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Report on Business Plan on UNISTORE, a Retail Superstore [Elegant (VII)]


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This is a Report on Business Plan on UNISTORE, a Retail Superstore prepared by group Elegant (VII).

To introduce a new era of business module in Bangladesh, we 7 friends are going to establish a retail superstore named UNISTORE, a unique, universal and versatile sales floor. It generally provides almost every kind of consumer goods. To make it successful we have chosen both developed and developing regions of Dhaka city but we will inaugurate 1 outlet initially. Our form of organization will be general partnership.
Since we will pose general partnership we ourselves will serve every kind of management functions. Besides, we are highly experienced and linked with various financial organizations which will help us getting loan and monetary backup. We have a few other strengths which are more enough to drive our weaknesses. Moreover, we have corporate lobbying so that we can acquire strategic and competitive advantage.
On the other hand, we have a unique value proposition “Buy green, live green” so that customers can use products in an environment friendly manner. We will not only sell quality products and services but also values and trust. Thus, we would like to capture 22% market share within 2 years. We consider some of our basic characteristics as a criterion of becoming successful in the market environment.
 We are the first to start a superstore including almost all kinds of variety goods.
 Almost every kind of consumer goods and services will be available in our sales floor.
 E-Marketing (Electronic Marketing) system.
 Skillful, devoted, friendly, and committed employees.
 Strategic partnership with various banks, leasing companies and insurance companies.
 Corporate lobbying which provides opportunity to supply materials for employees.
We shall require tk. 85.67 crore or 856.7 million tk. as our total cost of business set up. We shall count on investors on our business & loans from various sources which will be paid in different periods. Our business plan is focused on long term planning to capture a huge market share and eventually become market leader and dominant in this sort of businesses.

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Report on Business Plan on UNISTORE, a Retail Superstore [Elegant (VII)]

  1. 1. .Report OnBusiness Plan for , a RetailSuperstore(Based on the Study of CRM)“Elegant (VII)”
  2. 2. ReportOnCustomer Relationship ManagementCourse: 521Topic: “Business Plan for , a Retail Superstore”Prepared for:Ali Mohammad KawserLecturerDepartment of MarketingFaculty of Business of StudiesUniversity of DhakaPrepared by:“Elegant (VII)”Section: ADepartment of Marketing (14th)Faculty of Business StudiesUniversity of DhakaDate of Submission: 13th April, 2013 eng.
  3. 3. Group Profile:“Elegant (VII)”No. Name Roll Designation Remarks1 Anjuman Ara 215 Member2 Mohammed Saiful Islam Masud 221 Member3 Md. Abdur Rakib 375 Member4 Chowdhury Omor Faruque 377 Leader5 Md. Al Amin 419 Member6 Rumana 427 Member7 Md. Moben Ahmed 526 Member
  4. 4. Chapter Questions:Chapter 1 (Customer Relationship Management):a) What is CRM?b) What are the facets of CRM?c) What are the important aspects of CRM in Marketing?Chapter 2 (Rediscovering the Customer):a) Why customer understanding is important?b) What are the consumer sectors in Bangladesh?c) Describe the bargaining power of buyer.Chapter 3 (How to Measure Customer Relationship):a) Why customer relationship measurement is importantb) Describe the market research processc) Describe the types of surveyChapter 4 (Customer Response):a) What are the different patterns of customer response?b) Describe the prerequisite of customer response.c) Describe the response medium of customer.Chapter 5 (Customer Satisfaction):a) What are the factors affecting customer satisfaction?b) What are the reasons behind customer satisfaction measurement?c) How to promote customer satisfaction?Chapter 6 (Loyalty and Customer Retention):a) Briefly describe about customer loyalty and satisfactionb) Briefly describe about customer satisfaction and loyalty.c) What is the advantage of customer loyalty?
  5. 5. Chapter 7 (Complaint Management):a) Why customer complaints? describe with exampleb) Briefly describe customer complaint with examplec) Why complaints management necessary?Chapter 8 (Service):a) What is service?b) Describe the types of servicec) What are the characteristic of service business?
  6. 6. Proposal on New Business Ideas:Waste Management & Energy Recycling ServicesNationwide, many landfills are closing or exhausting their remaining capacity. Yet due toenvironmental restrictions, zoning laws, and other regulatory and bureaucratic delays, pitifullyfew new landfills are opening to offset the looming space crisis. Meanwhile, municipal wastecontinues to flow in greater volume. Handling the nations waste stream has become a majorproblem for most municipalities. With more waste created daily, landfills nationwide are rapidlyfacing a capacity crisis. Landfills are akin to owning a reverse gold mine. So, assistance in thesekinds of services will enlarge the beauty of our nation.Sustainable Eco Ideas & Design ServicesWe have selected this service idea because of its potential and market growth opportunity. It isestimated that real estate sector in Bangladesh is booming and it will continue to boom forexample, SAHARA has already planned to invest in Bangladesh. As a result, there is a potentialthat such services will gain great market share in the real estate sector in Bangladesh. We arebasically providing two types of services. These are:1. Idea development2. Designing offices and apartmentsBusiness Plan for “UNISTORE”To introduce a new era of business module in Bangladesh, we 7 friends are going to establish asuperstore named “UNISTORE”, a unique, universal and versatile sales floor. It generallyprovides almost every kind of consumer goods. To make it successful we have chosen bothdeveloped and developing regions of Dhaka city to inaugurate 1 outlet initially. Our form oforganization will be general partnership.
  7. 7. Letter of Transmittal:13thApril, 2013 engAli Mohammad KawserLecturerDepartment of MarketingUniversity of DhakaDear Sir,Here is the report on the “Business Plan for , a Retail Superstore” as part of ourstudy that you asked us to conduct on the basis of 3rd January, 2013 proposal of 3 business ideas.Our study of preparing a complete business plan helped us know about a lot of informationregarding business start up & its planning, retail industry & superstore which is our chosen topic.We have come to know various points of organizational structure, planning, situational analysis,marketing strategies, financial analysis etc. that would help us further.We appreciate your choosing business plan as or assignment topic. If you need any additionalresearch or assistance in the overview of our plan, please ask us.Sincerely Yours,“Elegant (VII)”Section: ADepartment of MarketingBatch: 14th(MBA)University of Dhaka
  8. 8. Table of Contents:No. Particulars Page No.Executive Summary X1. The Organizational Plan 1A Summary Description of the Business 2B Products or Services 4C Intellectual Property 6D Location 7E Legal Structure 7F Management 8G Personnel 12H Accounting & Legal 13I Insurance 14J Security 142. The Marketing Plan 15A Overview and Goals of Marketing Strategy 16B Market Analysis 16C Marketing Strategy 19D Customer Service 22E Implementation of Marketing Strategy 24F Assessment of Marketing Effectiveness 253. Financial Documents 26A Summary of Financial Needs 27B Loan Fund and Dispersal Statement 27C Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement (Budget) 28D 3-Year Income Projection 29E Projected Balance Sheet 30F Break-Even Analysis 31
  9. 9. G Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement) 32H Balance Sheet 33I Financial Statement Analysis 34J Business Financial History 394. Supporting Documents 40A Personal Resumes 41B Owners’ Financial Statements 45C Credit Reports 45D Copies of Leases, Mortgages, Purchase Agreements, etc. 50E Letters of Reference 52F Contracts 53G Other Legal Document 53H Miscellaneous Documents 58I Poster Ad of UNISTORE 59J Presentation Slides 60References 63
  10. 10. Executive Summary:To introduce a new era of business module in Bangladesh, we 7 friends are going to establish aretail superstore named , a unique, universal and versatile sales floor. It generallyprovides almost every kind of consumer goods. To make it successful we have chosen bothdeveloped and developing regions of Dhaka city but we will inaugurate 1 outlet initially. Ourform of organization will be general partnership.Since we will pose general partnership we ourselves will serve every kind of managementfunctions. Besides, we are highly experienced and linked with various financial organizationswhich will help us getting loan and monetary backup. We have a few other strengths which aremore enough to drive our weaknesses. Moreover, we have corporate lobbying so that we canacquire strategic and competitive advantage.On the other hand, we have a unique value proposition “Buy green, live green” so that customerscan use products in an environment friendly manner. We will not only sell quality products andservices but also values and trust. Thus, we would like to capture 22% market share within 2years. We consider some of our basic characteristics as a criterion of becoming successful in themarket environment. We are the first to start a superstore including almost all kinds of variety goods. Almost every kind of consumer goods and services will be available in our sales floor. E-Marketing (Electronic Marketing) system. Skillful, devoted, friendly, and committed employees. Strategic partnership with various banks, leasing companies and insurance companies. Corporate lobbying which provides opportunity to supply materials for employees.We shall require tk. 85.67 crore or 856.7 million tk. as our total cost of business set up. We shallcount on investors on our business & loans from various sources which will be paid in differentperiods. Our business plan is focused on long term planning to capture a huge market share andeventually become market leader and dominant in this sort of businesses.
