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Raiyani cv

  1. 1. RAKESHKUMAR C. RAIYANITel. (Res.) Mobile: 00974 – 33094327(Qatar)Email: rakeshraiyani867@yahoo.comJob Objective:I am looking forward to the company, which can realize to my potential to the highest extent inthe field of chemical engineering, seeking a responsible and challenging position in the Oil &Gas Refinery with progressive growth oriented company.Professional Profile:Diploma in Chemical Engineering with over 8 year’s rich experience in Oil & Gas Industries.Currently designated as “Field Operator in Qatar petroleum Refinery RFCC unit.Summary of Professional Experience1. Reliance Industries limited, Jamnagar, Gujrat.Duration: 15 June 2005 to 09 July 2011Position: I am worked as a control room operator (DCS) in UOP designed Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU). Having capacity 200 KBPSD at high Severity to maximize LPG, Olefins in LPG, and C8 aromatics in the naphtha.Products from FCCU includes mcb, light cycle oil, Heavy cycle oil, heavy cracked Naphtha, Heart-cut naphtha, C5, LPG, Absorber gas.Company Profile:Reliance is World’s largest grass root integrated Refinery & Petrochemical Complex withprocessing capacity of 650 KBPSD (33 MMTPA). Process licensor being M/s UOP and DetailEngineering done by M/s Bechtel.2. Qatar Petroleum, Mesaieed RefineryDuration: 16 June 2011 to till datePosition: Working as field Operator in RFCCUAs a field operator and my responsibilities * Continuous vigilant in the field by taking rounds.* Note down field reading for cross check with DCS (I.e. LT/FT/PT etc)* Pump & Compressor change over / isolation for maintenance.* Monitoring the smooth and safe operation of rotating equipment like pumps, compressor.* Various field tests for assessing plant performance like weathering.* Ensuring all standby pumps are always in healthy and worm up condition.* Maintain the records for future shutdown job.* Ensuring strict compliance with safety procedure, work permit procedure.* Check lube oil/seal system and oil level in reservoir in compressor.* Following proper housekeeping to ensure clean and safe work area.* Prepare punch points list and handed over to superior.
  2. 2. * Regular sampling of the Raw materials and Products with in the specified time. * In addition handling of chemicals according to MSDS.and maintaining the safety standard. * Carry out risk analysis for various jobs. * Maintain records of permit &appraise superior (SFE/SS) of the job status and Issues. * To handover equipment for maintenance &also takeover of the same maintenance adopting all safety measure. * As a member of RESOP (Reliance safety observation process) provoke safety attitude among employees and contract personal * Following Safe Work Permits systems. Responsibility and Nature of Work on DCS (RELIANCE REFINARY)* Worked on FOXBORO DCS panel of FCCU unit with advanced process Control system and real-time optimizer. * Responsible for operating the unit safety and ensuring that production quantity and quality. * Monitor trend of various critical parameter, analyse old trend and identify problem Cause and take remedial measure to prevent recurrent. * Worked in pre-commissioning, startup and shutdown operation. * Operate and monitor compressor, distillation column, reactor, regenerator, Reboiler, heat Exchanger, PRT, steam generator, pumps, cyclone separator. * Observe abnormal operating condition and carrying out appropriate changes. * Coordinating with maintenance crew for maintenance jobs. * Supervising the activity during major shutdown. * Carried out production well testing operation. * Continuous watching F&G system. * Monitor product lab analysis. * Ensure standard operating procedures are being followed during the shift to carry out the routine operations of all major equipments * I have an experience of start up and normal shutdown of the unit successfully. * I have also tackled emergencies successfully several times. * Responsible for planning, monitoring, control of all manufacturing activity and overall responsibility for manufacturing efficiency of shift.. Work Performed * Accepts shift from off-going Operator with detailed log sheet of operational adjustment and changes during previous shift and hands over job and completed own log sheet in an orderly and efficient manner to incoming operator. * Carries out regular and detailed inspection of all rotating equipment used in operations such as, electric motors, gas and steam driven turbines, pumps, centrifugation unit and compressors, etc., as well as static equipment such as towers, vessels, incinerator, and heat exchangers to ensure accurate and proper functioning of each item independently and in synchronization with other equipment. * Adjusts manually a variety of valves and switches governing rate flow of fluids or gases and levels, pressure, temperature and chemical to ensure the correct output of specified products.
