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Online tourism Bangladesh

  1. 1. Online Tourism Company of Bangladesh
  2. 2. The Concept of Tourism has been derived from the Latin word “TOMOS” & Hebrew word “TORAH” . Tourism in reality is not an industry but an activity. It is defined as an activity that takes place when people move to some other place for leisure or for business and stay at least for 24 hours.
  3. 3. Country 2008 2009 2010 2011 U.S.A 57,942,000 54,962,000 59,796,000 62,711,00 Singapore 7,778,000 7,489,000 9,161,000 10,390,000 Malaysia 22,052,000 23,646,000 24,577,000 24,714,000 Bangladesh 46700 268000 303000 97000000 Current Situation of Tourism Industry in Bangladesh ‘Best Value Destination’,2011 Growth in Tourism Receipt
  4. 4. Online tourism & travel services can be a popular service Global social communities will be added for both the people of resident country living abroad and the foreigners Various documentary and financial facilities for the travelers and the tourists.
  5. 5. Green Channel Tour Operators was formed in 2014. Started inbound tour operations in Bangladesh and operate tour to almost entire Europe and South Asia Ensure traveler’s every exploration
  6. 6.  Hotel reservations  Cruises to the River Buriganga and the River Karnaphuli  Packages  Study tours  Customized programs  Transfers by private coaches, luxury taxis  Organized tours  Rental of Villas  Car rentals
  7. 7.  Archaeological Tours  Chittagong Hill tract Indigenous Culture Tour  Historical Tour: Buddhist Stupa & Hindu's Temple  Home Stay  Rocket Steamer Trip  Sea beach & Offshore Island Tour  Special Package- Dhaka – Sundarbans- Dhaka
  8. 8.  Green Channel Company have extensive experience in the specific fields of tours and travel functions.  They have fully qualified leisure staff for this department and business travel staff for the commercial sector.  Green Channel, being financially supported by a highly respected and well established business group  Their financial status is built on a solid base
  9. 9.  To consolidate Bangladesh’s position as a tourist destination in the established generating markets.  Enhance competitive position by mobilizing effective promotional measures.  pay special attention in promotion and product diversification strategies.
  10. 10. 1. MARKET SEGMENTATION: Geographic, Demographic, Geo-demographic, Psychographic and Behavioral segment. 2. TARGET MARKETING: Evaluate each market segment attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter 3. MARKET POSITIONING: The way the product is defined by tourists on important attributes
  11. 11.  Tourism industry has a greater impact and prospect in the overall socio economic condition of Bangladesh.  Tourism has not achieved the optimal level of development and status.  National tourism policy needs some additional change.  Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation has lack of resource and man power facility.  Bangladesh is a country of natural
  12. 12.  Positive image of our tourism industry must be established.  Ensure security and safety on travels.  Full-fledged tourism training institutes have to be established.  Build more eco-park, safari park and wildlife sanctuary.  Tourism facilities and services have to be established in international standard.  Ecological balance must be maintained
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