  11. 11. Part 1: The Organizational Plan
  12. 12. A. Summary Description of the Business:Our business is established mainly to provide consumer goods and services to people in morecomfortable way where they will be able to collect their any kinds of necessaries with theassurance of quality and standard in an environment friendly manner.We are following limited partnership business module which will be started officially from 1stJanuary, 2011. Mission:1. Short term goal (mission): “Buy green, live green”.2. Long term goal (vision): To establish a market environment where customer will getquality products & services at a reasonable price in an environment friendly manner. Business Model: Our business model shows us unique from others in this industry. Asample of our business model is given below:
  13. 13.  Strategy:1. Short Term Objectives: Within 2 years we want to capture 22% customer purchasingfrom our super store providing product at comparatively cheaper price.2. Long Term Objectives: We want to establish our own agro based firm, agro basedproduct, from our own manufacturing firm so that we can meet our commitment atreasonable price and high quality which will accelerate of our ultimate objective to bea market leader in consumer goods. Strategic Relationships:1. We have current strategic relationships with Standard Chartered Bank, BRAC Bank,DBBL, EBL, and HSBC. (Including 3% discount of credit card holder)2. GP will pride low cost charge when using GP SIM in our internal connection.3. AK firm supplies at low cost as we are regularly receiving supply from them. SWOT Analysis:1. Strengths:a. We offer multiple category of product line.b. We have enough sources to supply, pure product at low cost.c. We will produce environmentally friendly product.d. E-marketinge. Every kinds of consumer product is available in one placef. Skillful, devoted and committed employee.g. Good relationship with suppliers.h. Time saving.2. Weaknesses:a. Unfamiliar concept in Bangladesh.b. Many alternatives exist to this concept.
  14. 14. c. Comparatively high cost.d. Lack of large space at important location.3. Opportunities:a. Unavailability of super shopb. Interest of large portion of customer.c. Change in life style.d. Good profit potential.e. Increasing of new urban area.4. Threats:a. Political instabilityb. Financial instabilityc. Transportation problemd. Power shortage that increase our coste. Established local marketf. Internal threatg. Tendency to corrupth. GrapevineB. Products or Services: Sources: We will collect product from the following sources:1. Suppliers2. Own firm3. Farmers
  15. 15.  Types of Products and Services: Our stores feature wide, clean, brightly-lit aisles andshelves stocked with a variety of quality, value-priced general merchandise, including:1. Family Apparel2. Healthy and Beauty aids3. Electronics4. Toys5. Lawn and Garden items6. Jewelry7. Automotive Products8. Home Furnishings9. Hardware10. Sporting goods11. Pet supplies12. House wares13. Groceries: Bakery Goods Meat and Dairy products Fresh produce Dry goods and staples Beverages Deli Foods Frozen Foods Canned and Packaged Goods Condiments and Spices Household Supplies14. Service Items: Branded Fast Food Retail Shop / Restaurants Portrait Studio and Photo Center Pharmacy Sports and Fitness
  16. 16. 15. Market side Offerings: We will arrange some special market side offerings to gathersatisfaction from customers in the following way: “Entries and Sides” inspired by classically trained chefs and ready to serve inminutes. An assortment of “Hot Foods” like pizzas, roasted chickens, soups and breads thatare fresh out of our oven. Daily deliveries of fresh produce, meats and flowers for “Guaranteed Freshness”. More than 300 “Natural and Organic” products throughout the entire store. A vast assortment of “Fast Food Items” in a reasonable price. Plus, all the “Grocery Brands” you want at low, low prices!C. Intellectual Property: We have our logo of UNISTORE which is our special trademark and it will differentiateus from others. Our strategies and intellectual designs are also important that would notbe let to copy. In this regard, we will have copyrights on these facts. We have introduceda few new ideas on which we will hold periodic patent.Our Logo: We will make registrations according to the rules of law with the supporting documentsfor the above mentioned intellectual properties.
  17. 17. D. Location:Locations & projected costs of our organization are given as the following:No. Particulars Address Projected Costtk.(Yearly)1 Corporate Office 32/2-A Shantinagor, Dhaka 20,000002 Outlet 1 Road No-05, House# 9, Block- C, Uttara,Dhaka-120218,00000E. Legal Structure:We have formed our business as a partnership in accordance with the “Partnership Act 1932”.We have selected general partnership criteria as our under partnership classification. Because ithas the following advantages which are often seen as positive attributes of being in a partnership: Advantages of General Partnership Business:1. Shared financial commitment.2. Resources, expertise, and strengths can be pooled3. There are limited startup costs.4. There are few formalities in such kind of partnership.5. Simple and inexpensive to create and operate6. One big advantage of a general partnership is that you dont have to register with yourstate and pay a fee, as you do to establish a corporation or limited liability company.And because a general partnership is normally a “pass through" tax entity (thepartners, not the partnership, are taxed unless you specifically elect to be taxed like acorporation) filing income tax returns is easy.
  18. 18.  List of Owners & Corporate Officers:No. Owners Corporate Officer01 Md. Moben Ahmed Md. Moben Ahmed02 Md. Al Amin Md. Al Amin03 Chowdhury Omor Faruque Chowdhury Omor Faruque04 Rumana Rumana06 Mohammed Saiful Islam Masud Mohammed Saiful Islam Masud06 Md. Abdur Rakib Md. Abdur Rakib07 Anjuman Ara Anjuman AraF. Management: List of Managers:1. Moben Ahmed2. Md. Al Amin3. Chowdhury Omor Faruque4. Mohammed Saiful Islam Masud5. Rumana6. Md. Abdur Rakib7. Anjuman Ara
  19. 19. A management model is given in the following to illustrate the managers’ position and activities.“Management Model” Responsibilities & Abilities:1. Md. Moben Ahmed (CEO):a) Ability: He passed BBA, BCS from DU & MBA from Daffodil University inAmerica. Now, he is working as a Managing Sales Manager of reputedMultinational Corporation of that state.b) Responsibility: He will be responsible to coordinate all the department of theorganization including Finance, Accounting, and Management. He will evaluateoverall performance of the firm & take initiative to implement short-term goal ofthe firm. He will try to take leadership in prominent association in Bangladesh.Board of DirectorsPresident•Chowdhury Omor FaruqueVice President•Md. Al AminCash InternalAuditorMd. AbdurRakibOperationsControllerAnjuman AraFinancialControllerRumanaAccountsControllerMd. MobenAhmedSCMControllerMohammedSaiful IslamMasud
  20. 20. He will also adopt strategic relationship with different financial organization toacquire competitive advantages. He will also include himself with CSR.2. Md. Al Amin (Head of Finance):a) Ability: He completed his graduation from Dhaka University. He studied major inAccounting and he is also a CA holder. Acting as an auditor.b) Responsibility: He will deal with all financial activities of the firm. He willprepare the short and long term budget. On the other hand he will acquire debtand contact with various financial organizations. Besides, he will try to developstrategic development of different organizations. Moreover, he will plan for thedistribution of financial resources in various departments of the company likesales promotion, MIS, supply, inbound and outbound logistics, distribution etc.short and long term objectives will be acquired by him. He will also beresponsible for accounting, cash management, and investment.3. Mohammed Saiful Islam Masud (Head of SCM & Logistics):a) Ability: He completed his graduation from Dhaka University & acquired SCMdegree from ISCEA, Bangladesh.b) Responsibility: He will deal with all logistics activities of the firm. He willprepare the short and long term budget & planning of supply chain activities. Onthe other hand he will control the inventory managers & supervisors. Moreover,he will try to develop strategic relationship with suppliers & dealers of differentorganizations.4. Chowdhury Omor Faruque (Head of Marketing):a) Ability: BBA and MBA from Dhaka University. Working as a Lecturer at DU inthe Marketing Department.b) Responsibility: He will cover all those areas related to the marketing functions ofgetting consumer and clients to buy the products and services. Related areas arenew product development, promotion, distribution and pricing strategies.