  3. 3. * Carries out independently various adjustments, line-up systems for day to day operations activities, such as transfers, blending, addition of chemicals, diversion of products route at battery limits, advises control room immediately of anomalies or difficulties in operations.* Reads and logs readings at regular specified intervals from indicators and gauges or instruments located on equipment in the operating area. Records and advises control room operator of apparent deviations from specified operating conditions and adjusts as required,* Carries out the required activities as directed during shutdown and start-up operation by adjusting and monitoring the alterations of speeds, temperatures, pressure and flow rates as necessary. Implements emergency procedures in case of abnormal operations and as directed by supervisors.*Prepares, upon receiving instruction, equipment for maintenance activities such as manual isolation, de-pressurization and draining. Follows-up maintenance work in his area to ensure that jobs are progressing and work permit conditions are being adhered to. Pre- commission and commission equipment after completion of maintenance work, participates and monitors equipment during the tests.* Carries out simple maintenance work such as blinding, de-blinding of smaller size pipelines, fixes minor leaks of steam/condensate, connects/disconnects fittings of flexible hoses and grease isolating valves to ensure they are in good working condition. Project (pre-commissioning) experience:* I was involved in successful precommissioning & startup of FCCU. (Initial 130 KBPSD, revamped to 200 KBPSD)* Loop punch list preparation & dilution of punch list.* Precommissioning & commissioning activity like hdrotesting, flushing, Leak test, drying, final box up purging, etc…* Checking Fire and Gas Detection System and also fire water deluge system on various pumps and fin fans.* Plant start up activities like hydrocarbons inventory, oil flushing, cold circulation, long circulation etc.* Inter lock loop checking.* Check each and every instrument connection, piping support and other taping as per P&ID and isometric drawing and loop punch point list preparation and liquidation same.* Equipment data sheet review & comments.* Identification and liquidation of construction punch points.* No load trials of Rotary and Electrical drives.* No load trial of Compressor.* Piping loop mech.clearnce, hydro test, flushing and box-up* Experience in commissioning and startup, reviewing operating manuals and preparing startup and operating instruction manual and day-to-day operation and trouble shooting of FCCU. Various equipments/system handle include:* Wet gas compressor: two stage centrifugal, turbine drive, make-Man turbo* Distillation column, (Debutanizer, Napthaspliter, C5 splitter, Deisohexanisr)* Reactor –Regenerator; maker L&T, design UOP* Flue gas cooler (HP steam generator) supplied by THERMAX* Power recovery train: comprise five element working single shaft 1: expander- maker DRESSERRAND
  4. 4. 2: Main air blower (centrifugal) maker GHH BORSIG 3: Steam turbine maker GHH BORSIG 4: Gear box maker RANK 5: Motor/Generator maker ABB * Centrifugal pumps. * Slurry pump working auto ignition temperature. Knowledge about safety: * Safety policy, Environment policy. * Use of Fire fighting/safety equipment. * Fire, Smoke, Gas detection system. * Emergency procedure-onsite. * ISO14000 & ISO18000, OHSAS18001. * Deluge system, SCBA etc. * Work permit procedure. * Use of Gas test equipment. Technical knowledge:* PFDs & PIDs* Principle of unit operation, safety aspects in operation, startup and shutdown.* Basic knowledge of operation of rotary and static equipment.* Normal operating condition of different throughput* SOP of equipment.* Process control system in the section.* Alarm, trip points and interlock testing procedures.* Chemical MSDS. Qualification:* Diploma in Chemical Engineering from Government Polytechnic Rajkot, Gujarat state and completed May 2004 with 64.45 %.Personal Details:* Date of Birth : 18/10/1982.* Full name : Rakeshkumar Chhaganlal Raiyani* Sex : Male* Marital Status : Married and have 1 child* Language Known : English, Hindi and Gujarati* Passport detail. : Passport no- G2168370 Date of issue 03/04/2007 Place of issue Ahmedabad
  5. 5. Date of expiry 02/04/2017* Permenant Address : 2 6 / 15 Bhojrajpara, Gondal, PIN 360311, Dist-Rajkot, State- Gujarat, India.