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England )

  1. 1. ENGLAND
  2. 2. MORE INFORMATION On average, British people drink 200 million cups of tea every year The British national anthem is God Save the Queen. The Act of Union in 1707 united England, Scotland and Wales to become Great Britain.
  3. 3. THE UNION JACK The Union Jack represents the United Kingdom. The UK is Britain (England, Scotland and Wales)and Northem Ireland. The flag is a symbol of unity. It is a combination of the flags of Saint George for England, Saint Andrew for Scotland and Saint Patrik for Northem Ireland. Wales doesn’t have any representation on the flag.
  4. 4. SAINTS AND EMBLEMENS Saint George is the patron saint of England. People celebrate Saint George’s day on 23rd April. The flower of England is the rose. Scotland’s patron is Saint Andrew and his special day is November 30th. The thistle is the emblem of Scotland. The patron saint of Wales is Saint David. Welsh people wear daffodils on Saint David’s day on March 1st.
  5. 5. FOOD ENGLAND SCOTLAND WALES Bubble and squeak: Cranachan: Bara brith: vegetable from a roast dinner, fried in butter. a desert made from cream, whisky, honey, raspberries and oats sweet bread made with raisins.
  6. 6. TOWER OF SAINT LONDON GEORGE Beefeaters Saint George is the patron of England. People celebrate Saint George’s day The beefeatres are the on 23rd April. The flower of England is the of the guardians rose. Tower of London. They wear a uniform of dark blue and red and in specials ocasions they wear a red and gold uniform. The beefeaters care for the ravens.
  7. 7. MONUMENTSMONUMENTS The Romans were in England from 55bc to 41ad. They built many roads and important cities in England such as Londinium (London) and Aquae Sulis (Bath). Hadrian’s Wall was the northern border of England. There are many Roman remains in England such as temples, amphitheatres and villas.
  8. 8. LINKS The British national anthem: God Save the Queen. The Romans in EnglandThe Roman Invasion of Britain - S01E01 - YouTube