugins supported across the compute, storage and I’ ’ Drivers & Plugins openstack 37 networking capabilities
  36. 36. T I § I ‘/ *“= ~_ “New Approach: U§ers et Involved in Software evelo rr_ient Pfieess "I eport-from-the-mid-cycle-meetup-for-operators httpzlu/ superuser. openstack. org/ articles/ r
  37. 37. THF owmsrm >< lil I I / I Key Themes Across the Community Voice of the user & operator continues to shape software ~ Operator meetups continue to drive valuable feedback. Many operational enhancements and thousands of bug fixes accepted. - Users spanning enterprise and various verticals bringing new requirements, including NFV, Win The Enterprise and End User working group efforts Path for adoption expanded - One size does not fit all: that’s why OpenStack is still the right choice for many. Helping simplify options for users. - Added Hosted Private Cloud to Marketplace New active consumption model - Mix and match technology options in every datacenter 39 openstatk - Release early and often, continuously to production
  38. 38. THF owmsrm K lil I I / I Kilo and Beyond Kilo is expected to be released April 30, 2015. New capabilities integrated in the Kilo release: - Bare Metal (Ironic); note that the Compute driver is available in the Juno release Additional projects being incubated, expected to land in late 2015 and beyond: ~ Manila (shared file system) ~ Zaqar (queue service) r Designate (DNS service) ~ Barbican (key management) openstack 40 I
  39. 39. users devs I‘ «iii. Iili .1; . wv. i i it I. . . i. §.l i o . .. in I s. 1.5.. » 0 MN I. i. I. Ila OPS DEVELOPERS USERS November 3-7 Register now at openstack. org/ summit
  41. 41. Somewhere closer ? OpenStack Tokyo Day 2015 — February 3 — 4 the November 2015 OpenStack Summit will be in Asia. .. http: //openstack. jp/ http: //openstack. org/ events 43 openstack
  42. 42. Thank you for supporting OpenStack Ask Questions at ask. openstack. org Tom Fifield tom@openstack. org @TomFifield