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  1. 1. Tourism Industry
  2. 2. New Trends in Tourism Industry  Eco Tourism  Agro Tourism  Medical Tourism  Mice Tourism  Space Tourism
  3. 3.  The concept of Medical Tourism is not new one , In Roman Britain patients traveled to the Hot Waters Springs to cure their diseases Neolithic & Bronze Age Mineral & Hot Spring Visit 18th & 19th Century Spa 20th Century Health Farm Today's Global Market Medical Tourism
  4. 4. Pioneer Medical Tourism Operator    Florence Nightingale was also considered a pioneer in the concept of medical tourism as described in her own letters in 1856 She wrote detailing the condition, physical descriptions, dietary information and other vitally important details of patients whom she directed to the spas of Turkey which were significantly less expensive than their home county of Switzerland she was obviously directing patients of meager means to affordable treatment
  5. 5.    A practice that continued for 2,000 years. From the 18 th century wealthy Europeans traveled to Spas form Germany to the Nile. Since the early nineteenth century, when there were no restrictions on travel in Europe People visited neighboring countries in order to improve for their health. In this century, however, Medical Tourism expand to a much larger scale. Thailand, followed by India, Puerto-Rico, Argentina, Cuba and others quickly became the most popular destination for Medical Tourists
  6. 6.  In the year 2007, six lakhs medical tourist came to Bangkok and Phuket medical centers in Thailand, while approximately Four Lakh and fifty thousand foreign patient visit India during that time.  From Neolithic and Bronze age where in people used to visit neighboring countries for Minerals and Hot Spring, Today we have reached the era where hospitals are more like Spas and Spas more like hospitals
  7. 7. DEFINING MEDICAL TOURISM  Medical Tourism is also known as Medical Travel, Surgical Tourism , Health Tourism, Medical Value Travel, Health Care Abroad, Medical Overseas, Overseas Medical and even Medical Outsourcing and offshore Medical.  “ Providing cost effective private Medical care collaboration with Tourism Industry for patient needing surgical and other forms of specialized treatment.”  In simple words Medical Tourism is the process of traveling abroad to receive superior medical cosmetic care by highly skilled surgeons at some of the most modern and state of the art medical facility in the world where the cost of treatment is comparatively very low than their home country.
  8. 8. Global Medical Tourism Scenario  Medical Tourism is perceived as one of the fastest growing segment in marketing.  Medical Tourism is an emerging concept Industry estimates show that size of medical tourism industry stand between Rs. 1200 core and 1500 crore and is growing at the rate of 30 percent annually.  A CII Mckincy report (2003) says that medical tourism alone can contribute up to Rs. 10,000 crore additional revenue to up market territory hospitals and will account for 3% to 5% of the total healthcare delivery market by 2012.  Over all Thailand, Singapore and India most advance in Medical Tourism
  9. 9. Country No. of Foreigners treated in (2002) From Strength Thailand 6,00,000 USA, UK Cosmetic surgery, organ transplant, dental treatments, Joint Replacement Jordhan 1,26,000 Middle East Organ Transplants, Fertility treatments, cardiac care India 1,00,000 Middle East, UK, USA Cardiac care, Joint replacement, Malaysia 85,000 USA, Develop countries Cosmetic Surgery South Africa 50,000 USA Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Treatment
  10. 10. MEDICAL TOURISM IN INDIA “ I have been waiting fore over a year in Canada to have an abdominoplasty, breast list and reduction performed. I am 55 year old and really want to get on with these surgeries as soon as possible……. ” “We have no health insurance. My wife suffers constantly from back pain. We cant not even begin to think about treatment in US because of extremely high cost after seeing your operation on 60 minutes, we both have a new hope…….”
  11. 11. MEDICAL TOURISM IN INDIA  Medical Treatment is the latest reason to visit India because of the low cost with world class services and quality treatment. India is promoting the ‘high-tech healing’ of private health care sector as tourist attraction.  The ministry of tourism is encouraging Medical Tourism, operators to sell the idea of traveling to India for low cost but world class treatment.  Medical Tourism in India is a combination of several factors which makes India a unique health care destination.
  12. 12.  Medical Tourism is forecast to become a $2.3 billion business for India by 2012  Over 60,000 cardiac surgeries are done every year with outcomes at par with international standards.  Multi-organ Transplants are successfully performed at 1/10 th the in comparison to the West, patient from over 55 courtiers are treated at India hospitals
  13. 13.  The Indian healthcare industry is undergoing a phenomenal expansion and India in now looked upon as the leading country in the promotion of Medical Tourism with an annual growth rate estimate at 30%  India top-rated education system provides an estimated 30,000 doctors and nurses each year to meet this demand the Indian government spend on the health care sector is expected to around 8% of its GDP by 2010.
