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British music1

  1. 1. 1940´s Jitterbug / boogie-woogie Bing Crosby 1950´s Rock and Roll Elvis Presley The Beatles 1960´s British Rock and Roll
  2. 2. 1970´s Glam Rock 1980´s Hip Hop and Rap 1990´s Britpop David Bowie RadioheadRun DMC
  3. 3.  They were a British rock band formed in 1970 in London.  Originally consisted of four people, Freddie Mercury (lead vocals and piano), Brian May (guitar and vocals), John Deacon (bass guitar) and Roger Taylor (drums and vocals).  Their most famous and well known songs include: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions”.
  4. 4.  They were a British rock band formed in 1960 in Liverpool.  The original four included: John Lennon (lead singer), Paul McCartney (guitar and vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar) and Ringo Starr (drums).  They became widely regarded as the greatest and most influential act of the rock era.  In 1964 they had become international stars, leading the “British Invasion” of the United States pop market.  Their most famous songs include: Yellow Submarine and Hey Jude.
  5. 5.  The band formed in 1996 and still record songs now.  Originally all the band are from London.  The band has won a number of music awards throughout their career including, eight Brit Awards, five MTV music video awards and seven Grammy awards from 25 nominations .
  6. 6.  The were a British pop girl group formed in 1994.  After the band broke up, they decided to do a reunion tour in 2007-2008.  In 1997 they released a box-office film, Spice world.
  7. 7.  Reading and Leeds festival takes place once a year and the selected artists play both venues on alternative days.  Reading festival hosts 90,000 people while Leeds festival hosts 75,000.  The festival is held over the August Bank Holiday weekend however guests usually camp at the venue for four or five nights.
  8. 8.  This is the largest festival held in Sommerset, South West, England.  It is an annual festival and lasts for three days.  The festival hosts up to 175,000 people which camp over the three day period in the fields.  In addition to contempary music, the festival hosts dance, comedy, theatre, circus as well as other arts.  Previous headlining acts include: The Smiths, Oasis, U2, Kings Of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Beyonce and The Killers.
  9. 9.  The charts are updated every Sunday evening  Top 40 most popular singles are listed as well as the top 40 albums.  The official chart show is done by the BBC.