  21. 21. 5. Anjuman Ara (Head of Operation):a) Ability: BBA and MBA from Dhaka University & acting as an OperationManager of GP.b) Responsibility: Operation head is connected with creating and managing thesystems that creates product or service. Typical responsibilities includeproduction control, supply chain management, inventory control, plant layout, andsite selection.6. Rumana (Head of HRM):a) Ability: BBA and MBA from Dhaka University in Management. Now working asa General Manager of newly started company.b) Responsibility: She will be responsible for recruitment and developing ofemployees. Besides, he will be involved with HR planning, selecting employees,training and development, designing compensation and benefit systems,formulating performance and appraisal systems, and discharging of lowperforming and problematic employees.7. Md. Abdur Rakib (Head of Administration):a) Ability: Passed BBA and MBA in Marketing from DU. Now acting as a head ofAdministration of a Standard Chartered Bank Branch.b) Responsibility: He will not be associated with any particular managementspecially. Rather he will be responsible for dealing with administrative bodies,political and social environments for example; press release and outwardactivities.
  22. 22.  Projected Salaries: Projected salaries for the managers are given as the following:No. Designation Salaries1 CEO 800002 Head of Finance 600003 Head of SCM & Logistics 600004 Head of Marketing 600005 Head of Operation 600006 Head of HRM 600007 Head of Administration 60000Total= 380000G. Personnel: Number of Employees & Positions: Initially we will open 3 outlets and a corporateoffice. These will require following number of employees:No Position Individual Salary Number1 Branch Manager 50000 32 Cashier 25000 183 Online Supplier Manager 40000 54 Online Salesperson 35000 605 Salespeople 15000 1646 Security 8000 607 Carrier 8000-12000 50Total 250
  23. 23.  Qualifications:1. Manager: BBA or MBA from any reputed public or private university. Marketingstudents are highly encouraged here to apply. The applicant should have soundcommunicating skill both in Bengali and English. Computer excellence is mandatory.2. Cashier: BBA or MBA in Accounting from any reputed public or private university.Besides, the applicant should have computer excellence.3. Others: H.S.C or Degree passed from any discipline & must have goodcommunication skill. Working Hours: Working hours for various personnel are shown as in the followingtable:No. Designation Working hours01. Sales person 602. Sales people 803. Security 804. Carrier 8 Future Needs: Future needs of personnel is given below:Year No. of Outlets No. of Personnel2 5 4503 8 7004 12 10005 18 1250H. Accounting & Legal: Accounting: EDI (Electronic Data Interchanges) will be used for daily accountingrecords. In this regard, we will use various financial accounting software and calculators.Our Accounting Manager will deal as a tax accountant as well. On the other hand, ourFinancial Manager will be responsible for the periodic financial statement analysis. Legal: Our legal adviser will retain as an attorney for dealing our legal problems.
  24. 24. I. Insurance: Kinds: We will simply carry on 3 types of insurance policies:1. Fire Insurance2. Property & Liability Insurance3. Marine Insurance Premium: Our calculated premium for the overall insurance policies will be tk. 2 millionper year. Carrier: Our Accounting Manager will undertake the activities regarding insurance andalso act as a carrier for us.J. Security: Inventory and theft Control:1. In case of inventory control, EDI system and inventory entry system will bemoderated by the Inventory Associates and Supervisors.2. They will also moderate the theft of information both online and offline. Related Costs: The following chart shows the project related costs:Project Items Costs(tk.)Software Developer 1200000Web Page and LINK Development 300000Other Activities 400000
  25. 25. Part 2: The Marketing Plan
  26. 26. A. Overview and Goals of Marketing Strategy:We want to provide product to customer at reasonable price so that we can reach out goal toestablish a market environment where consumers will enjoy low cost product without sacrificingquality so that we can reach our ultimate goals of becoming market leader. Portfolio Analysis:1. Star: We have identified our Uttara, branch as star with high growth and high marketshare. In the next year, Banani, Baridhara and Dhanmondi branches will also becounted as star. We need heavy investment to finance their rapid growth.2. Cash Cow: Our Nikunjo, and Chittagong branches upcoming are identified as cashcow with low growth and high share business or product. These established andsuccessful SBU’s need less investment to hold their market share. These branchesproduce a lot of cash that we can use its bill and support other SUB’s.3. Question Mark: Purbachal, Comilla, Rajshahi, and Sylhet upcoming branches areidentified as question mark with low share business unit is high growth market. Thesebranches require a lot of cash to hold share let increase it.4. Dog: Our Lalbagh, Azimpur upcoming branches is identified as dog category whichgenerates enough cash to maintain them but don’t promise to be large source of cash.B. Market Analysis: Target Market:1. Age: Under 6, 6-11, 12-19, 20-34, 35-49, 50-64, 65+2. Occupation: Professional and Technical, Managers, Officials, Proprietors, Sales,Supervisors, Farmers, Students, homemakers, Unemployed.3. Social Class: lower-lower, lower-uppers, upper-uppers, working class, middle class,upper middle class.
  27. 27.  Competition:1. Competitor: Agora, Nondon, Meena Bazar, PQS, Shwapno.2. Strength and Weakness: Strengths and weaknesses of one of the above competitors,AGORA is given below:Agora: Strength: Efficient website, brand image Weakness: Insufficient cash booth, shortage of branch, lack of varieties,infrastructural weakness Market Trends:1. Western2. Expecting quality product at less price.3. Tendency to save time.4. Expecting on-line service.5. Hassle free shopping.6. DFS Market Research: We have undertaken survey method under which we have prepared aquestionnaire, prepared a database analysis, and found results as given following:
  28. 28. Questionnaire1. What are the factors which influence you to go to supershop?a. Price b. Quantity c. Location d. Time2. Are you satisfied with the existing shops in Bangladesh?a. Yes b. No c. No comments3. What types of products do you usually buy from supershop?a. Baby food b. Confectionary c. Fresh items d. Clothes4. Do you expect new combinations of products?a. No b. Yes c. No comments5. Which shop do you prefer most for shopping?a. AGORA b. Nandon c. Shwapno d. Meena Bazar e. Others6. How many specific shops do you prefer to go?a. Only 1 b. 2 c. More than 27. Do you think supershop costs higher than traditional market?a. Yes b. No c. No comments8. Which type of e-marketing is more convenient to you?a. Mobile b. Internet c. Online9. Which types of payment do you prefer to do?a. Cash b. Credit Card c. Debit Card d. E-card10. What do you expect more from such kind of shop from your point of view?……………………………………………………..