  14. 14.  India has many advantages that give temptation to international travelers. The Advantages can be identified in the form of : - Treatment-cum-leisure destination Low cost consulting fee and treatment cost Availability of advanced equipments Availability of medical experts No waiting period for treatment Specialty treatment -
  15. 15. Cost Comparison  Medical cost in India are one-tenth of cost in western countries. For instance a Heart surgery costs $8000 in India as against $30000 in US.  Similarly a Bone Marrow transplant cost $69000 in India as compared to $250000 in US
  16. 16. Comparative cost for different ailments in India Treatment Approximate Cost in India ($) Cost in other major Health care Destination ($) Approximate waiting periods in USA/UK ( in month) Open heart surgery 4,500 > 18,000 9-11 Cranio - facial Surgery and skull base 4,300 > 13,000 9-8 Neuro Surgery with Hypothermia 6,500 > 21,000 12-14 Complex Spine Surgery with implants 4,300 > 13,000 9-11 Simple Spine Surgery 2,100 > 6,500 9-11 - Biopsy 1,000 > 4,300 6-8 -- 4,300 > 10,000 Simple Brain Tumor Surgery
  17. 17. India offers the best treatments in modern medicines and in every medical division such as - Cardiology - Orthopedics surgery - Eye care - Gynecology - Cosmetic Surgery - Dental Surgery
  18. 18. It also provides traditional method of treatments such as - Ayurvedic - Homeopathy - Naturopathy - Reiki - Yoga
  19. 19. Ayurvedic Therapies and Surgical Treatment
  20. 20. Dental Treatment Before surgery After surgery Before surgery After surgery
  21. 21. Orthopedic Surgery
  22. 22. Indian Doctors excel in surgery  India’s private hospitals have gained international recognition for their stat-of the –art facilities and diagnostic center besides unsurpassed skills. The technology and procedures are on par with hospitals in developed nations
  23. 23. Before Surgery
  24. 24. After Surgery
  25. 25.  In the era of globalization India is also ahead in health care, this fact has now been realized the world over regarding medical facilities with most competitive charges for treatment of certain medical problems.
  26. 26. The demand for Indian healthcare services primarily come from three types of consumers. Group Description Countries Demand Driver Non residential Indians Numbering 20 million across the world Low cost healthcare combined with trip back to home Patients from countries with under developed facilities Nepal, Burma, Quality healthcare at affordable Bangladesh, African prices Countries, Middle East, Latin America Patients from developed countries USA, UK, Canada Low cost of healthcare, capacity constraints for services in home country
  27. 27.  Foreign patients can get package deals including, flights, transfers, hotels, treatment, and post operative vacation for their medical visits to India.  Many foreign patients prefer to combine their leisure and relaxation visits to India with healthcare
  28. 28. Medical Tourism Operator      Medical Tour Operator Organization or Company is actually working as Medical referral Agency Select the right doctor and right Hospital for patient Visa Arrangement Provide Hospitality Service Holiday Leisure Package
  29. 29. Step 12. Follow up & Return to home Step 1. Need to send query along with details Step 11. Post Operative Vacation Step 10. Treatment as per Dissuasion Step 3. Doctors Feedback Medical Tourism Procedure Step 4. Finalize Treatment Step 5. Quotation & Details Forward Step 9. Appointment with Request Doctor Step 8. Airport Pickup Hotel Check in Step 2. Identify a suitable Doctor & Hospital Step 7. Arrive in India Step 6. Finalize Details & Advance Payment
  30. 30. The Service Spectrum
  31. 31. Guideline for Identifying procedure for Medical Tourism        The Patient is able to Travel The Surgery is commonly performed at the referral hospital with demonstrable quality out comes Local Follow-up are upon return home can be arranged if needed The patient can safely travel within a reasonable time, post procedure Post operative care Post vacation trip Co-ordination between the Healthcare and Tourism
  32. 32. Hospitality Services  Service to the patient start from the moment they contact till the time they land in India and leave back for their home country. Some of this hospitality services are important - Airport Pick-up & Drop Visa / Sightseeing Arrangement Translator ( if required ) Coordinating appointments Accommodation for companions Cuisine Holiday Package -
  33. 33. Health Holiday Packages in India  In a country as diverse and complex as India, it is not surprising to find that people here reflect the rich glories of the past, the culture, traditions and values relative to geographic locations and the numerous distinctive manners, habits and will always remain truly Indian
  34. 34. Interesting Destinations Paradise Kashmir – Snow Fall Special  Go-Goa  Maharashtra Unlimited  Royal Rajasthan  God Own Country – Kerala  Himachal-Nature's Paradise 
  35. 35. The Golden Triangle Delhi  Agra  Jaipur  Duration : 07 Days / 06 Nights Accessibility : By : Air / Train Local Sightseeing by Car
  36. 36. The Jungle Safaris          Corbett Kanha Bandhavgarh Sariska Ranthambhor Bharatpur Periyar –Sasan Gir Kaziranga Manas Duration : 24 Days / 23 Nights Accessibility : By : Air / Train Local Sightseeing by Car
  37. 37. The Desert Adventure     Jodhpur Jaislmer Bikaner Barmer Duration : 10 Days / 09 Nights Accessibility : By : Air / Train Local Sightseeing by Car
  38. 38. Future Strategy for Medical Tourism development  Medical Tourism is one sector that has show consistently high global growth in recent years.  India too achieved spectacular success in tourism with a growth rate the surpassed the global average consequently.  India’s share in the world tourist arrival continued to increased from 2002 onwards.  India offers a variety of services for overseas patients.
  39. 39. Role of ICRI Promoting Medical Tourism  Medical Tourism Education  MBA ( Health Care Management  Two years full time PG regular course with option to specialize in final year either in Hospital Operations Management (HOM) or Medical Tourism (MT)   Degree will be awarded by University recognized by UGC Provide Train Manpower to Medical Tourism & Health Care Industry
  40. 40. Opportunities in Medical Tourism
  41. 41.  Hospitals - Administrator  Own Business of Medical Tourism  Medical Tourism Company  Travel Agency  Tour Operator  Airlines – Manager
  42. 42.  Hotel Industry  Spa Resorts  Public Sector  IDTC  State Tourism Development Corporation
  43. 43.  Insurance Company  Overseas Medical Tourism Company  Corporate Interface  Staff Selection Commission  Union Public Service Commission  Academics
  44. 44. Thank you Presented by: Anil Bankar