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Teacher's treasure trove


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Published in: Education
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Teacher's treasure trove

  1. 1. TEACHER’S TREASURE TROVELow Cost Teaching Aids By : Rakia Rizwan
  2. 2. TEACHING AIDS• Teaching becomes successful and effective when it is associated not just with textbooks or lectures but with auditory or visual supplements.• These supplements, called teaching aids are in sense a must for a complete teacher.• Such complements further make the teaching and learning process more effective.
  3. 3. TEACHING AIDSLow-cost teaching aids are generated from household waste and scrap. The workshop states that low-cost teaching aids:• Involve minimal input costs;• Help institutions become self-reliant and reduce costs of education as they are developed and produced on campus;• Can be used in nursery, primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary schools;• Can be used for supplementary and illustrative education in the sciences as well as the humanities;• Are most suitable for subjects like science, geography, mathematics and art and crafts.
  4. 4. AIM OF THE WORKSHOPThe aim of this workshop is• help to learn to prepare low-cost teaching aids through daily materials that can be a handy and valuable resource for adding excitement to THE LEARNING.
  5. 5. GROUP FORMATION• Form into the groups of 5 each .• Form into mix subject groups
  6. 6. ACTIVITY 1 10 minsDISCUSS• Why teaching aids are important for enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in classroom ? 5 mins DISCUSSION 5 mins SHARING
  7. 7. ACTIVITY 2 10 minsDISCUSS• The constraints which hinders the development and implementation of teaching aids 5 mins DISCUSSION 5 mins SHARING
  8. 8. ACTIVITY 3 15 minsMAKE FLASH CARDS CONTAINING s, t, e, a, i, m, p, r, c,• Make twenty spelling out of these alphabets
  9. 9. ACTIVITY 3• Cat mat pat rat• tear meat cast seat• steam peas pair pear• praise price tease mist
  10. 10. ACTIVITY 4 10 minsHow a MATCHBOX can be use as teaching aid ?
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