  29. 29.  Database Analysis & Results: After surveying on 20person we have got the followingresult:1. 19% people go to such shops for the price factor, 21% for quantity, 35% forlocation, and 45% for time.2. 49% is not satisfied, 35% is satisfied, and 16% didn’t comment.3. 25% buys baby food, 39% buys fresh items, 35% buys confectionary, and 11%buys clothes.4. Yes 88%, no 7%, & no comments 5%.5. AGORA=45%, Nondon=28%, Meena Bazar=20%, Shwapno=5%, others=2%.6. 1 store=52%, 2 store=41%, more than 2=7%.7. Yes=57%, no=38%, no comments=5%.8. Mobile=69%, internet=24%, online=7%.9. Cash=70%, credit card=10%, debit card=20%.C. Marketing Strategy: General Description: We want to invest 30% money in our 1st year and 25% money inour 2nd year promotional activities.Year Particulars Amount (Million tk.) %1st year Online 45 15%Offline 265 85%2nd Year Online 30 12%Offline 220 88%
  30. 30. We want to get return a loss of tk. 22 million in online sector and tk. 57.5 million in offline.Besides, we want to get return a profit of 15% on online promotion and 20% on offlinepromotion and the amount is respectively 4.5 million and 44 million tk. Method of Sales & Distribution: We want to sell our products by storing in our ownretail store which is located in different divisional cities of Bangladesh. We would like tostore imported and finished products in our warehouses which are located only in Dhaka& Chittagong. We will distribute our products by mobile, internet, and website. Packaging: We will introduce 4 types of packages for our different levels of customerswhich are environment friendly.1. Children: We have introduced new shopping bag for children. It will be colorfull &cartoony design hopefully which will attract the children.2. Women: For women, we have special shopping bag which have some tips for womenin recipe related perspective.3. Men: For our men customer, we have shopping bag which have some beauty tips formen. Pricing: We planned to offer our products comparatively in lower price than ourcompetitors like AGORA, Nandon etc. to capture more than 25% market share fromthem. From the next year, we will offer our products at the same price which ourcompetitors will hold. In this situation, we will follow overall cost leadership pricingstrategy. We want to create competitive advantages by reducing cost on supply,promotion, distribution, and other promotional activities so that we can createcompetitive positioning in the market. Branding: Today branding has become so important that there is hardly anything thathas no brand identity. At the same time, consumers view it as an important part of theproduct as it adds values to it & makes it unique. Besides, it can be said that customersnot only buy a product or service but also the brand with it. And that is why we havechosen a brand name “UNISTORE”. We believe that this name is a unique anddistinctive one to attract potential customers and make them to be loyal.
  31. 31.  Database Marketing: Each and every marketing transaction will be recorded in ourautomatic database system which is so called EDI. From this system we could easilyunderstand our customers’ purchasing trends of different products. Sales Strategies: We will maintain the following sales strategies:1. Direct sales which will help us to reduce our costs.2. Online selling will be an economical and convenient option too.3. Mobile marketing can be a very convenient option as it has been so popular electronicmedia at present. Sales Incentives: The following sales incentives can be taken besides the sales strategies:1. We will not charge for any kind of additional services we would provide.2. We will give rebate to the customers who will purchase in account. Advertising Strategies: Various types of advertising can be given in order to promoteour product to both potential customers and other elements of macro environment. Theseare:1. Traditional Media: Traditional media electronic and printing media for example; TV,newspaper, article, journal, bill board etc.2. Modern Media: Advertising has entered into a new era of media such as blogs onfacebook, ads on Bdjobs, Cellbazaar & other popular sites of Bangladeshi context etc. Public Relations:1. Online Presence: By social networks for example; Facebook, yahoo, Mig 33 etc.2. Events: Social awareness programs like antidrug campaigning, antidowry program,and environment friendly activities etc. Networking: We will be the member of “Association of super store industry inBangladesh” (ASSIB). This will help us to network with other related company.
  32. 32. D. Customer Services: Description of Customer Service Activities: We always believe “Customer is the key toour success” & that is why give them the first priority in every respective decision. Suchpriorities are1. Arranging products in a disciplined manner/way: We will arrange our products in adisciplined way so that customers don’t face any problem when they choose theproducts. For example; we will divide our spaces in many parts like one part will bedisplayed with fresh items, one will specify cosmetics and jewelries, one for childrenand baby items etc.2. Offering huge number of trolleys: A huge number of trolleys will be offered so thatcustomers can easily carry their loads easily.3. Giving Product Number, Amount & Price: We will also give product code on thebody of our product so that customers can easily identify the price and if there is noprice written on the body of the productivity then by using a special machine which iftouches the product code will be able to show the price of the product.4. Arranging 5/6 Cash Booths and Card Punch System: We will arrange 5/6 cash boothsso that no overflow of customer in the time of paying money & also to save thevaluable time of our customer.5. Opening Complain Box: If customers have any complain against our products andservice they can drop it in the complain box without any hesitation. Besides, they cangive suggestions if they have. Thus, we could rectify our errors and provide the bestservice we can.6. Providing After Sales Services in Special Cases: When customers call on our numberand give any complain or demand any assistance regarding product after sales we willtry to satisfy them to our limits.7. Automated Direction System: We will provide automated direction system forsearching specific product line or product.
  33. 33.  Expected Outcomes of Achieving Excellence: To achieve excellence in case ofproviding services to customers we will follow the following expected outcomes:1. 24/7 online service will be provided by which customer can have their expectedproduct direct to home.2. 5% discount will be held on the loyal customer.3. Instant medical service will be ensured if anyone gets ill at our floor.4. There will be space for children to play while parents could easily do their shopping.5. Taking order for any foreign product by any customer which is not available here.
  34. 34. E. Implementation of Marketing Strategy:To implement the marketing strategy there are a few strategies and functions needed to conductas given in following: In-House Responsibilities: There are a few in-house responsibilities to perform. Theseare,1. We will maintain a friendly relation among our employees and with our customers.2. We will make sure that our sales floor will be completely germs and pollution freeand any kind pollution like smoking is prohibited inside.3. CCTV camera will be set for the outlet manager to conduct the whole sales flooreasily whether any kind of problems like corruption or misleading is happening ornot. Out-Sourced Functions: Various out-sourced functions will be taken to attract thecustomer and make them aware of it. These are,1. Advertising in Prevailing TV Channels: As most number of people watches TV so itis the best way to make people know about us via existing Bengali TV channels.2. FM Radio: Now-a-days, FM is also an important media that we can also use for out-sourced functions.3. Newspaper, Journals, Articles: These are also important media for advertisement.4. Leaflet: We will give our introduction to the public via leaflet.5. Relation with Public Organization: We will obviously try to make relations withmany existing public organization such as CAB, NBR, EPB, Tax & Commission get further help in many different situation.
  35. 35. F. Assessment of Marketing Effectiveness:There are many existing companies which are dominating in the kind of service we are going toprovide in a few perspectives. We visited a few important corporate personnel of such companiesto have the following evaluations: According to the M.D. of Agora: We visited the M.D. of Agora and showed him our preand post planning activities. He told us, “I really wonder and surprise to see how thesetypes of idea came to your mind which I have never thought neither I could in the future.That sounds great.” According to the Maghbazar Branch Manager of Meena Bazar: When we met Mr.Shafiq, the Maghbazar branch Manager of Meena Bazar, he said, “It would be a verygood idea of opening a superstore in Bangladeshi context for the 1st time.” According to Chief Marketing Executive of Shwapno: We went to Mirpur Circle-10branch of Shwapno and luckily found Mr. Arafat Sani, the Chief of MarketingDepartment of Shwapno. He is very friendly and agile in nature. We told him about ourstrategies. He was surprised to know and wished us good luck.
  36. 36. Part 3: Financial Documents
  37. 37. A. Summary of Financial Needs:There are various financial needs related and a summary of which is given below:1. We will take loan for initial costs like opening branches, improving our marketingdatabase system, implementing distribution activities, making promotional activities,improving customer services, operating activities and most importantly for investment inour business.2. We need tk. 856.7 million tk. for the initial year. We will obtain this amount fromPhoenix Finance, BSRS, Bangladesh Development Bank, IDLC, Lanka Bangla Finance,Prime Finance Companies.B. Loan Fund Dispersal Statement:Our loan will be dispersed in the following way: For opening outlet: 535.7 million tk. Improving our marketing database system: 21 million tk. Improving promotional activities: 150 million tk. Investment for various activities: 150 million tk.
