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Final presentation


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My way to Describe your key take-aways from this course.

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Final presentation

  1. 1. My road to CREATIVITY
  3. 3. Before The concept of creativity is an illusive one. How can one hope to enhance creativity if it is not first defined and measured? After“Creativity is the ability to generate novel and useful ideas and solutions toeveryday problems and challenges”Creative thought can be divided into two types of reasoning: Divergent thinking: the intellectual ability to think of manyoriginal, diverse, and elaborate ideas. Convergent thinking: the intellectual ability to logically evaluate, critique andchoose the best idea from a selection of ideas.Both abilities are required for creative output. Divergent thinking is essential tothe novelty of creative products whereas convergent thinking is fundamentalto the appropriateness. Imagination Knowledge Attitude
  4. 4. Before Personality Measures Biographical Inventories Creative AbilityAfterLooking at certain The use of biographical The directpersonality traits or data. For example, measurement ofcharacteristics linking family and creativeness byassociated with a educational history to testing an individualcreative mind, e.g. determine the potential with variousintelligence, confidence, sources of an individuals established tests.wit, originality, creativity, personalinformality and interests or hobbies thattolerance to ambiguity. may indicate a creative mind, or even personal relationships . Habitat Resources Culture
  5. 5. Focus on the Start of ideaAll people have the potential to be creative but thosewho are recognised as being creative have an certainawareness.
  6. 6. The concept of creativity may be delineated intothree dimensions; the person, the product and the process
  7. 7. exploring the ways unrelated objects or ideas may be related to come up with novel solutions
  8. 8. Imagination Habitat Resourses KnowladgeCREATIVE Culture
  9. 9. Thank YouRaksha Gupta