  38. 38. C. Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement (Budget):Pro forma cash flow statement for 3 years is given below:Pro Forma Cash Flow StatementParticulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Cash ReceivedCash from OperationsCash Sales 1,304 135 1,428Subtotal Cash from Operations 1,304 1,357 1,428Additional Cash ReceivedSales Tax, VAT, HST/GST Received 0 0 0New Current Borrowing 5 0 0New Other Liabilities (interest-free) 0 0 0New Long-term Liabilities 50 0 0Sales of Other Current Assets 0 0 0Sales of Long-term Assets 0 0 0New Investment Received 54 0 0Subtotal Cash Received 1,413 1,357 1,428Expenditures Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Expenditures from OperationsCash Spending 111 125 130Bill Payments 1,156 1,190 1,233Subtotal Spent on Operations 1,267 1,316 1,363Additional Cash SpentSales Tax, VAT, HST/GST Paid Out 0 0 0Principal Repayment of Current Borrowing 0 7 15Other Liabilities Principal Repayment 0 0 0Long-term Liabilities Principal Repayment 0 5 10Purchase Other Current Assets 0 0 0Purchase Long-term Assets 0 0 0Dividends 0 0 0Subtotal Cash Spent 1,267 1,328 1,388Net Cash Flow 145 29 40Cash Balance 179 208 248
  39. 39. D. 3 Year Income Projection:Income projections for 3 years is given belowIncome ProjectionParticulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Sales 1,304 1,357 $1,428Direct Cost of Sales 1,004 1,031 $1,071Other Costs of Goods 0 0 0Total Cost of Sales 1,004 1,031 1,071Gross Margin 299 325 357Gross Margin % 23.00% 24.00% 25.00%ExpensesPayroll 111 125 130Sales and Marketing and OtherExpenses36 15 15Depreciation 0 0 0Leased equipment 0 0 0Rent 60 65 68Utilities 3 4 4Insurance 7 7 7Payroll Taxes 17 18 19Other 15 10 10Total Operating Expenses 249 245 254Profit Before Interest and Taxes 50 80 102EBITDA 50 80 102Interest Expense 13 13 12Taxes Incurred 10 19 27Net Profit 25 46 63Net Profit/Sales 1.95% 3.42% 4.43%
  40. 40. E. Projected Balance Sheet:Projected balance sheet for 3 years is given belowPro Forma Balance SheetParticulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Assets:Current AssetsCash 179 208 248Inventory 122 97 102Other Current Assets 8 8 8Total Current Assets 309 313 358Long-term AssetsLong-term Assets 8 8 8Accumulated Depreciation 0 0 0Total Long-term Assets 8 8 8Total Assets 325 329 374Liabilities and Capital Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Current LiabilitiesAccounts Payable 96 25 101Current Borrowing 20 13 (2)Other Current Liabilities 10 10 10Subtotal Current Liabilities 126 118 109Long-term Liabilities 125 20 10Total Liabilities 251 186 228Paid-in Capital 37 124 24Retained Earnings (112) (86) (40)Earnings 25 22 16Total Capital 124 83 146Total Liabilities and Capital 325 329 374Net Worth 37 83 146
  41. 41. F. Break-Even Analysis:Break-even analysis is a management control device that approximates how much you must sellin order to cover your costs with no profit and no loss. Profit comes after break-even.Profit depends on sales volume, selling price, and costs. Break-even analysis helps you toestimate what a change in one or more of these factors will do to your profit. To figure it out,fixed costs (like rent) must be separated from variable costs (like the cost of goods sold). Break-Even analysis:We will have an average monthly sales of 4 crore tk. which in turn will give a profit of 30%on the sales deducting COGS, taxes & other costs that is 2 crore tk. monthly. So, the break–even point will be,Break Even Point = Fixed Costs / (Sales- variable costs)= 535700000 / (480000000-321000000)= 14 months = 1 year 2 months (approximately) Chart: Break-even Analysis is analyzed in the following chart:
  42. 42. G. Profit and Loss Statement:Profit and Loss StatementParticulars TakaSales 1,304Direct Cost of Sales 1,004Other Costs of Goods 0Total Cost of Sales 1,004Gross Margin 299Gross Margin % 23.00%ExpensesPayroll 111Sales and Marketing and OtherExpenses36Depreciation 0Leased equipment 0Rent 60Utilities 3Insurance 7Payroll Taxes 17Other 15Total Operating Expenses 249Profit Before Interest and Taxes 50EBITDA 50Interest Expense 13Taxes Incurred 10Net Profit 25Net Profit/Sales 1.95%
  43. 43. H. Balance Sheet:Balance SheetDecember 31, 2010Particulars TakaAssetsCurrent assets:Cash and cash equivalentsReceivablesInventoriesPrepaid expenses and otherCurrent assets of discounted operations105211Total current assetsProperty and equipment at cost:LandBuildings and improvementsFixtures and equipmentTransportation equipment192015517Property and equipment, at costLess accumulated depreciation12.518075Property and equipment, netProperty under capital lease:Property under capital leaseLess accumulated amortization17.7511.5Property under capital lease, netGoodwillOther assets and deferred charges13172Total assets 164Liabilities and Shareholders’ EquityCurrent liabilities:Commercial paperAccounts payableAccrued income taxesLong-term debt due within one yearObligations under capital leases due within one yearCurrent liabilities of discounted operations98.759.253.52055Total current liabilitiesLong-term debtLong-term obligations under capital leasesDeferred income taxes and otherMinority interestCommitment and contingenciesShareholders’ equity:4058.57.5560
  44. 44. Preferred stock(tk.0.00 par value; 000 shares authorized,none issued)Common stock(tk.0.00 par value; 00,000 sharesauthorized, 0,000 issued and outstanding at December31,2010)Capital in excess of par valueRetained earningsAccumulated other comprehensive (loss) incomeTotal shareholders’ equityTotal Liabilities and Shareholders’ Equity 164I. Financial Statement Analysis:Ratio analysis:1. Short-term Solvency or Liquidity: Current ratio=current assets/ current liabilities1styr=309/251=1.232ndyr=313/186=1.683rdyr=358/109=3.28 Quick ratio= (current asset- inventory)/ current liability1styr = (309-122)/251=.752ndyr= (313-97)/186=1.163rdyr= (358-102)/109=2.34
  45. 45.  Cash ratio= cash/ current liability1styr =179/251=.712ndyr=208/186=1.113rdyr=248/109=2.28 Net working capital to total asset= net working capital/ total asset1styr=1230/309=3.92ndyr=1305/313=4.163rdyr=1405/318=4.412. Long-term Solvency Ratio: Total debt ratio= (total asset- total equity)/ total asset1styr = (325-124)/325=.602ndyr = (329-83)/329=.753rdyr = (374-146)/374=.61
  46. 46.  Long term debt ratio= long term debt/ (long term debt+ total equity)1styr= 125/ (125+124)=.502ndyr=20/ (20+83)=.193rdyr= 10/ (10+146)=.06 Times interest earned ratio= EBIT/ interest1styr =.12/.03= 42ndyr = .24/.08=33rdyr = .39/.09=4.33 Cash coverage ratio= (EBIT + depreciation)/ interest1styr =. (12+0)/.03= 42ndyr = (.24+0)/.08=33rdyr = (.39+0/.09=4.33
  47. 47. 3. Asset Management or Turnover Measurement: Inventory turnover= cost of goods sold / inventory1styr= 1004/122=8.2 times2ndyr =1031/ 97=10.63 times3rdyr= 1071/ 102= 10.5 times Day’s sales inventory= 365 days/ inventory turnover1styr = 365/8.2=45 days2ndyr= 365/ 10.63=34 days3rdyr= 365/ 10.5= 35 days NWC turnover = sales/ NWC1styr= 1304/1230=1.062ndyr=1357/1305=1.033rdyr= 1428/1405=1.02
  48. 48.  Fixed asset turnover = sales/ net fixed asset1styr= 1304/80=16.32ndyr= 1031/ 80=12.883rdyr= 1428/80=17.85 Total asset turnover= sales / total asset1styr= 1304/ 325=4.012ndyr = 1357/ 329= 4.123rdyr = 1428/ 374=3.824. Profitability Measures: Profit margin= net income / sales1styr = 25/ 1304=.022ndyr= 46/1357=.033rdyr = 150/ 1428= .10
  49. 49.  Return on asset= net income/ total asset= 25/325]= .08 or 80%2nd yr= 46/ 329= .14 or 14%3rd yr= 150/ 374=40% Retun on equity = net incom/ total equity1st yr = 25/ 124=.20 or 20%2nd yr= 46/83=.55 or 55%3rd yr = 120/ 147= .82 or 82%J. Business Financial History:We 7 friends met together 5 years ago. We studied together in the Dhaka University and joinedin different companies after the completion of BBA and MBA from there. We all live in Dhakaexcept 3 of us came from rural areas to Dhaka city for studying. One of our friends lived inAmerica working in a multinational company there. He made a huge amount of capital andresources. He had a desire to do something in Bangladesh. In this regard, he contacted with usand we agreed on his proposal. Meanwhile, the rest 6 friends of us gathered a lot of capital tobear our huge initial expenditure. Initially, we will start at Uttara & we shall remain withinDhaka initially to support our financial background. After a year, when we were mentally andfinancially ready to start our very first Superstore, we 7 friends gathered together and took theinitiative. Then we planned to open a corporate office and 1 superstore outlet in Uttara with hugedemand. This is how we get started with our business.
  50. 50. Part: 4 Supporting Documents
  51. 51. A. Personal Résumés:A few personal resumes of the managers employed are given with details as the following:RésuméMoben AhmedAddress: 18/A, Azimpur Road, Azimpur, Dhaka-1205Contact: 01920196405, E-mail: ms.du.mkt@gmail.comObjectiveTo be successful in every sphere of professional life and become a corporate leader.EducationYear Degree Institution1991 SSC H.A. School Dhaka1993 HSC Dhaka City College1999 BBA Dhaka University2000 MBA Dhaka UniversityWork Experience2001-2010, CEO, Lanka Bangla Bank Ltd, Dhaka Bank, Banani BranchVolunteer Work1997, Marketing Club, Department of Marketing, University of DhakaLanguagesOfficial Bengali and English.Interests and ActivitiesTravellingHobbiesCricket, Football, Games, Watching Television, Listening to SongsComputer SkillsBasic Ms. Office, Graphics and Internet
  52. 52. RésuméChowdhury Omor FaruqueAddress: 18/A, Azimpur Road, Azimpur, Dhaka-1205Phone: 01674135338, E-mail:omor173@yahoo.comObjectiveTo be successful in every sphere of professional life and become a corporate leader.EducationYear Degree Institution1991Dakhil Khilpara Darul UlimAlim Madrasha1993Alim Jamea Quasemia1999 BBA Dhaka University2000 MBA Dhaka UniversityWork Experience2001-2010, Head of MarketingDhaka BankBanani BranchVolunteer Work1997, Marketing Club, Department of Marketing, University of DhakaLanguagesOfficial Bengali and English.Interests and ActivitiesTravellingHobbiesCricket, Football, Games, Watching Television, Listening to SongsComputer SkillsBasic Ms. Office, Graphics and Internet
  53. 53. RésuméMd. Abdur RakibAddress: 142/2, Adarshapolly, Ibrahimpur, Dhaka-1206Phone: 01824022993, E-Mail: rakibrashed@gmail.comObjectiveTo be successful in every sphere of professional life and become a corporate leader.EducationYear Degree Institution1992 SSC B.N. College Dhaka1994 HSC Dhaka City College2000 BBA Dhaka University2001 MBA Dhaka UniversityWork Experience2001-2010, Head of Administration, Standard Chartered Bank, Gulshan-1 BranchVolunteer Work1997, Marketing Club, Department of Marketing, University of DhakaLanguagesOfficial Bengali and English.Interests and ActivitiesPlace your text here. Delete this text and heading if you don’t need them.HobbiesCricket, Football, Games, Watching Television, Listening to SongsComputer SkillsBasic Ms. Office, Graphics and Internet
  54. 54. RésuméMd. Al AminAddress: 4/5, Mayakanon, Dhaka-1214Phone: 01921059571, E-mail: duamin_mkt@yahoo.comObjectiveTo be successful in every sphere of professional life and become a corporate leader.EducationYear Degree Institution1992 SSC B.N. College Dhaka1994 HSC Notre Dame College2000 BBA Dhaka University2001 MBA Dhaka UniversityWork Experience2001-2010, Head of Administration, Standard Chartered Bank, Gulshan-1 BranchVolunteer Work1997, Marketing Club, Department of Marketing, University of DhakaLanguagesOfficial Bengali and English.Interests and ActivitiesDebating, WritingHobbiesCricket, Football, Games, Watching Television, Listening to SongsComputer SkillsBasic Ms. Office, Graphics and Internet
  55. 55. B. Owners’ Financial Statements:No Name Amount Contributed (Million tk.)1 Md. Moben Ahmed 502 Chowdhury Omor Faruque 253 Mohammed Saiful Islam Masud 254 Md. Al Amin 255 Rumana 256 Md. Abdur Rakib 257 Anjuman Ara 25Total= 200C. Credit Reports: We have received credit of 400 million tk. From various sources. These are PhoenixFinance, BSRS, Bangladesh Development Bank, IDLC, Lanka Bangla Finance, PrimeFinance Companies. We will require 250 million more to be invested.No. Name of the Creditor Organization Loan Amount (million tk.)1 Phoenix Finance 302 BSRS 1203 Bangladesh Development Bank 404 IDLC 1005 Lanka Bangla Finance 506 Prime Finance Companies 60Total= 400
  56. 56.  Bank Credit Report: A sample of bank loan contract is given below:BANK LOAN CONTRACT(For Medium or Short Term Working Capital Loan)Loan No.: 6-031Borrower: “UNISTORE”Address: 19/1, Shanti Nagar, Dhaka-1213Lender: Bangladesh Development BankAddress: 58/c, Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka-1200According to applicable laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, theBorrower and Lender, after reaching an agreement through negotiations, hereby enter into thiscontract pursuant to Borrowers application to Lender for a working capital loan (the "Loan")Article 1. The Loan1.1. Type of currency: Taka1.2. Loan amount (full-form characters): One hundred million taka exactly. The actual principalborrowed by Borrower shall be the number written on the financial voucher issued by Lender.1.3. Loan term: March 13, 2013 to June 20, 20201.4. The Loan under this Loan Contract shall be solely for industrial/business use. Borrower shallnot divert the funds under this Loan Contract to any other purpose.
  57. 57. Article 2. Interest Rate and Interest Calculation2.1. Interest rate: 4%, based on 30 days in a month and 360 days in a year.2.2. During the term of this Loan Contract, interest may be changed as prescribed by the PeoplesBank of China when said Bank adjusts its interest rate or rate calculation method, in which caseBorrower’s approval is not necessary.2.3. The formula for calculating the interest is as follows: Interest on the loan = (the prescribedinterest rate under this Loan Contract) x (Loan amount) x (actual days of use), where actual daysof use are calculated from the day the Loan is issued.2.4. Settlement of interest under this Loan Contract is to be calculated per month. The settlementdate is the 20th day of each month. All principal and interest shall be paid in full on the day theterm of the Loan expires.Article 3. Release of funds under the Loan3.1. Borrower may apply for release of funds under the Loan Contract, at one time or at differenttimes, within the fixed period, under Article 1.3 hereof. However, each time Borrower mustmake the application to Lender at least 3 banking days in advance.3.2. Lender shall have the right to examine the following issues before releasing funds under theLoan and shall decide whether to release funds based on results of the examination:(1) Whether Borrower has performed all legally-required procedures such as obtaininggovernment licenses, approvals and registration and other procedures Lender may require ofBorrower.(2) Whether a related guaranty contract is currently in effect.3.3. Lender shall release funds at one time or at different times to Borrower according to theLoan Voucher; and3.4. The funds release date and amount shall be as recorded in the Loan Voucher.
  58. 58. Article 4. Repayment of the Loan:4.1. The date of repayment of principal under this Loan Contract shall be as recorded in the LoanVoucher.4.2. Borrower shall repay the principal and interest under this Loan Contract in full on the duedate.4.3. Borrower hereby irrevocably authorizes Lender, on the Lenders own initiative, to withdrawfunds from Borrowers deposit account with the Bank of Communications.4.4. Borrower shall repay principal and interest in the currency provided in Article 1.1 above.4.5. Borrower may repay the Loan in advance upon approval from Lender. Lender has the rightto collect the interest for the period between the date of the prepayment and the date ofrepayment recorded in the Loan Voucher at the rate specified in this Loan Contract.Article 5. Borrowers Declaration and Warranties5.1. Borrower accepts and shall abide by Lenders business system, operational practices, and theprocedures under this Loan Contract.5.2. Borrower warrants that it will cooperate with Lender on the supervision and inspection ofthe use of the funds borrowed under this Loan Contract and of the business condition ofBorrower and that it will promptly provide all financial statements and related materials neededby Lender, which Borrower warrants to be true, complete and accurate.5.3. Borrower warrants that it will issue written notices to Lender upon occurrence or possibleoccurrence of the following events within seven days thereof:(1) Borrowers operational system or organizational form of property ownership is changedmaterially, including, but not limited to, introducing the practice of contracting, conductingleasing operations, entering into joint operations, restructuring equity, merging with(acquiring) other entities, entering into a joint venture (cooperative arrangement), splitting intoseparate entities, setting up a subsidiary, transferring title to property, reducing capital,termination or dissolution and filing for bankruptcy;
  59. 59. (2) Borrower amends it articles of association, replaces its legal representative, reduces itsregistered capital or makes material changes in its finances or personnel;(3) Borrower sells, leases, transfers or otherwise disposes of all or part of its assets;(4) Borrower provides a guaranty to a third party, which will have a material adverse effecton its financial position or its ability to perform its obligations under this Loan Contract;(5) Borrower is a party to a material legal suit or its main assets have been put underproperty preservation or other orders;(6) The financial position of Borrower has undergone a material change or the value ofcollateral has been markedly reduced; and(7) Borrower experiences other matters which will produce a material adverse effect on itsfinancial position or ability to repay its debt.Article 6. Default Liability:6.1. Lender will impose penalty interest and compounded interest according to the regulations ofthe Peoples Bank of China in the event that Borrower has not fully repaid the principal orinterest under the Loan Contract in a timely manner, or fails to use the Loans funds as providedby this Loan Contract. The default interest rate for a foreign exchange loan shall be_____ overand above the original interest rate.6.2. For the recovery of the principal, interest, penalty interest, compounded interest and otherfees unpaid by Borrower, Borrower hereby irrevocably authorizes Lender to withdraw fundsfrom its account with the Bank of Communications.Date of Signature: 13thMarch, 2013 eng.
  60. 60.  Other Credit Reports:We have contracted with the following organizations:No. Name of Organization Types of Contract1 Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Credit card discount contract2 BRAC Bank Ltd. Credit card discount contract3 AB Firm Ltd. Consumer Supplier ContractD. Copies of Leases, Mortgages, Purchase Agreements, etc.:We have got lease and purchase agreements with a few leasing companies and suppliers. Wehave prepared documents regarding these types of agreements. These are very much confidentialto our business. A sample of a lease agreement is given below: Residential Rental / Lease Agreement:Parties: Landlord: Bangladesh Govt.Tenant(S): UNISTOREProperty Address: Shree Nagar, Gazipur1. RENTAL AMOUNT: Commencing 13thMarch, 2013 UNISTORE agrees to pay BangladeshGovt. the sum of 2 million tk. per month in advance on the last day of each calendar month. Saidrental payment shall be delivered by TENANT to LANDLORD or his designated agent to thefollowing location:Rent must be actually received by LANDLORD, or designated agent, in order to be consideredin compliance with the terms of this agreement.
  61. 61. 2. TERM: The premises are leased on the following lease term: From 2013 to 2020.3. SECURITY DEPOSITS: TENANT shall deposit with landlord the sum of Tk. 5000000 as asecurity deposit to secure TENANTS faithful performance of the terms of this lease. Thesecurity deposit shall not exceed two times the monthly rent. After all the TENANTS havevacated, leaving the premises vacant, the LANDLORD may use the security deposit for thecleaning of the premises, any unusual wear and tear to the premises or common areas, and anyrent or other amounts owed pursuant to the lease agreement.TENANT may not use said deposit for rent owed during the term of the lease. Within 21 days ofthe TENANT vacating the premises, LANDLORD shall furnish TENANT a written statementindicating any amounts deducted from the security deposit and returning the balance to theTENANT. If TENANT fails to furnish a forwarding address to LANDLORD, then LANDLORDshall send said statement and any security deposit refund to the leased premises.4. INITIAL PAYMENT: TENANT shall pay the first month rent of 500000and the securitydeposit in the amount of Tk100000for a total of 500000. Said payment shall be made in the formof cash or cashiers check and is all due prior to occupancy.5. OCCUPANTS: The premises shall not be occupied by any person other than those designatedabove as TENANT with the exception of the following named persons:If LANDLORD, with written consent, allows for additional persons to occupy the premises, therent shall be increased by $100 for each such person. Any person staying 14 days cumulative orlonger, without the LANDLORDS written consent, shall be considered as occupying thepremises in violation of this agreement.6. SUBLETTING OR ASSIGNING: TENANT agrees not to assign or sublet the premises, orany part thereof, without first obtaining written permission from LANDLORD.No representation is made as to the legal validity or adequacy of this agreement. If you desire,consult with an attorney before entering this agreement.
  62. 62. E. Letters of Reference:A sample of a letter of reference made by Rumana forwarded to Md. Abdur Rakib is given as thefollowing:Prospective Employer,I have come to know about Md. Abdur Rakib graduate through his work experience with ourfirm during the past summer, when he served as an Auditor Intern in our Dhaka office.Rakib became immediately involved in the annual audit of Zephyr Megalithic, conducting muchof the accounting research required for the audit. In addition to gathering the financialinformation, Tracy was instrumental in the development of the final certification report. Tracyalso participated in several other smaller audits, including her instrumental role in the quarterlyaudit of One Bank, where she developed several Excel macros to audit the inputs. She laterfurther developed these macros for use in future audits, which we have integrated into ourAuditors Toolkit.Tracy has shown the kind of initiative which is necessary to be successful over the long-term inthe public accounting field. She has excellent forensic accounting skills, yet remains focused onthe overall needs of the client. I believe she will be a strong Auditor and has an excellent futurein the public accounting field. She is a conscientious worker and has an excellent work ethic. Wewould gladly have hired Tracy upon graduation if she were open to working in the Dhaka Cityarea.I recommend Abdur Rakib to you without reservation. If you have any further questions withregard to her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to call me.Sincerely,RumanaRumanaPartner-in-Charge
  63. 63. F. Contracts:We have completed Contracts with the following Bank and organization:No. Name of Organization Types of Contract1 Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Credit card discount contract2 BRAC Bank Ltd. Credit card discount contract3 AB Firm Ltd. Consumer Supplier ContractBesides this we will make a few other contracts too.G. Other Legal Documents: General Partnership Contract:General Partnership AgreementForUNISTOREArticle 1. DefinitionsSection 1.01. The below terms are to have the following meaning when used in this agreement:a. "Agreement" shall mean this General Partnership Agreement, as amended from time to time."Capital Account" shall mean the account established for each Partner on the books of thePartnership, reflecting such Partners capital contribution, plus such Partners share of Partnershipprofits, less such Partners share of Partnership losses, less any distributions by the Partnership tosuch Partner.b. "Partners" shall initially refer to Joe and Bob . This list of persons who are Partners of thisPartnership may, in the future, be amended in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
  64. 64. c. "Partnership interest" shall mean all of a Partners rights possessed or accruing to a Partnerunder this Agreement including (but not limited to) his or her capital account, rights in the profitsof the Partnership, and voting rights but not including any rights said Partner may possess as alender to the Partnership under any loan agreement entered into between the Partner and thePartnership.d. "Vote of the Partners" shall mean one based upon each partner having one vote with eachvote having equal weight. Unless stated elsewhere in the agreement, a Majority Vote of thePartners is required for passage of any matter before the partners for consideration.e. "Majority Vote of the Partners" shall mean a block of votes of the partners collectivelyconstituting more than fifty (50) percent of the eligible partner votes (whether or not said votesare actually cast).f. "Supermajority Vote of the Partners" shall mean a block of votes of the partnerscollectively constituting more than sixty−six (66) percent of the eligible partner votes (whetheror not said votes are actually cast).Article 2. Purpose / Prefatory InformationSection 2.01. Name of Partnership. The name of the Partnership shall be UNISTOREPartnership Agreement, a partnership organized under the laws of People’s Republic ofBangladesh. The laws of the State of California shall control the operation and interpretation ofthis agreement.Section 2.02. Purpose of Partnership. The Partnership shall engage in the following business:Sell T-shirts at rock concerts. The Partnership may also engage in any activities that are related,complimentary or incidental to this business purpose.Section 2.03. Duration. This partnership is an "at−will" partnership that does not have a definiteterm.Section 2.04. Principal Place of Business. The principal place of business of the partnership shallbe in a location to be determined by a Vote of the Partners.
  65. 65. Article 3. The PartnersSection 3.01. The initial Partners of the Partnership and their required initial capitalcontributions are as the following examples:Partner Name Initial Capital ContributionJoe $ 100Bob $ 100Section 3.02. Admission of new Partners. Unless prohibited elsewhere in this Agreement,additional Partners may be admitted upon a Supermajority Vote of the Partners. Admission ofnew Partners shall not constitute an event of dissolution of this partnership. Furthermore,admission of any new Partner shall be contingent upon the prospective new Partner agreeing to,and executing, this partnership agreement (as modified at the time of admission).Section 3.03. Actions by the Partners; Meetings; Quorum. The Partners may take any actionrequiring a vote of the partners through a meeting in person, by proxy, or without a meeting bywritten resolution in accordance with this Section. Meetings of Partners may be conducted inperson or by telephone conference.a. To be effective, a partner resolution shall require the signature and assent of the samepercentage or number of Partners as that required had the action which is the subject of theresolution been voted upon in a meeting of the Partners.b. A voting proxy given by a Partner to another person must be in writing. In no instancewhere action is authorized by written resolution shall it be required that a meeting of Partners iscalled or prior notice of the action be given; however, upon passage, a copy of the resolution ofthe Partners shall be sent promptly to all Partners and filed with the partnership records.c. A meetings of Partners may be called by any Partner, or Partners, individually orcollectively holding a 25% or more interest in the profits of the Partnership. When a meeting ofthe Partners has been called, seven (7) days advance written notice shall be given to all Partners.Notice of a meeting called for hereunder may be made by standard U.S. mail, electronic mail, orfacsimile transmission and shall contain the time, place, and purpose of such meeting. A quorum
  66. 66. for any action to be taken at a meeting of Partners shall be present (in person, via telephone, orby proxy) shall be Partners collectively holding more than 60% of the outstanding votes of thePartnership. Any Partner may through a written instrument waive the right to receive prior noticeof a meeting of the Partners as described herein.Section 3.04. Partners who are not individuals. Each Partner who is an artificial entity orotherwise not an individual hereby represents and warrants to the Partnership (and all otherPartners) that such Partner is:(a) Duly incorporated or formed (as the case may be), (b) validly existing and in good standingunder the laws of the jurisdiction of its incorporation or formation, and (c) has full power andauthority to execute this Agreement and to perform its obligations hereunder.Section 3.05. Access to Books and Records of the Partnership. Each partner shall have the rightpersonally, or through designation of an agent, to inspect and review the books and records of thepartnership during normal business hours. Upon the written demand by a Partner to inspect andreview the books and records of the partnership made to the custodian of said books and records,the partnership shall make said books and records available for inspection and review within five(5) business days of receipt of the written demand.Section 3.06. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent a Partner from loaning money to thePartnership on a promissory note or similar evidence of indebtedness for a reasonable rate ofinterest. Any Partner investing money shall have the same rights & risks regarding the loan aswould any person or entity making the loan who was not a member of the Partnership.Section 3.07. Transaction of Business with Partnership. A Partner may transact other businesswith the Partnership. If any Partner transacts business with the Partnership, that Partner shallhave the same rights and obligations with respect thereto as a person who is not a Partner. AnyPartner who has a financial interest involved in any transaction with the Partnership, shalldisclose such financial interest to all Partners by use of a written report given to all Partners,indicating all relevant facts of such financial interest involved. A copy of such report shall bemaintained in the Partnership records.
  67. 67. Section 3.08. Tax Matters Partner. Joe is hereby designated as the Partnerships "Tax MattersPartner" under Section 6231(a)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the"Code"), and shall have all the powers and responsibilities of such position as provided in theCode and the Treasury Regulations there under.The Partnership may remove or replace the Tax Matters Partner by a vote of the partners.Article 4. Management Of Partnership AffairsSection 4.01. Ordinary Business Activities of the Partnership. All Partners of the Partnershipshall share in management of the Ordinary Business Activities of the Partnership; however, allactivities of the Partnership that are outside of the Ordinary Business Activities of thePartnership shall be conducted only through a Vote of the Partners and not through the action ofa single Partner acting individually. "Ordinary Business Activities of the Partnership" shall meanthe normal day−to−day business activities of the Partnership and exclude activities involvingdecisions that could potentially have a substantial current or future impact upon Partnershipassets, debts, income, or expenses.Section 4.02. Regardless of whether or not they shall be considered outside the "OrdinaryBusiness Activities of the Partnership", the following activities of the Partnership shall beconducted only through a Vote of the Partners and not through the action of a single Partneracting individually:a. The hiring or firing of Partnership employees;b. Incurrence of any expense in excess of 10000;c. Purchase of any asset or inventory with a value in excess of 10000;d. Entering into any lease with annual payments in excess of 10000;e. Entering into any loan agreement or debt to or from the Partnership in excess of 10000; andf. Entering into any contract with a monetary value in excess of 10000.
  68. 68. H. Miscellaneous Documents: Cost Analysis Document: Here are a few comparisons of consumer items in the market.Name of Food Items Average Price Price of UNISTOREBeef 280 275Chicken (Broiler) 220 217Egg (Dozen) 84 82Rice 44 42Onion 35 32Chilli 80 80Sugar 56 56 Location Plan: We have planned our location in such a way that we can capture the mostnumber of customers. The location plan for our 3 outlets and 1 corporate office is asfollows:No. Particulars Address Projected Costtk.(Yearly)1 Corporate Office 32/2-A Shantinagor, Dhaka 20,000002 Outlet Road No-05, House# 9, Block- C, Uttara,Dhaka-120218,00000
  69. 69. I. Poster Ad of UNISTORE:
  70. 70. J. Presentation Slides:
  71. 71. References: Corporate Financial Management by Hisrich Introduction to Business by Skinner Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong Principles of Accounting by Kieso & Kimmel